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    Chinese Companies Acquire Eterna Eterna Watch Factory-news Eterna

    International Fei Xun Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Haidian Group Co., Ltd., has acquired FA Porsche Beteiligungen GmbH, ETERNA AG Uhrenfabrik in Grenchen under the wing All shares of the plant. ETERNA AG is an extraordinary manufacturer of products including clocks and components, clockwork, electronic precision time measurement equipment and its components.
    FA Porsche Beteiligungen GmbH Director Oliver Porsche said he is very confident that the new owner will continue to firmly follow the path already established by ETERNA and will further strengthen ETERNA as a leading watchmaker. Status.
    Mr. Korea Long, Chairman of Buyer International Fexun Co., Ltd., pointed out that the acquisition is an important step in Haidian, China’s sustainable development strategy in mainland China and overseas.
    We believe that mechanical watch movements will increasingly become a limiting factor in the industry. Therefore, the acquisition of ETERNA, which is able to produce its own mechanical movements, is a decisive expansion of the group’s investment portfolio, Korea Dragon added.
    Both parties agreed to keep the details of the transaction strictly confidential.
    Source: Eterna