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    Extremely Exquisite: The Movie ‘cold Wars 2’ Liang Jiahui, Yang Caini And Zhang Guozhu Wear Bvlgari Bvlgari Series Watches Delicate Interpretation Of Character Personality

    The movie ‘Cold War 2’, which will be released today (July 8), tells the story of the fight between the inside of the police in a new era. The cast is powerful and covers China and Hong Kong. , The three kings of Taiwan, the film emperor and the popular niche. In the film, Liang Jiahui and Guo Fucheng have both cooperation and competition. In addition to superstar Zhou Runfa, together with Yang Caini, Peng Yuyan, Li Zhiting, Yang Youning, Wen Yongshan and Zhang Guozhu, they have once again created a masterpiece of the era and achieved a brilliant milestone in Hong Kong films. The top watch sponsored by the top Italian jewellery brand Bulgari also plays an indispensable role in the story. It runs through many important plots, closely connecting the plot and letting the actors wearing it show different charm.
       The story of Cold War 2 tells the whole of Hong Kong into an unprecedented crisis. The Commissioner of Police Liu Jiehui (Guo Fucheng) was abducted and killed because of his wife. He persuaded the former Deputy Commissioner of Police Li Wenbin (Liang Jiahui) to come back again to assist He solved the case. Everyone inside the police force may be a traitor, and there are many doubts. For the first time, the film involved the high-level, formation and struggle of the Hong Kong Police Force. For the first time, it fully deciphered and analyzed Hong Kong’s police system.

    Liang Jiahui filmed the Hong Kong movie ‘Cold War 2’ and shot it at the Bulgari flagship store in Central, Hong Kong. Liang Jiahui became Li Wenbin and put on a straight suit and a BVLGARI DIAGONO VELOCISSIMO chronograph watch.

       An important scene in the film was shot at the BVLGARI flagship store in Central, Hong Kong. Liang Jiahui became Li Wenbin and put on a straight suit and a BVLGARI DIAGONO VELOCISSIMO chronograph watch. The word Diagono means ‘competition’, as his character fights against each other every second, always competing with the enemy. Liang Jiahui stopped to watch in front of the window, while the tracking team turned into a white-collar monitor across the road. When he realized that someone was following him, he immediately entered the Bulgari store. The squad policeman quickly followed the surveillance. The green light was on, the cars were bustling around, Liang Jiahui had not yet appeared, and the policeman ran into the store to see what he found. He escaped from the side door on the store and disappeared.

    Liang Jiahui shoots Hong Kong movie ‘Cold War 2’, wearing a Bulgari DIAGONO VELOCISSIMO chronograph watch

       Yang Caini played the role of Liang Ziwei, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, wearing a BVLGARI LVCEA stainless steel watch. A strong professional female outfit made her role more convincing. The design of the LVCEA watch achieves the perfect balance between simplicity and exquisiteness, and the unique winding bracelet fully displays the meticulous thoughts of Yang Caini in the play. In a scene in the movie, Liang Jiahui appealed to everyone to stabilize the army. Yang Caini asked everyone to abide by the police regulations and announced to the police that Li Jiajun (Peng Yuyan) ‘s behavior was intentionally disturbing the enemy. Yang Caini used her rich experience to distinguish right from wrong, so she became the strong backing of Liu Jiehui against the police insider and chill behind the scenes.

    Yang Caini shoots Hong Kong movie ‘Cold War 2’ with Bvlgari LVCEA stainless steel female watch

       Senior actor Zhang Guozhu plays the former Hong Kong Police Commissioner Cai Yuanqi in the film. He is a veteran of the police force. In the film, an old man of grace and grace appears in front of Liang Jiahui, who is his mentor, Zhang Guozhu. The BVLGARI BVLGARI SOLOTEMPO watch worn by Zhang Guozhu has been continuously innovated in the history of forty years, showing the step-by-step process of classic models, like Zhang Guozhu in the play, noble and elegant, and timeless.

    Leslie Cheung filmed Hong Kong movie ‘Cold War 2’ with BVLGARI BVLGARI SOLOTEMPO watch

       It transcends time and space, but can also accurately time; precious without exaggeration. It is famous, it is admired by the world, but it is fresh and unique. It’s called DIAGONO VELOCISSIMO. The design goal is for daily and frequent use; the technical requirements are based on efficiency, but without compromising its elegance. Equipped with three timer dials, it is intended to accompany its owner to achieve the most perfect and accurate performance. Its name has revealed its bloodline, because the word DIAGONO comes from the ancient Greek root agon, which means ‘race’.
       BVLGARI launched its first DIAGONO a quarter of a century ago, and it was enviable at the time: the dial design was extremely classic and inspired by the Greek bronze statue Discobolus (‘The Discusser’ by Myron). In the eyes of the world, this statue is a symbol of sportsmanship, especially the cultural heritage of ancient athletes. The case is made of aluminum; this is a light and solid metal, which has always been a favorite material in sports circles, such as racing cars, but it is extremely rare for high-end luxury watch technology.

