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    Ivory White Enamel Pocket Watch With A Mystic Temperament

    Pocket watches have an inherent mysterious atmosphere. After centuries of trials, pocket watches are still regarded as a myth by the contemporary watchmaking industry. Today, Jaquet Droz will The epic logo reappears in the center of the stage, launching the Jakodro ivory enamel pocket watch. Jaquet Droz launches new ivory white enamel pocket watch
    First of all, in order to obtain a higher degree of recognition, Jacques de Loire used the appearance of a pocket watch that was released in 1785. It has not only stood the test of centuries, but has also become the Jacques de Loire Grande Seconde Inspiration muse. In addition, the ivory enamel pocket watch is a work that pays tribute to Pierre Jaquet Droz. He is not only a genius, but also the driving force of the brand’s creative spirit. His concept of designing pocket watches continued for centuries and became the prototype of this ivory white enamel pocket watch.

    Shamrock pattern, delicate three-dimensional bezel, and unique Guilloche engraving all add decoration.
    The astounding treasures contained in each history, the rich and strong classic charm, and the elegant and noble modern trends, we can feel the passage of time from the entanglement and complexity: this is the connotation of Jacques Dro’s new ivory white enamel pocket watch Where it is-expertly designed, top-level production technology, with ivory white enamel dial fired by big fire, the gold case is also engraved with the brand’s hidden mark: clover pattern, delicate three-dimensional bezel, the unique Guilloche engraving is more Added decorative touches.

    Every ivory enamel pocket watch is hand-engraved with the brand mark and individually numbered
    Each ivory white enamel pocket watch is hand-engraved with the brand mark and an independent number, with a manual-winding movement and a 40-hour power reserve, all show the brand philosophy that has been maintained since the Enlightenment.