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    Introduction To The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph

    TAG Heuer Carrera Carerra series received a new interpretation at Baselworld 2011 Baselworld. Introduced the Heritage heritage models with a strong retro style design. In addition to the elegant small three-hand watch, the chronograph model with Calibre 16 movement is also attracting attention.

    Like the small three-handed watch, the dial design shows a typical nostalgic style. Both the sword-shaped hands and the Arabic numerals have almost restored the elegant style of TAG Heuer. The dial is decorated with exquisite & ldquo; flinqu & eacute; & rdquo; sun engraving, and the raised design on the edge of the dial is another major feature of this watch.

    The watch is equipped with the TAG Heuer Calibre 16 automatic movement. The small dial is at 9 o’clock. The chronograph minute dial, chronograph hour dial and chronograph second hand are at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock and the center position of the dial respectively. The calendar window layout continues the design of TAG Heuer CAL.1887: located at 6 o’clock in the chronograph hour plate.

    According to the current exposure situation, this watch will be launched at least three models, namely all-steel black-faced silver pin models, all-steel white-faced gold pin models, all-steel white-faced blue pin models. As for more case materials and straps, it will also be launched in the future.

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    Louis Vuitton’s Original Movement Presents Travel Culture

    Tambour Titanium Time Spin Nautical Watch

    其 On the basis of its new time reading mode, the box flips and displays the time, and adds two important functions: timekeeping and the 5-minute countdown to the regatta.

     Tambour Monogram Tourbillon for Women

    This unique tourbillon has become the benchmark for the brand’s complex watches. The self-winding tourbillon developed by the workshop of La Fabrique du Temps in Louis Vuitton is loaded into the movement.

     Tambour eVolution

    The first automatic movement with flying tourbillon developed and assembled by La Fabrique du Temps. The V-shaped logo drawn on the famous Steamer handbag in 1901 was incorporated into the case.

     Escale Worldtime

    The surface of the is in the form of micro-painting, using 38 colors of acrylic oil paint to draw the pattern inspired by the custom on the Louis Vuitton custom hard case. The only yellow pointer is printed on the inner surface of the glass, always pointing to the 12 o’clock position, and the rotation of the three-layer disc on the surface indicates the time zone, hour, and minute respectively.

     Emprise women’s watch

    This year’s most important women’s watch is also Louis Vuitton’s first square watch. The design concept of the square box comes from the ceiling of the modern Paris apartment. The diamond-shaped check decoration comes from the diamond-shaped padded cushion in the antique hard case of Louis Vuitton. .

     Tambour Women’s Galaxy Time Spin

    Play with diamonds and lacquer, draw inspiration from high jewelry galaxy jewelry, and present the Monogram pattern on the surface. 12 hours when the cubes are staggered with black and white diamonds.

     Hamdi Chatti (Deputy Director of Global Jewellery Watches, Louis Vuitton)

    威 Louis Vuitton, which has its own movement and dial design workshop, has now become a true master of watchmaking. The design of all watches this year revolves around the ‘spirit of travel’, looking for design inspiration from historical sedimentation. Familiar elements make it have a distinctive brand mark. Five complex movements have been replaced to give them a special time indication. The approach is refreshing. Whether you like complex mechanical functions, a sense of history and culture, or the pursuit of dial aesthetics, Louis Vuitton will not let you down. The brand also revealed that it is expected that the three major factories will be relocated and merged in 2015, and the new watch workshop will be put into operation in Geneva.

    Keyword 1 travel culture

    This year’s very prominent theme Louis Vuitton has integrated the brand’s history and culture into watch design. You can capture the Monogram and Damier patterns in the hard case, and you can also see the design elements of the jewelry series from the ladies’ watches. Inexhaustible treasures, Louis Vuitton still has a lot of room to play.

    Keyword 2 Original movement

    Since 2010, Louis Vuitton has introduced innovations in the entire watch industry every year. With independent research and development of movements, several complex watches have been surprising again this year, and the presentation of complex movements is interesting. When reading.

    & Gt; & gt; & gt; Brand sound

    Inheritance and innovation

    ● Hamdi Chatti (Deputy Director of Louis Vuitton Global Jewellery Watches)

    Louis Vuitton’s principle is to design beautiful watches in a strong and long-lasting style. With the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and expertise of La Fabrique du Temps, we can always create exciting new thing. While inheriting the tradition of watchmaking, Louis Vuitton will also add its own things. For example, this year’s design was inspired by antique boxes, and both men’s and women’s watches used this idea.

    之外 Besides the dial, the brand also needs to have its own design for the movement, so you will see the Tourbillon of Louis Vuitton contains the combination of letters as an extension of the watch mechanism. That’s why we have our own watchmakers. We can let them add beautiful things to watch movements, and beautiful things are very important to Louis Vuitton. The usual approach is that we have a strong idea of ​​design, and then go to the watchmaker and discuss the feasibility with them. Sometimes the watchmaker emphasizes that the technology is very difficult, but we often stick to the established idea. Louis Vuitton will remain independent and creative to ensure that the design concept is fully realized.

    Once there is a good opportunity, we will actively open a watch and jewelry store, but the most important point for us is that the watch and jewelry store must be near the LV boutique. I believe that the full range of LV products is usually attractive to guests of watches and jewelry. In terms of prices, we are working hard to reduce the price difference between mainland China and Hong Kong. In fact, there is no longer a big difference.