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    Passing On The Essence—the 10th Anniversary Theme Exhibition Of The Breguet Tradition Series

    On January 21st, 2015, the ‘World Heritage · Essence-The 10th Anniversary Theme Exhibition of the Breguet Tradition Series’ was unveiled at the Cité du Temps in Geneva. Distinguished customers and journalists from around the world attended the opening reception. The exhibition invites guests to a unique time and space journey by showing the legendary story of Breguet’s iconic timepiece series. Each of the participating models is a masterpiece in the high-end watch industry, containing unique designs and stories, and also witnessing the perfect fusion of history and modernity, letting the world see the core of the Breguet Tradition series. This exhibition will continue until February 22, 2015.

       In 2005, Breguet launched the Tradition 7027 watch, the first modern timepiece to show the mechanical structure of the movement’s base plate from the front. This design, which allows people to easily appreciate the precision movement parts, quickly made the Tradition series into Breguet’s iconic timepiece. In addition to this extraordinary feature, the movement components of the Breguet Tradition timepieces are distributed in a very symmetrical manner, which makes it particularly distinctive in appearance. Most models in this series have the barrel in the center; the 12 o’clock position is an eccentric dial whose hands are directly driven by the barrel; the balance wheel and intermediate gear are arc-shaped and distributed between 4 and 8 The pare-chute parachute suspension device invented by Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet, the founder of the brand, has also appeared in many models of the Breguet Tradition series, not only its icon Sexual characteristics have further established the historical status of the series.

       In 1796, Mr. Breguet introduced the new ‘Subscription’ timepiece. This watch has a relatively large diameter, using a single-hand and enamel dial, and its special movement is extremely simple in construction, which is conducive to mass production. In the ten years before his death, Mr. Breguet wrote a book about clocks. The description of the ‘Subscription’ in the first chapter seems to echo the characteristics of the Breguet Tradition series: ‘The movement The architecture design allows mechanical watch enthusiasts to observe all movement structures and decorative effects from the open side … ‘Mr. Bao Di said in an advertising brochure printed in 1797 that these models were Commercial success is inseparable from the ordering model: ‘The price of a timepiece is £ 600, a quarter of which needs to be paid in advance when ordering …’ This raises funds for the materials necessary for mass production. Reliable and reasonably priced ‘Subscription’ models were a great success, attracting new customers for Breguet. About 700 of these timepieces were produced. After three years in a gold or silver case, Mr. Breguet used the movement in the ‘Subscription’ model for touch watches.

       There is an arrow pointer on the outer edge of the case of the touch watch, which represents the position of the hour hand. With 12 embossed hour signs on the case, you can know the time by touching the arrow and the hour sign. The time is usually displayed on a traditional dial with two hands. This small dial design, which may even be in an eccentric position, has also been used in modern models of the Breguet Tradition series, fully showing Breguet’s extraordinary sense of innovation.

    Well-known conductor Mr. Tang Muhai and collector Ms. Wu Jing visit watch models
      Over the years, the Breguet Tradition series has become increasingly rich, not only adding power reserve display, tourbillon, sesame chain transmission, GMT dual time zone function, retrograde seconds and other complex functions, but also added silicon and titanium New materials such as metals.

       From historical models numbered 960, 1009, and 1576, to the latest timepieces announced before the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2015, ‘Legends · Essences-The 10th Anniversary Theme Exhibition of the Breguet Tradition Heritage Series’ reproduces this legendary series Birth. It is the ingenious fusion of two great eras in the history of watchmaking that has made these unique handed down works.

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