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    Iwc Supports Cousteau Divers To Reveal Ocean Temperature

    On June 8, 2019, World Ocean Day, IWC announced its support for pioneer environmental protection projects led by its partner Cousteau Divers. Cousteau Diver plans to combine data from precision sensors with data from thousands of recreational divers to study the impact of climate change by measuring ocean surface temperatures with the goal of giving scientists a better understanding of how ocean temperature affects biodiversity and climate.

       The oceans absorb about 90% of the Earth’s heat, and more than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans. It acts as the planet’s air-conditioning system and provides food to hundreds of millions of people. A key factor in understanding how the ocean stores and releases energy is its temperature. However, scientists still need more data to fully understand the changes in ocean temperature with depth, especially coastal ecosystems, which are also home to most marine life.

       In 1973, Jacques-Yves Cousteau founded the Cousteau Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting marine life. Throughout his life, he has developed a deep respect for marine life and a strong will to help protect it. The need to protect endangered species is as important today as it has been in the past, and this is something that IWC has been relentlessly supporting since 2003. Swiss luxury watchmaker IWC pays tribute to Marine Pioneer and has launched four special edition limited edition watches, while the fifth marine chronograph Jacques-Yves Cousteau special edition was also released in 2010. Commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of this famous researcher and filmmaker. Today, the brand has expanded its partnership with the Cousteau Association by supporting Cousteau divers.

       Pierre-YvesCousteau, a marine conservationist and founder of Cousteau, explains: ‘Cousteau Diver plans to compensate with data collected by thousands of recreational divers around the world Satellite surface measurements reveal ocean coast temperatures. We will centrally store this data in the cloud for easy access by scientists and enthusiasts. Hope to better understand how ocean temperature affects climate, weather patterns, storm formation, and fish and birds Species. ‘

       Ms. Franziska Gsell, IWC’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: ‘At IWC, the Sustainable Development Committee ensures that our awareness of social and environmental impact is reflected in the way the company works. We are proud to support those shared values Cooperation organization, and very excited about this innovative initiative of Cousteau Diver and Cousteau Association. ‘(Photo / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)