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    Chopard Chopard Makes A Stunning Appearance At The Belles Montres Luxury Watch Show

    The BellesMontres luxury watch exhibition from November 29th to December 1st will bring together various watch brands. Chopard will be exhibiting with its two top tourbillon watches.
    Chopard’s new tourbillon watch is a collection of three Swiss certification standards: COSC Swiss official observatory certification, Geneva mark, Fleurier quality certification, fully demonstrated its unparalleled watchmaking technology and precise and reliable Time standards have become a major milestone in the history of watchmaking.

    The L.U.C Triple Certification Tourbillon watch has an 18K rose gold case, a matte silver dial and a contrasting black rhodium-plated princess-style hands. Equipped with LUC 02.13-L (LUC 1.02QF) self-winding movement, it is also the world’s only dual-axis coaxial stacked series barrel design. Nine-day power reserve.

    Chopard’s second tourbillon is sporty. A hand-stitched maroon crocodile leather strap with reinforced four corners highlights the classic ergonomic racing seat. 18K rose gold case, water resistant to 50 meters. The lugs are slightly arched, such as a streamlined car airfoil. The dial’s transparent design is also inspired by motorsport. Anti-glare sapphire crystal engraved with blue Arabic numerals and hour markers. The second hand, the power indicator hand, and the movement’s fixing screws also highlight the dots in blue. The jumping blue with the black rhodium-plated parts of the mechanical movement becomes more vivid under the strong contrast, and the sporty temperament is ready to come out.

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    Atmospheric Solemn 42 Mm Great Wall Series Men’s Watch Watch Appreciation

    The Great Wall stretches for thousands of years, witnessing a period of history and telling a period of legend. The Great Wall is the stage for men. Here, they ignite wolves to resist external insults. They sharpen their swords and fight with blood. Time flies, the historical legend carried by the Great Wall has long become the totem of the Chinese nation. Mido’s designer stood on the Great Wall, stroking the vicissitudes of boulder, and determined to reproduce the golden years, the magnificent times of the magnificent mountains and rivers between the diameter of 42mm, and carved a magnificent epic that belongs to the male.

                     42 mm Great Wall Men’s Watch

     The Mido Great Wall series men’s watch is equipped with an observatory-certified automatic mechanical movement to ensure accurate travel time, so that the wearer of the watch can not only control the time perfectly, but also grasp the historical trend in the ticking sound. The case is 42 mm in diameter, 100 meters water-resistant, and the transparent caseback presents the exquisitely carved movement, which is even more solemn. The perfect combination of the double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror and the more effective water-resistant spiral head, combined with white luminous hands, makes the watch’s readings clear and convenient even at night. The new Great Wall series of Swiss Mido comes with a polished stainless steel strap. It also offers a choice of black, anthracite and silver dials with nickel-plated time scales or black nickel-plated scales.

     The Mido Great Wall series watches will meet your expectations at every critical moment, become your most reliable and loyal partner, and remember the distant past of Jinge Iron Horse with you and look forward to the bright future of the stars.

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    Manual Mechanical Watch Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Men’s Mechanical Watch Tasting

    Blancpain-currently the world’s most complex and versatile full manual mechanical watch. Blancpain has never produced a quartz watch since 1735, and this purpose will be carried through to the end. I believe that everyone can also see what Blancpain watches have always insisted on, non-mechanical watches do not do, do the best to do, pay attention to the charm of watches. Today, I recommend a Blancpain manual mechanical watch for everyone.
     Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015-130-52 watch

     Blancpain, which was born in 1735, is the oldest and oldest watch brand, and it is also the world’s most complex and most functional manual mechanical watch. Blancpain is dedicated to the manufacture of mechanical watches. The value of its watches is reflected in all hand-made and assembled, meticulous details, classic and beautiful shapes, independent of the changes of the times, and its own unique watch art treasures.

     In 1952, the French Ministry of Defence began to form a diving commando, but the watch was difficult to operate accurately in the harsh underwater environment, so the person in charge found Blancpain to develop a professional diving watch. In 1953, the Blancpain 50 Xun watch came out, becoming the earliest professional diving watch in the industry. The origin of the ’50 homing’ name is because its water resistance can reach a water-resistant depth of 50 homing (about 91.45 meters). In 2011, the brand continued to adhere to this classic model feature, adding mechanical depth sounding functions, to achieve Blancpain’s latest diving watch X Fathoms (published at the 2012 BaselWorld Basel Watch & Jewellery Show). In a sense, 50 Xun has become a business card for Blancpain in the professional diving field.

     Summary: In 1735, the Blancpain watch was born. For nearly 300 years, it has been insisting on the pursuit of mechanical watches, trying to interpret the wonderfulness of manual mechanical watches. Blancpain watches have completely exceeded the height of interest. To a certain extent, their brand has always been pursuing a watchmaking art.
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