Bvlgari Diva Collection Variety Of Famous Jewellery

Diva, a watch proudly showing noble bloodlines; with a smile, it is reminiscent of the golden age of the screen superstar and the breath of ‘Dolce Vita’. The relationship between BVLGARI and the film world was inseparable. Today, you can also see in the photos that countless movie stars linger in the flagship store of Via dei Condotti, or be enchanted by BVLGARI jewelry; such scenes will live with the photos forever. In fact, to this day, BVLGARI is still closely linked to the most fascinating idol superstar.

New BVLGARI Diva watch

The Diva watch series includes the mood to recall the classic scene mentioned above, and was launched in 2013 with this theme as the colorful expression of Haute Joaillerie, the top custom jewelry; the design inspiration is from contemporary superstars, who have mastered the luxurious atmosphere and publicity. The elegant charm reflects the light of contemporary female idols. Each creation in the series reflects the personality of women, and these women and BVLGARI together project a breath of beauty, charm, sensuality, and passion.

New BVLGARI Diva watch

The Diva series resembles the art of painting in this respect, covering a wide spectrum of colors; a rich and beautiful combination of various gemstones and various colors, weaving and embroidering a splendid gemstone landscape. From the slightly shiny turquoise, or the diamonds, tourmalines, and even the tens of millions of white lights that are hard to see, and the subtle beauty of the golden luster that is accentuated by pearls; all these masterpieces of the watch describe in detail The history of BVLGARI’s brand also shows the glorious marks that have been branded in the history of BVLGARI over the past few decades. The Diva watch is based on several ingenious designs and is presented with specific jewellery craftsmanship, and strives to express infinitely delicate light and shadow from this immersive light and color field.

New BVLGARI Diva watch

The Diva watch is the epitome of charm and femininity. It echoes the superstar’s style with geometric motifs; the typical fan-folds draw the theme and set off a three-dimensionally carved delicate flower crown. The Diva watch is a set of diamond-paved diamonds composed of bright-cut, baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds, which is the pinnacle of this series. It is the pinnacle of this series.

New BVLGARI Diva watch

On a medium-sized watch, 302 baguette-cut, 16 round-cut, and 394 bright-cut diamonds (total weight 22.62 carats) make up a magnificent and magnificent picture, with beautiful and elegant leaf petals in each Carry out details. The small fan-shaped shape turns into a delicate and beautiful ‘flower bouquet’ with oriental style. At the same time, a single or double cone-shaped motif sets off the strap. The strap is slender and elegant, creating a light and subtle effect that sets off the soft feel of the snow-white dial. Diva is a masterpiece of jewellery craftsmanship. Its star-studded diamonds are like testimony, supporting the inextricable friendship between contemporary superstars and BVLGARI for the past sixty years.
BVLGARI is like an artist who deliberately uses any available color to build an art gallery that houses precious paintings.

New Chopard L.U.C Xps Rose Gold Watch

Precise technology, meticulous appearance and minimalist style. The L.U.C XPS watch with these characteristics is undoubtedly a classic. This year, Chopard put on a classic 18K rose gold coat with a silver silk satin dial.

 Condensing a self-winding mechanical movement, a dual barrel, and a 65-hour power reserve into an ultra-thin case is a remarkable watchmaking feat. The master watchmakers at Chopard Fleurier watch factory have successfully developed miniature rotors, turning all this into reality. The watch designer also dedicated a perfect design: an ultra-thin case with a long diameter (39.50 mm) and a flat mirror. The mechanical achievements combined with the appearance design gave birth to a handsome and elegant watch with a light and agile appearance, with a perfect balance, and won the ultra-thin watch crown at the 2006 Geneva Watch Awards.

The perfect combination of aesthetics and technology

 In order to satisfy many watch lovers who love mechanical beauty, the LUC XPS watch is designed with a transparent sapphire case back. Through it, you can see the exquisite operation of the LUC 96.12-L (LUC 12.96) movement. Also clearly visible. 18K rose gold case with silver silk satin dial and small seconds at 6 o’clock to perfectly balance the dial. This watch, a perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics, has also been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) for its precise performance.

Chopard Watchmaking

 As a family brand, independence is a distinctive label of Chopard. The production of L.U.C watches is completely completed at the production sites of Meyrin and Fleurier within the group. Movement design, finished product design, gold casting, stamping and mold processing, metal movement and watch band creation, traditional hand decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, commissioning and quality control. All watches need to go through these processes to achieve the excellent watchmaking that belongs to Chopard.