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    Zenith Officially Releases El Primero Flagship Series Land Rover Range Rover Special Edition

    World-renowned British luxury SUV manufacturer Land Rover joins hands with ZENITH Zenith, which has over 150 years of watchmaking history, to explore the peak of cross-border and achieve a legendary and legendary relationship at Beijing Jinge Art Center Collision, grand release of El Primero flagship series Land Rover Range Rover Special Edition. At the launch party that night, Land Rover and Zenith officially concluded a long-term partnership and unveiled a pioneering work of art created by Chinese artist Chen Yijun for this legendary collaboration.

    In this modern and exquisite jazz night, Land Rover Range Rover and Zenith are like two shining stars, sharing the eternal charm of the legend. The new model is based on the Land Rover Range Rover brand-new model. It tells the story of time. As the vintage masterpieces show the beautiful wrist watch, Zenith professional watchmakers also bring the exquisite craftsmanship of the assembly of the movement. At the same time, you can also enjoy a dazzling blues cocktail with the jazz band’s moving performance. In the review of historical pictures of nearly half a century, guests were immersed in the similar fate of the legendary Land Rover Range Rover and Zenith at the scene: in 1969, a prototype that combines the outstanding off-road performance of Land Rover models with the excellent comfort of luxury cars. The car debuted, and was officially released the following year and named ‘Land Rover Range Rover.’ The Range Rover not only pioneered luxury off-road vehicles, it is still the representative of today’s world-class off-road models; also in 1969, Zenith launched the legendary El Primero chronograph movement, relying on the revolutionary Mechanical innovation, this movement breaks the limit of timing precision and shines in the high-end watch industry. Both adhering to original design, pioneering spirit and courage to explore new realms, both have won legendary status.

    Benoit Toulin and Lindsay Weaver showcase Zenith El Primero flagship Land Rover Range Rover Special Edition watch

    Regarding the epoch-making cooperation between Land Rover and Zenith, Mr. Benoit Toulin, President of the Watch & Jewellery Greater China Group of Landview Group, said with emotion: ‘The alliance between the two brands is a strong alliance. Zenith and Land Rover are in their respective industries. Pioneer models are known for creating original and innovative products, and interpreting the classic design into a truly pure luxury style. Zenith is proud to open a long-term cooperation with the world’s top luxury SUV brand Land Rover, which shares the same belief. ‘

    Chinese contemporary artist Mr. Chen Junjun creates artwork for Zenith and Land Rover Range Rover for a long-term partnership-revisit the classics, pay tribute to the legend

    Mr. Lindsay Weaver, Jaguar Land Rover Global Franchise and Boutique Director, said: ‘Exploring the unknown, technological innovation, creating legends: Land Rover Range Rover and Zenith El Primero share many of the same core spirits, and new cooperation between two prestigious brands The partnership is an important milestone for both parties. This unique hand-in-hand work integrates the Land Rover Range Rover design genes on the basis of the iconic elements of the El Primero series, and uses the modern and stylish interior design of Range Rover as the essence to create simplicity. Sophisticated shapes that express the charm of a chic and elegant brand. ‘

    To celebrate the establishment of a good relationship between the two legendary brands, the contemporary artist Chen Kunjun, who has always been good at artistic creation with free strokes, presented a creative work of art on the spot: ‘Revisit the classics, pay tribute to the legend’. The creation is based on the jungle theme. The artist creates on the aluminum doors of Land Rover models, using black and gold tones, to present a painting that combines oriental elegance and minimalist Zen, in order to echo the brand’s pursuit of essence and concentration. Discard the gorgeous appearance. Chen Yijun interpreted the pioneering spirit with a penetrating visual language, which coincided with the creative passion of Zenith and Land Rover Range Rover who were always aggressive and pioneering.

    At the event that night, this unique masterpiece was beautifully presented with a deep jungle exploration video. Chen Junjun shared on the spot: ‘I am very honored to create for the two legendary brands Zenith and Land Rover Range Rover. This work is based on the jungle theme, expressing the mysterious jungle that breeds infinite vitality and potential energy, which fits the two brands’ adventure The spirit of innovation. At the same time, I hope to use the combination of the jungle secret and the metal door to use black and gold as the main color, to express the organic combination of natural power and human wisdom, and to pay tribute to the two brands. Extravagant but not overwhelming brand image. ‘

    Timeless watch legend, timeless innovation
    El Primero’s flagship Land Rover Range Rover Special Edition demonstrates the unwavering pursuit of superior quality on both sides, presenting a masterpiece with iconic outlines, attractive charm, advanced technology and excellent performance. In commemoration of the cooperation with Land Rover Range Rover, Zenith engraved the words ‘Zenith Range Rover’ on the grey brushed dial. The hour and hour markers are rhodium plated and coated with a luminous coating.

    The new 42 mm diameter watch, with its innovative use of matt black ceramicized aluminum case, pays tribute to the all-aluminum body structure of the Land Rover Range Rover. The case is equipped with a curved sapphire crystal, and is equipped with a gear-type crown and black round buttons, which are waterproof to 100 meters. Underneath the case, the superbly precise and powerful drive is faint: the El Primero 400B self-winding chronograph movement vibrates at an amazing speed of 36,000 times per hour, making the chronograph accurate to 1 / 10th of a second. The integrated column wheel mechanical structure is inherited from the legendary movement series launched by Zenith in 1969, which is the most accurate mass-produced chronograph movement in the world. Consists of 326 parts, with central hour and minute display, small seconds, chronograph function and speed measurement function, power reserve of more than 50 hours. The sapphire case back comes with ‘El Primero Range Rover / Special Edition’ engraved text, and the personalized automatic rotor with the Zenith and Land Rover Range Rover logo is at a glance. Paired with an ivory or blue perforated calfskin leather-lined rubber strap, this wristband exudes a unique and endless charm whether traveling on urban streets or on rugged mountain roads.