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    Classic Story Forever: Paul Newman’s ‘paul Newman’

    An upcoming auction has made many fans feel the real look, the Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239 “Paul Newman” that was worn by legendary star Paul Newman himself , Finally seeing the sun again, and the people in this altarpiece must understand the history (whether you are already a fan) or not, and have been discussed again. Younger watch enthusiasts may not have experienced the wonderful time of Paul Newman as an international superstar, but I also hope that through this complete collation report, you can relive the moving story behind this classic watch. .

    Photo by Henry Leutwyler / Wall Street Journal
       Paul Newman, who has always maintained the image of a good man, a good husband, and a good father in the Hollywood scene in the United States, was a keen speed and excellent racing driver in his youth. In the film ‘Winning Winning’ released in the United States in 1969, Paul played a racing driver, Frank Capua, in which there were many fierce racing scenes never seen before. The most amazing thing was that 17 cars chased in High Dangerous Spectacular Shot Together.
       Born as a Hollywood actor, Paul’s wife Joanne Woodward learned about the filming during the filming, and found that her husband seemed to gradually love motorsports. Then he bought a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch and entrusted him. The caseback was engraved with ‘DRIVE CAREFULLY ME’ and told him directly, ‘Dear, drive carefully.’ This Ref. 6239, produced between 1963 and 1970, is equipped with an exotic The faceplate is also the first time that Rolex has engraved the speedometer directly on the bezel.

    Photo by Henry Leutwyler / Wall Street Journal
       After the popularity of the movie ‘Win’, Paul also wore the watch many times in public, especially in a magazine advertisement. The picture of Paul’s handsome cheek support made people look at the Rolex Daytona on his left wrist. Impressed, so among the coworkers who love Rolex, Daytona with such an exotic face has been given the nickname ‘Paul Newman’. However, why did this ‘Paul Newman’ suddenly disappear for many years, but reappeared in 2016? This fate has a close relationship with Paul Newman’s eldest daughter Nell Newman.
       Unlike the parents of Hollywood celebrities, Nell has never advertised her status as an entertainer in her growth, and even went to school under the pseudonym of Nell Potts during her college years. During this period, she fell in love with a classmate James Cox. Become a couple before Nell showed James his true identity. At a family party where James participated, Paul inadvertently asked James for the time. James confessed that he did not have the habit of wearing a watch. After hearing this, Paul turned back to find this Ref. 6239 Daytona watch and gave it to him. James reminded him sincerely: ‘As long as you remember to wind it up every day, it can always tell you the precise current time.’

    Douglas Kirkland / Corbis via Getty Images
       Later, even though James Cox did not continue to maintain a relationship with Nell Newman, Paul never asked to recover the watch, and James always wore it for a long time. Until one day when he was shopping in the supermarket and preparing to check out, an Asian stranger in the team pointed his watch and exclaimed the name of ‘Paul Newman’. At that moment, how did anyone know that this was from Paul Newman’s personal gift gave birth to the idea of ​​no longer wearing it publicly. In the future, he learned from the friends that the important representative of this watch, so that he can only lock the watch in the cabinet for many years.
       In 2016, James and Nell, who always maintained a close relationship, decided to release this watch for auction in order to donate the proceeds of the auction to the Nell Newman Foundation and Newman’s Own Foundation. The two belong to the Newman family and value organic food. Foundation for Sustainable Agricultural Development. When inquiring about the details with auction host Phillips, I also unexpectedly learned that, in addition to ‘Paul Newman’, there were actually two purchased by Joanne Woodward at different times and given to her husband, Paul Newman. Rolex watches are currently owned by members of the Newman family. It is intriguing that the inscriptions on the back cases of these two Rolex watches still remind Paul Newman the same thing: ‘DRIVE SLOWLY, JOANNE’ and ‘DRIVE VERY SLOWLY, JOANNE’.