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    Swatch Launches Christmas Limited Edition Watch Isidor To Celebrate Christmas With Snowman!

    Swatch is very pleased to launch the special Christmas watch ISIDOR, this ‘Little Snowman’ can turn any scene into a winter wonderland. The design of the ISIDOR watch fully demonstrates the cool Christmas holiday style. Even if the surrounding frost starts to melt, the ‘snowman’ on the wrist will still tick.

       The silver dial with glossy mirror effect is decorated with two green eyes and colorful smile patterns, giving the surface a lively expression. The carrot nose in the center of the whole smile also doubles as an hour hand. The snowflakes dotted on the strap complement the snowman pattern on the dial.


       This special watch is a limited edition worldwide, with a total of 8,888 pieces sold. The watch comes in a special package, designed to resemble the snowman’s signature carrot nose. The words ‘This is not a carrot’ are printed under the carrot pattern on the package, reminiscent of a famous painting by surrealist artist René Magritte. The artist wrote a line of text under the image of his pipe: ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe ‘(this is not a pipe). Indeed, this particular ‘carrot’ is not the real carrot we eat for dinner!

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    Glasutti Perfectly Presents The Senator Perpetual Calendar Watch

    German technology and watchmaking have a long-standing reputation. The watchmakers in the small town of Glashütte, Saxony, have been designing and manufacturing precision timepieces following the tradition since 1845. Very substantial contribution. Today, Glashütte watches are blue, and they have launched more excellent works that fully represent the spirit and texture of Germany. The Senator Perpetual Calendar perpetual calendar model in rose gold is one of the best. Crafted by hand in the Glashütte watch factory, it has witnessed the perfect journey of Glashütte watches’ continuous pursuit of mechanical complications and art.

      The rose gold case with matte black face plate, Roman numerals and white minute scale ring on it, you can feel its artistic implications at first glance. Viewed through anti-glare sapphire crystal, the perpetual calendar indication configuration is clear and easy to read, creating a visual golden ratio and extreme harmony. The week, month, and Glashütte original large calendar window displayed by it are all presented in black with white Arabic numerals as the base; the moon phase profit and loss disk is also based on black, creating a silvery white bright moon and full moon. Starry sky.

    The low-key leap year indicator is simply indicated by a red dot, and the non-leap year is sequentially represented by yellow, black, and white dots.

       Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the heart of the Senator Perpetual Calendar. The movement model is Caliber 100-02, the vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour, the self-winding structure, and the pendulum with 18 additional gold gold screws Round, energy storage time up to 55 hours (+/- 10%). The automatic zero reset function of the second hand makes it easy to adjust the time. It is different from other mediocre zero reset structures. The second hand is not coupled to the crown or the core. Will not hurt the structure of the watch itself, as long as you press the 8-position direction of the case, the second hand will return to zero. The automatic disc is designed for two-way winding, which provides sufficient power for the movement.

       The artistic character is shown in the design of the movement, and also in the quality of the parts. Decorated with Glashütte corrugated three-quarter splint, hollowed out 21K gold automatic disc, double barrel, and elegant noble gooseneck precision trimming device. The black alligator leather strap of black louisiana or black rubber, with the folding buckle made of rose gold, make the Senator Perpetual Calendar perpetual elegance elegant.