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    Pp Is The Future Goal Interview With Rolex Watch Master

    Watch House: Hello Mr. Marble, please say hello to the netizens of Watch House ^^
    Marble White: Hello everyone in the watch family, I’m reasonable Shi Bai, 27 years old, is an engineering cost clerk for a central energy company. Also a frequent visitor to the Watch House website.

    Watch House: I think you are wearing the latest Rolex 2 in 2012, right? 41 table diameter.
    Marble White: Yes, I especially like the Roman version.

    Watch House: Can you share your original idea of ​​buying a watch, why choose Rolex?
    Marble White: I have always loved wristwatches since college, and I was impressed by their precision and beauty. But as a student there was no extra money to buy expensive mechanical watches, so I bought only a Tissot quartz watch. After working abroad for two years after graduation, I had a certain amount of savings, so I decided to buy a high-end mechanical watch, fulfilling my staged wish.
       In the choice of brands, I only love watches from independent watch factories. The independent watch factory feels more delicate, meticulous and rigorous than the watch brands owned by the two major Swiss group companies, without much commercial taste. So the options are Patek Philippe and Rolex. But the elegance and expensiveness of Patek Philippe is not what I can have now, it is my goal after 35 to 40 years old. So in the end I chose Rolex. My understanding of watch knowledge is mainly obtained through forums and books. I also went to watch home for better selection and comparison, and I basically only pay attention to the latest news of Patek Philippe and Rolex.
    Watch House: Mr. Li is humble, so young and promising, the ultimate goal should be achieved without 35 years old ^^
    Marble White: Oh, thank you.
    Watch House: How did you make your purchase?
    Marble White: I think I’m more fortunate in terms of purchasing channels. I have a friend who works in Norway, so he asked me to buy a watch, which is equivalent to 62% off the public price.
    Watch House: The price is pretty good! What problems did you encounter during the purchase process? What buying experience can I share with you?
    Marble White: There are no problems during the purchase process, everything is going well , My friend gave it to me face-to-face in Beijing when he returned to vacation. After that, I went to Rolex customer service in Dongfang Xintiandi to check and cut the watch band, and everything was normal.
    Watch House: Show your love watch pictures and your comments on it
    Marble White: The Rolex I chose is a new 2012 model, a log-type 2, with a 41mm aperture, an ice-blue laser dial and a Roman scale. Full table 904L steel, without any precious metal, suitable for young people to wear. Simple and junior junior pin, practical but not flashy. It is a style that can be used for casual wear, which is suitable for daily casual wear, and can also be used for conferences and parties.

    Watch House: It’s very beautiful, and the effect is very good. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with your friends. Finally, say a word to other netizens at the Watch House to end it.
    Marble White: Every man should have his own good watch, and accompany him through every stage of life. I would like to offer flowers to the Buddha here, I wish the netizens of the Watch House also have their own love watches.