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    2019 Basel Clock & Watch Fair Citizen Opens A New Century Journey

    The ancient Egyptians believed that the pyramids could give eternal life to the dead. Zhuang Zhoumengde marveled at the wonderful experience of forgetting things at different time and space scales. The Bible says that God created the order in the world in seven days … The exploration of the nature of time is rooted in the memory of all human civilizations. The future at this moment is the destination hidden behind the mist of time, giving humans unlimited imagination and inspiring eternal desire for exploration.

       With the passage of time, Citizen is constantly trying new possibilities at the forefront of watchmaking technology, showing the world a new dimension of timers, and exploring hidden answers in time. 2019 is the first year of Citizen’s journey towards the second century. Citizen will pay tribute to the future with new breakthroughs in technology and products, and continue to explore the true meaning of time in the new great journey.

    Pursue the essence of time and explore more possibilities

       As the brand name implies, CITIZEN is aimed at ‘people who constantly challenge and always seek change’. Citizen makes watches for those who hold these wills, and is constantly exploring ‘what is time’. Times are developing, society is changing, and people’s living habits are constantly being adjusted. Facing the unknown aspirations, Citizen merged the changes of the times with advanced technologies, and continued to challenge the infinite possibilities to explore the nature of time.

       At the Baselworld 2019, each brand of the Citizen Group exhibits its own unique product line. Visitors strolling in the exhibition hall of Time Theater can feel the common pursuit of all brands under the Citizen Group: ‘Provide continuously innovative watches for all citizens of the world’. This experience not only comes from the new watches exhibited by various brands, but also from the different understandings of ‘Exploration Time’. In addition, Citizen’s proud MIYOTA movement not only has finished products on display, but also conveys the strength and charm of the Citizen Group in the entire industrial chain.

       Clocks and watches are timers, and the pursuit of higher accuracy is the proper meaning of Citizen’s exploration of time. For more than 40 years, Citizen has been committed to exploring ways to improve the accuracy of light kinetic energy. 2019 is a milestone year for solar energy technology. Citizen launched the “Caliber0100” solar energy watch with an annual difference of one second at the Basel Watch Show this year. The new watch is equipped with a ‘Caliber0100’ ultra-high-precision photodynamic movement with a precision of ± 1 second per year introduced on the 100th anniversary of the brand last year. This is also one of the manifestations of the ‘time essence’ that Citizen has been pursuing since its establishment.

    Expanding the future, new time experience

       The change between old and new is the driving force for evolution and development, and the desire to explore the unknown has made human progress. However, the desire for sustainable development in the future has made us realize that the precious resources of the earth are not continuous. 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Citizen PROMASTER series. As an explorer’s wrist partner, PROMASTER has always accompanied the explorers to discover the wonders of nature for many years. It is also in this process that we find that even in the harsh environment where human activities are scarce, we also face the problem of environmental degradation.

       To this end, Citizen will launch a ‘SavetheBEYOND’ global publicity campaign this year, aiming to record the heroes who care about the sustainable development of the earth and insist on protecting the environment every day. In addition, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of PROMASTER, Citizen has launched three limited edition commemorative watches, covering the three series of ‘sea, land and air’. Among them, the Ocean series is equipped with a water depth sensor and light kinetic energy technology. It is a professional diving watch with outstanding performance and a fashionable and dynamic design. It is also suitable for daily wear. The land series is light and sturdy, and the powerful height sensor can accurately measure any peak in the world, suitable for professionals. The aviation series, as a professional pilot watch, is made in aviation specifications, with a sophisticated case and multi-layer dial structure. It is worth mentioning that in 2019, Citizen has developed a new color-DuratectMRKGold-for its acclaimed surface hardening technology, and the PROMASTER land series has a SuperTitaniumTM case processed by this new technology.

       Citizen’s ‘Explore Time’ is not only the pursuit of the essence of time, but also opens up new areas of development with flexible ideas. In recent years, consumer tastes have shown a trend of diversification, and its influence in the field of watches is not only related to design, but also to the functions of watches. Citizen has previously reached an agreement with the Internet of Things company VELDT, and the two parties will jointly create a watch-based Internet of Things platform ‘Riiiver’. Citizen plans to develop a new smart watch product based on this platform, allowing users to customize the required functions according to their own ideas, organically connecting ‘people, things, things’ and exploring new ‘time’ experience services.

       All past are prologues. In the long river running forever, mankind is like a flat boat, and we cannot turn back. The journey of exploring time is endless, and in 2019, Citizen will take a new step in ‘exploring time’ in the face of infinite possibilities in the future. When the dust settles and humans stand in the future and look back, ‘BetterStartsNow’ may be the best answer after traveling through time and space.