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    Tiger Heuer Cheers For The ‘tomorrow’s Star’

    Nabil Bentaled of Schalke 04 was elected ‘Rookie of the First Half of the Season’. As the official partner and official timekeeper of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga, Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer will continue to participate in more exciting events organized by the world’s most famous football league.

       TAG Heuer and the Bundesliga set up the TAG Heuer Bundesliga Rookie Award. In addition to naming and sponsoring new awards, TAG Heuer will also actively discover budding rookies to get their skills recognized early on.
       For TAG Heuer and the German Football League (DFL), setting up the ‘TAG Heuer Bundesliga Rookie Awards’ is not just a matter of appreciating players-it is also hoping to pass this award and emphasize the cultivation of talent The importance of young players, especially to assist them in gaining popularity and recognition from fans, teammates and teams. This award will provide a unique platform for the young players of the 18 Bundesliga clubs, giving them the opportunity to show their skills.
       TAG Heuer and the Bundesliga will nominate three top performers each month based on official match data. The three players will then be voted online at www.rookie-award.com-a website set up specifically for this award-and fans of the month will be selected for the award. Candidates must meet the requirements of not exceeding 21 years of age at the beginning of the Bundesliga season and have never played in Bundesliga before.
       Based on in-depth analysis of the 2016/17 first-half season data, three players have been selected for the honor of ‘Best Rookie of the First Half’. They were Naby Deco Keita of the Leipzig Red Bulls, Ousmane Dembélé of Dortmund and Nabil Bentaleb of Schalke 04, and finally Nabir won the prize. Regularly held ‘Rookie of the Month’ voting will continue in March.
       At the end of each season, TAG Heuer selects one of all the grand prize winners and presents it with the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award.
       The official spokesperson for the ‘TAG Heuer Bundesliga Rookie Award’ is Mats Hummels, the ambassador for the TAG Heuer brand. The world’s top defender, who plays for the current World Cup champion team, has helped the team dominate Germany many times, and he was also a rookie in the Bundesliga. Regarding the ‘TAG Heuer Bundesliga Rookie Award’, Matz said: ‘I still remember the days when I was a rookie player, there was always a clear goal in my heart: to sign my first professional player The contract, completing the first match in the Bundesliga. Then scored my first goal and first time in the Champions League. These moments are really exciting. ‘TAG Heuer Bundesliga Rookie Award’ now gives newcomers every The golden opportunity once a quarter allows them to realize their dreams and get the credit they deserve. ‘
       Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of TAG Heuer and the president of the watch department of LVMH Group, said: ‘Looking at the world, from the East to the West-football is very popular People’s love. We work closely with ‘elite among the elite’ around the world, such as Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga, Chinese Super League, Major League Soccer, Japan Professional Football League, Australian National Football Team, Manchester United team Enumeration. Persevering in enthusiasm for football, we are working with partners to discover and train talented young players. Because of this, I am very happy to set up the ‘TAG Heuer Bundesliga Rookie Award’ and look forward to See its positive impact on future football. ‘