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    Luxury Travel Enjoyment When Breitling Cross Ocean World

    Breitling launched the Breitling Transocean World Time Chronograph. For the first time, the transcendence watch uses the ultra-precise ‘World Standard Time’ to continuously display the time in 24 time zones around the world at the same time. Equipped with the brand’s new self-developed Breitling 05 movement, the unique patented mechanical innovation system gives this watch a convenient and perfect control experience.

    1951 Breitling Unitime

    Breitling Transocean-Chronograph-Unitime
    Moments of luxury travel
     As a ‘pioneer of modern chronograph watches’, Breitling has been outstanding in the field of professional mechanical chronographs since its birth in 1884, and travel watches have also played an important role in the history of this brand with wings spread. In the 1950s and 1960s, Breitling witnessed the prosperity of the world’s aviation industry and long-distance travel across the world. It launched a complication watch called ‘Unitime’, and this self-winding ‘World Standard Time’ watch immediately followed Become what collectors are racing to find.

    Today, the new masterpiece of the Breitling Transoceanic Series, the Transocean World Time Chronograph, combines world standard time and chronograph functions, and then continues the exquisite luxury and extraordinary performance of long-distance travel. A rotating bezel engraved with 24 time zones representing the names of cities. Not only can the city names be selected in different languages ​​including Chinese, but it is also the first time to use ‘Beijing / BEIJING’ as a representative city in the East Eight Time Zone, which is of great significance. This all-Chinese time zone bezel, specially launched for Chinese consumers, is not a limited edition, but it needs to be customized in advance.

     With an exquisite world map chart, modern minimalist lines, and the tireless pursuit of quality and detail, Breitling Transworld Time Chrono Watch perfectly combines innovative technology and modern aesthetics to stand out from many watches, bringing first class flight Luxury enjoyment. Available in stainless steel and red gold, this model can be paired with a luxurious business calfskin and crocodile leather strap, or a classic Ocean Classic stainless steel braided bracelet.

    Superior performance and comfort
     Breitling’s engineers have gathered intelligence to design the world’s best self-winding chronograph movement, the Breitling 01 movement. Now, based on the high-performance structure of the 01 movement, they have redesigned the world standard time mechanical device and developed the Breitling 05 movement. Through an adjustment system, they can achieve unparalleled convenience and operation. On the table.

     The Breitling Transocean World Time Chronograph uses a unique dual-disc device-a 24-hour dial, and a disc engraved with 24 time zones representing the world’s cities. The central hand indicates the time in the time zone at 12 o’clock. The city disc also displays daylight saving time (DST). When the wearer needs to change the time zone, just pull the crown slightly forward or backward to adjust the time. The time can be adjusted in hours. The city disc and the 24-hour disc are automatically adjusted together, and the calendar can be adjusted in both directions. For local dates. Throughout the complex process, the minute and second hands continue to move steadily, without losing any time-keeping accuracy, and without interfering with any ongoing timing operation, which is convenient and efficient.

    Tuning example

    When coming to New York, the wearer only needs to rotate the crown backwards for 6 hours until New York on the city disc is aligned with the 12 o’clock position. This operation will be corrected at the same time:
    Central hand: indicates 8:15 in the evening;
    24-hour disc: indicates all time zone time (2:15 am Paris time, 11:15 am Sydney time);
    Calendar: Adjusted from 19th to 18th because we are back to the previous day.