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    Chanel J12 10th Anniversary New Design Pays Tribute To Superb Craftsmanship

    In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the J12 watch, Chanel decided to dedicate a brand-new high-precision and complex watch to the watch industry, paying tribute to superb craftsmanship with aesthetics. In 2010, how did Chanel develop a J12 watch with high-precision watchmaking technology, and at the same time completely inherit the brand’s unique design style? The streamlined response is: change the position of the crown! Why not mount it on the dial?

    Black high-tech precision ceramic with rose gold limited to 10

    What has never been tried does not mean that it cannot be done, especially when Chanel works with the Guilio Papi team. Therefore, it is extremely important to invent a tourbillon movement in which the minute hand moves not only along the dial but also around the crown on the dial. The only solution is to move back and forth, let the minute hand go forward until it touches the crown, and then let it go back to the other end of the crown to reposition.

    White high-tech precision ceramics with white gold

    Giulio Papi’s team perfected this challenge: this 12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse mysterious flyback watch not only inherited the style and value of Chanel, but also in mechanical design principles (this is the first time in the watch industry to try this type Flyback hands) and aesthetic styling fully meet the standards of precision watches. This watch has three sophisticated complications: a tourbillon, a flyback minute hand, and a crown with a clutch system.