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    Han Xuehua Has So Much Money To Buy Watches, You Only Have Yuan Yongyi’s Rolex In Your Eyes?

    Do you still remember what Rabbit said when writing Yuan Yongyi’s Rolex Five-Bead Chain GMT (Primero flagship series happy women’s chronograph watch, 38 mm. This one she wears should be a steel model, priced at 73800 Yuan. If it is a precious metal version, it is estimated to be more than 150,000. Although there is no lack of British spirit, Han Xue himself is really very feminine in the selection list. Next, I will show you all the hard goods. First Let’s take a look at this often-presented square watch. Han Xue wore it when he attended the press conference of ‘Drunk and Exquisite’. When he was filming, he was also brought into the crew as a private article and used as a prop table. This one is still quite a comparison Easy to recognize, Harry Winston Avenue Series Avenue Classic automatic watch on the 5th Avenue. The gray strap on the left is new, and the black on the right is the old model (Han Xuedai). The title of ‘King of Diamonds’ was mentioned in the popular American drama ‘Gossip Girl’ more than once. Blair and Chuck wore HW rings when they got married, and they are also the dream wedding ring of many girls (one carat ring Domestic public price from 180,000, not on (Covered). Of course, its watch is also characterized by its large and large diamonds, not afraid of burning money. Rabbit learned from the brand that the black strap worn by Han Xue is the first generation from 2014, 277,000 yuan, and gray The strap is the new model, 324,500 yuan. So it can be guessed that Han Xue has bought this watch for several years. Of course, she also bought a lot of Harry Winston jewelry. According to time, it is speculated that Han Xue was in 2014. I bought a lot of watches and jewellery crazy around the year of the year (the rabbit guessed it was poisoning, and women would not stop shopping, no matter how expensive). Her other big love is Van Cleef & Arpels. There are two often photographed. Han Xue’s Weibo photos are really a good place to collect and collect, how many watches are inadvertently exposed. This is a Lady Arpels Féerie watch of the poetic complication series, 890,000 yuan ( The price was just adjusted at the end of last year, and Han Xue should be a little more expensive when buying). The diameter of the table is 38mm, the manual-winding mechanical movement is also equipped with a retrograde module developed exclusively by Agenhor for VCA, 30 hours of power reserve. Compare one piece Features, Han Xue wears a lot of frequency. It is still a female watch of the poetic complication series. This is the Lady Arpels Day and Night watch, the Chinese public price of 755,000 yuan (also adjusted at the end of last year). This watch is used The self-winding mechanical movement is equipped with a 24-hour module developed by Valfleurier for VCA and a 60-hour power reserve. Every 24 hours, the dial of this watch completes one revolution. Han Xue’s hidden watches are far more than these In some daily photos, we also saw the figure of Cartier and other brands, but your watch is more likely to attract attention. Since you are a watch lover, Han Xue has reached the point where you can change the battery yourself. From the recent heat, Han Xue’s popularity has increased with variety shows (although no particularly outstanding characters have been shaped yet), giving everyone a chance to see her inside. After all, in the entertainment industry, it is not easy to find an actress who has no gossip and negative news, is willing to persist in learning to improve (always being praised for English), and can also talk about hobbies. Han Xue’s calmness is that she thinks acting is fun and of course her current business, but she doesn’t want to define life narrowly. ‘Who knows what the future holds?’ She said. Of course, more importantly, financial resources are needed to support interest. Han Xue said that watches can be passed down and have a certain value-preserving effect (of course, rabbits need to emphasize that most daily watches do not have a value-preserving function, which we must know). In fact, this explanation is just a supplement to ‘like’, like most women, find a reason for shopping. When I wrote about Yuan Yongyi earlier, I mentioned that her aesthetic hobby is more masculine, and a few Rolexes and PP can capture the appreciation of a large number of male watchmates, but Han Xue’s jewelry watch with more than 800,000 looks a little bit rough Not surprised. This is first of all our standards of value judgment. Buying Rolex PP explosion-proof steel watches will be considered ‘good’ by most followers (well understood, everyone thinks they are good), but buying Van Cleef & Arpels Most of the reviews received by Harry Winston were ‘rich.’ For the former, for many people, it is still enough to pull down the belt of the pants, and for the latter, there is no certain wealth that can’t be achieved. There are few people who can’t reach a lively discussion naturally. A few days ago, a friend from a Hong Kong dealer urged Rabbit to say, ‘Why don’t you buy a Bulgari, how beautiful?’ This surprised me slightly, because very few men so actively expressed their appreciation for high-value women’s watches. People talk about watches without a sense of machinery, judging price-performance ratio with pure machinery, an extra diamond feels expensive and distressed. But this actually made me see a big market that was overlooked-women are willing to invest far more in ‘beautiful’ than we think. More than one girl who did not understand watches told me that at first glance she was touched by Van Cleef & Arpels’ ‘Lover Bridge’ and is still the watch of her dreams. Because some ‘good-looking’ take time to cultivate, but some are completely instinctual. How do girls buy watches? When the budget is limited, you can consider cost-effectiveness, but on the premise of sufficient wealth (of course, basic quality and brand reputation must be considered, good watches must be internal and external), filter the rumours of men around you, may wish to follow the heart, after all, it will With you forever. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!