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    The Tag Heuer 150th Anniversary Expo Celebration, Odyssey Pioneer Ends Perfectly

    TAG Heuer 150th Anniversary Expo Celebration Odyssey Pioneer China Ends Perfectly Odyssey Pioneer Global Tour Heuer China Ends Successfully On June 28, in front of the blue and dazzling Expo Monaco Pavilion, a striking sports car attracted Countless lights, this is a commemorative sports car of the Swiss watch pioneer Heuer and Tesla cross-border cooperation, 100% of electric clean energy. TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster in front of the Monaco Pavilion
         TAG Heuer celebrated its 150th anniversary at the Monaco Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. The Principality of Monaco, who has a deep passion for racing, joins hands with TAG Heuer luxury watches that challenge the time limit, complementing the luxury watches of a century and a half.
    Why is the end of TAG Heuer China Station the Monaco Pavilion? Because of the 40-year-old legendary racing complex. The TAG Heuer Monaco watch was released in Geneva and New York at the same time in 1969. As the first watch with a square dial, the bold design concept made a sensation in the watchmaking industry, and the Monaco series became one of TAG Heuer’s most classic series. TAG Heuer Concept MONACO V4
         The Monaco Pavilion was transformed into a time corridor that night. From CARRERA 1887, MONCAO V4 to PENDULUM pioneer luxury watches, 16 rare collection watches represent TAG Heuer’s past, present and future, reflecting 150 years of glorious history. The celebration was full of stars. Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, President of TAG Heuer, Mr. Jean-Marc Lacave, President of LVMH Watch & Jewellery Asia Pacific, joined hands with Mr. Chen Daoming, China’s outstanding performance artist, and TAG Heuer’s new brand ambassador-the first in F1. Mr. Dong Hebin, a Chinese driver, and hundreds of guests joined together to witness the 150 years of TAG Heuer’s glorious journey, marking the perfect ending of the China Odyssey Pioneer Global Tour Exhibition in 15 cities around the world.

    TAG Heuer China Station ends-Chinese and foreign guests at the Monaco Pavilion celebrate the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 TAG Heuer Pendulum
         Since its establishment in 1860, TAG Heuer has always led the Swiss model of precision watchmaking, creating many milestones in the mechanical watch industry and becoming one of the world’s four major watch brands. For 150 years, TAG Heuer will continue to win the world’s admiration with extraordinary creativity in the future.