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    Rolex Ref.3525 World War Ii Chronograph In Memory Of The Once Fearless Heroes

    Many Rolex antique watches are full of historical flavor and humanistic value, which is the goal that many people have always wanted to collect. After years of precipitation and baptism of time, through an antique watch, we seem to understand the period of time at that time. Recently, it was stunning by an antique Rolex watch. Rolex Ref.3525, known as PrisonerOfWarwatch, was born during the Second World War, and timed the ‘Great Victory’ of 1943 at the time. So I could n’t help but feel a little bit of blood. What wartime stories did this Rolex Ref. 3525 go through?

       During World War II, RAF pilots were captured and sent to prisoner-of-war camps. All their watches were confiscated. On May 28, 1940, a British corporal named Clive Nadine was captured and held in the third concentration camp (the third concentration camp was made into a movie ‘The Great Escape’ by Hollywood after the war) and was also lost. The Rolex watch I wore before. He has been detained there during World War II and has also worked as a shoemaker in prison.

       The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, heard about the confiscation of the watch of the prisoners of war, and expressed his willingness to contribute to the war and provide watches to the officers of the prisoner of war camp until There is no need to pay for the end of the war. But at that time, supplying watches to these British prisoners of war was actually a very risky business. However, Rolex has its own considerations in doing so, and they also want to test the situation of their watches in some special environments.
       For this reason, British officers detained in prisoner of war camps have ordered watches from Hans Wilsdorf by letter. On March 10, 1943, Clive Nadine ordered this Ref. 3525 Oyster chronograph from Rolex. When Rolex received this order, the people in charge believed that they might not be able to deliver the watch to customers in a timely manner, not only because of the war, but also because many officers had booked the watch.

       Three months later, Clive Nadine finally received the Rolex Ref. 3525 oyster chronograph booked previously, with an invoice attached to it. On the invoice was the handwriting of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf: ‘Now this watch is sold for 250 francs in Switzerland, but you don’t need to pay it during wartime.’

       Clive Nadin ordered this watch to have its own abacus. He was preparing for the great escape. An accurate chronograph was very important to him because he needed to use this watch to calculate the patrols of the guard Timetable and time to cross the escape tunnel. Unfortunately, when escaped, the prison guards discovered and closed the escape tunnel, and a exhausted escape ended in failure.

       After World War II, Clive Nadine was released from prison. But he still remembered the Rolex in his hand, so after returning to the UK, he wrote to Rolex, stating that he wanted to pay for the watch he bought before, and sent the watch back for warranty. At the end, Clive Nadine did not forget to praise the Rolex in his hand, ‘It still runs strong even in extremely cold environments.’

       In the third year after the war, in 1948, Clive Nadine received an invoice of 15 pounds, 12 shillings, and 6 pence, the final price he paid for the watch. Before his death he kept this oyster chronograph, which was very meaningful to him. For him, it was a dream, and a fearless resistance to war.

        This rare Rolex Ref.3525 chronograph is 35 mm in diameter and has speed and distance measurement functions. The layout of the dial is very clever, and the dials are arranged in an orderly manner. Because the pointer is filled with radium, it can be easily read even at night. The Ref.3525 is equipped with a Valjoux23 column-wheel movement, which is one of the earliest chronographs equipped with an Oyster case.

       Every antique Rolex watch once wrote a story. This Rolex Ref. 3525 oyster chronograph writes a heroic struggle, a resistance that is still worthy of our memory today. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

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    Panerai Launches International Sailing Tour Website

    Over the years, Panerai has been a pioneer in protecting and promoting classical sailing culture. Now, Panerai invites all classic sailing fans to visit the new website for the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge. Panerai has sponsored this exclusive classic and antique sailing boat since 2005, the most important international Sailing Tour: www.paneraiclassicyachtschallenge.com is now live and you can enter this fascinating and amazing adventure.
     Through the videos and pictures edited by well-known professional photographers, as well as the vast and constantly updated information, the new Panerai Classic Regatta website explains and explains the beauty and spirit of this event. From April to September each year, you can enjoy the past century The most beautiful sailing boats built, they challenge each other, some participating sailing boats are even older.

     The Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge consists of nine races planned in different challenge zones. This year’s ‘Mediterranean Panerai Classic Yacht Race’ was held in Italy, France and Spain. England will be the venue for Britain’s most prestigious Panerai British Classic Week; this season’s opening will take place in Antigua in the Caribbean, and “North American Panerai Classic The Sailing Challenge will be hosted in the rich waters of New England, USA.
    All sailing owners and fans of dhows (Sloops), dhows (schutters), schooners, ketches and yaws (Yawls) are easy to use The search engine finds technical and historical data of the protagonists of the Panerai Classic Regatta, as well as auxiliary pictures explaining the differences between the major sailing boats. The website has the most extensive database available today, and will regularly update the information of more than 300 ‘Goddess of the Sea’.

     Another section of the website is dedicated to introducing the limited edition collections of Panerai designed for the honor of the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge every year. Panerai launches the professional diving watch Luminor Submersible 1950 Regatta 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio & ndash; 47 mm for the 2011 Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge, water-resistant to 30 atmospheric pressure (about 300 meters), and equipped with a rotating bezel The above scale can be used to calculate the diving time. There are also two time functions.
    The Panerai Classic Regatta website is available in Italian and English, and a French version will be available soon.

     Founded in Florence in 1860, Panerai was originally a factory, shop and watchmaking school. It has provided precision equipment for the Italian Navy for many years, and designed products specifically for the needs of the underwater diving corps. Projects developed at the time-including Luminor and Radiomir watches-were protected by military secrets for many years, and they were not launched on the international market until the brand was acquired by Richemont in 1997.
     Today, Panerai is the only Italian high-end watch manufacturer. It designs and manufactures its own watches and movements at the Neuch & acirc; tel clock factory, combining Italian design and history with Swiss production technology. Panerai Watches are available at authorized dealers around the world, and approximately 25 specialty stores are opened worldwide.
     Panerai has been promoting classical sailing activities for many years to commemorate the deep relationship between the brand and the ocean. In addition to sponsoring the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge, Panerai also bought the Bermuda sailboat Eilean and restored it. Eilean was built by Fife, the famous shipyard of Fairlie, Scotland, in 1936. Today, Eilean has become a goodwill ambassador of Panerai in the classic sailing event of all sizes.