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    Elegant And Sporty Tasting Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan 41 Watch

    Exquisite and classic watches will always be enthusiastically embraced by watch enthusiasts. They will impress people and never be outdated. In 2017, it was the 60th year of the Swiss luxury watch brand Tudor’s diving watches. In order to commemorate this glorious moment, the brand has added a number of new works to the Qicheng Biwan series at the highly anticipated Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, including the Tudor Qicheng Biwan type that the House of Watches will introduce today 41 watches. below. Let’s take a look together: (watch model: 79540)

    Retaining classic design, reappearing glory

       Regardless of whether it is 36 or 41, the new watch retains the overall design characteristics of the Biwan series, making the appearance more solemn, atmospheric, rich in rich elegance and sports. It is worth noting that the new watch has been redesigned by the brand, making the middle case thinner, allowing the watch to fit the wrist while retaining the classic style. Adhering to the same spirit, this model uses a flat sapphire crystal surface, which is different from the dome-shaped mirror surface of other models in the Biwan series. It mirrors the fixed outer ring of polished steel, showing a sense of simplicity and quality.
    Keep the essence of Kai Cheng Bi Wan

    Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan 41
       The design of the watch is inspired by the 1950s Tudor diver’s watch, which reproduces the extraordinary appearance of classic watches. It retains a series of highly recognizable designs, including a ‘snowflake’ pointer. This distinctive pointer appeared in the brand’s 1969 product catalog, bearing the historical sense of the series as a tool. In addition, the watch still retains the typical characteristics of the first generation of Tudor diving watch with a water resistance of 200 meters (660 feet). The large winding crown makes the operation of the watch easier and more reliable.

       The 41mm stainless steel case is perfectly integrated with the polished smooth steel outer ring. After the brand’s careful treatment, it displays exquisite and full characteristics, which is very beautiful. The large stainless steel crown is embossed with the Tudor rose logo, which makes the watch extremely exquisite and rich in brand history.

       The classic series diving dial design, the hour markers and hands are covered with luminous parts. Even in the sea or in a dark environment, you can observe the time, which is very intuitive and convenient.

    Tudor dense bottom design with built-in 2824 movement
       The dense bottom technology can well protect the movement of the watch movement and is very reliable. Equipped with Tudor 2824 movement, accurate travel time, with a power reserve of about 38 hours.

    Belt with discount and insurance buckle
       The watch has a stainless steel strap or a leather strap with two watch strap options to cater to watch enthusiasts with different needs. In addition, the watch comes with a camouflage textured strap with buckle, showing the brand’s full sincerity.

    Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan 41

    Summary: The new watch reinterprets the brand’s classics, eclectic and free to play. The Tudor Qicheng Biwan 41 watch placed horizontally on the tablecloth is like an admiral riding the waves, revealing the calm confidence and the solitary wind of soldiers from top to bottom. Reinventing classic watches with modern design is also a fusion of traditional aesthetic features with contemporary watchmaking techniques. The strong and tough shape and the excellent inner core make this watch an attractive model at the show. At present, this watch has been sold on the shelf, and watch friends who like it can pay attention.


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    Rolex Blue ‘lightning Pin’ Modified Watch

    Estimated price: 10000-15000 10000-15000 USD
    Commission price: USD 10,000 (about RMB 67,300)
    【Overall description】
    The case diameter is 40 mm and the thickness is 13 mm. Case number M 678976, model 116400, central seconds hand, self-winding movement, water-resistant, three-piece stainless steel case with black PVD coating, polished and frosted, screw-in crown and case back, case back Engraved with the words ‘Rolex Oyster-MILGAUSS’, special anti-magnetic device, anti-magnetic 1000 Gauss, black dial, luminous material baton pointer and time mark, black PVD coated Rolex stainless steel oyster strap.
    [Movement configuration]
    Rolex 3131 self-winding movement, rhodium-plated, polished with Geneva stripes and fish scales, 31 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, accurate temperature and 5 orientation correction, shock-absorbing device, self-compensating, no jamming Breguet balance spring, fine adjustment screws, stop-seconds device, dial, case and movement are signed.
    [Product Condition Report]
    Case 2 (excellent); dial 1 (basically new), hands 01 (original); movement 1 (basically new); expert comprehensive evaluation AAA (excellent).
    评论 [Review]
    Modified cars are familiar to everyone, but have you heard of modified watches? This blue & ldquo; lightning needle & rdquo; modifier & mdash; & mdash; from the United Kingdom Bamford & mdash; & mdash; is a custom brand known for modifying top-level watches. Bamford has & ldquo; remodeled & rdquo; many famous products, in addition to this representative Rolex & ldquo; Lightning Needle & rdquo ;, there are Daytona, Submarine, GMT-Muster Ⅱ and other popular styles, in addition, such as Patek Philippe Nautilus, Aquanaut (commonly known as ‘Grenade’) and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak have all been modified by Bamford. It should be reminded that basically any watch that has been modified cannot be returned to the original factory for repair or maintenance, and its second-hand price will fluctuate due to the uneven level of modification. Here is exactly the phrase that investors often say: ‘Playing with watches is risky.’ Modification ‘requires caution.