    BVLGARI DIAGONO VELOCISSIMO Chronograph (41mm), BVL 328 automatic mechanical movement, 36,000 vibrations per hour, 50-hour power reserve; hour and minute display, central chronograph hands, seconds, hours and minutes counter .
       The brand name of the new model is engraved: BVLGARI. BVLGARI has always had this practice on the most representative watch series. BVLGARI, a world-renowned Roman fine jewelry company, originally established a prominent family tree for this style with a series of outstanding chronograph watches. This design is very modern, with a 41 mm diameter round stainless steel case, a crocodile leather strap, and satin-finished steel parts. DIAGONO VELOCISSIMO is a multifunctional watch with a water-resistant depth of up to 100 meters. Whether it is worn on the wrist of a well-equipped diving master or the hand of a gentleman in an evening gown, it presents different charming styles.

    Cold War 2 movie poster
    LVCEA women’s watch perfectly interprets the beauty of ‘time’ with the sculpture of ‘light’, making the light more dazzling
       LVCEA is one of the most popular iconic watch collections around the world. Bulgari now adds new design elements to the collection under the inspiration of ‘light’ and ‘time’. The shiny LVCEA, whose design strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and refinement. As the flagship model of the Bvlgari women’s watch, it has all the features that this Italian brand should have. Strong and powerful lines, sensual design style, LVCEA’s dazzling master craftsmanship is the testimony of the famous Italian jeweler Bulgari’s excellent technology. When designing the V-shaped chain link, apart from carefully taking the name of the watch and the structure of the LVCEA bracelet as its elements, the shape inspiration was also derived from the SERPENTI series of watches. The unique winding bracelet is balanced by the round case, and the design is harmonious and pleasing, which fully displays the meticulous personality of contemporary women.

    BVLGARI LVCEA stainless steel women’s watch, 36mm diameter, stainless steel case, stainless steel crown with egg-faced pink gems and diamonds, powered by Bvlgari B77 automatic mechanical movement, 42-hour power reserve, hour, Minutes and seconds, date window at 3 o’clock, silver opal dial with sunburst pattern, rhodium-plated hands, hour markers and ‘XII’ and ‘VI’ Roman hour markers; stainless steel bracelet; water-resistant to 50 meters ruler.

       The shape of LVCEA is suitable for daily wear as well as dinner occasions. Rugged, soft and delicate, this watch has attracted the attention of numerous celebrities and actresses. LVCEA can be seen on the red carpet or on the street. LVCEA pays tribute to Bulgari’s Roman tradition, as well as to the ancient sundial. The design of LVCEA perfectly shows the power of ‘luce’ (Italian of ‘light’). The shiny round case is a dial like a sundial. With Roman numerals and hands, it subtly modernizes history with modernity. Designed with functionality in mind. Continuing the ingenuity of the Bulgari Caibao art master, the crown of each LVCEA watch is set with a sparkling gem. The noble purple gemstones cut on the egg face inject the classic bold style of BVLGARI into the winding mechanism of the watch, and the crown is set with a delicate diamond, showing the gorgeous feminine beauty.

    Cold War 2 movie poster

    BVLGARI BVLGARI sets the watershed for watch trends
       Bvlgari knows that the BVLGARI BVLGARI series watches have always evolved with the times, both in terms of fashion style and technology. Because of its unique and imaginative design style, it has become an important member of the Bvlgari family. In 2013, Bulgari once again injected new ideas into this watch series. This year, Bvlgari launched a new series of BVLGARI BVLGARI watches, including a newly designed case, equipped with a new home-made factory-made automatic mechanical movement Solotempo. In addition, a mini-series was launched to revitalize the name of BVLGARI Roma.

    BVLGARI BVLGARI SOLOTEMPO (39mm) (Chang Guozhu), Bvlgari-made mechanical movement, self-winding, instantaneous date, BVL 191 – Solotempo, decorated with Geneva ripples, chamfered sandals and snails Grain, 42-hour power reserve, 39 mm stainless steel case, transparent case back. Crown inlaid with ceramic. Silver opal dial with hand-applied indexes. All-in-one alligator strap with stainless steel folding clasp.

       BVLGARI BVLGARI series watches have been born for more than 40 years. In the years of baptism, they have always adhered to a strong Italian style, and they can continue to innovate. Bvlgari once again used this series of classic timeless watches to show the world the charm of the Roman brand.