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    Blancpain’s First True Mechanical Diving Watch

    Recently, Marc Hayek, CEO of Blancpain, dived into the water with his diving equipment and dived to the bottom of the world’s largest aquarium in Dubai Mall The mystery of the latest watch X Fathoms.

    This broke the record maintained by the Italian freehand diver Gianluca Genoni. He jumped into the water without using any diving equipment, wearing only Blancpain watchmaker’s lab clothes, and placed in the aquarium a variety of different marine life including sharks and manta rays. New watches are displayed on the table in between.
    The X Fathoms watch was developed for four years and was created for divers. It is the world’s first dive watch with a mechanical depth sounder. It measures up to 90 meters in depth and has a measurement error of only 30 cm. The working principle of the depth measuring instrument is that water pressure acts on a special liquid metal bottom cover that is less than 1 mm thick, with a deviation of less than 2 microns, which in turn acts on a rack and pinion mechanism to move the pointer to display the depth.

    There are two separate depth indicator scales on the dial. The outer circle of the dial is a high-precision 0-15 meter depth indicator, including the very important 3-6 meter depth display when the diver needs to decompress in front of the water when returning. There are different color codes. There is a separate pointer to indicate the deepest depth and the dive record can be reset to zero by pressing a special button with a protective bridge at 8 o’clock-a very important safety feature for divers.

    The original 5-minute countdown display is convenient for divers to accurately measure the decompression time. It is located at 10 o’clock on the dial. This is the only counter on the dial with an off-center pointer, and all other functions-hours, minutes, seconds and depth gauges. Three independent hands, centered on the dial, are bright and legible.

    X Fathoms is still in the final sample stage, and its final model will be announced at BaselWorld 2012.

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    Mr. Zhang Chi Officially Appoints The President Of Athens Watch China And North Asia

    From April 18, 2018, Mr. Chi Zhang (Chi Zhang) has officially become the president of Athens Watch China and North Asia, and is based in Shanghai. As a member of the Group Management Committee, he will report directly to the International Sales Director of Athenian Watch, responsible for operations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and South Korea.

       Prior to joining Athens, Mr. Zhang worked for L’Oreal for 15 years. He first worked as the Biotherm and Lancome brand product manager in Canada, and then moved to Paris headquarters to serve as Asia Pacific marketing director. In 2012, Mr. Zhang Chi returned to China from Europe and successively served as the general manager of four brands including Biotherm and L’Oreal.