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    Crystal Ceramic Watches Two Ladies Fashion Ceramic Watches Appreciation

    Since the innovation of the new watch made of radar with the rise of radar, ceramic watches are now very common in the market. With the slow development of the watch industry, more and more innovative material-type watches are now being pushed into the fashion trend, and often some fashion elements cannot be separated from the shadow of ceramics. Today I will bring you two fashion-type ceramic women’s watches.

     Christian Dior VIII 38mm CD1245E5C001
     Each Dior VIII watch is like a beautiful round dance that combines fashion art, combining ceramics, feathers and diamonds into the world’s most beautiful and stunning fashion watch. This all-white ceramic Dior VIII, white ceramic and fine diamonds play a clear and shiny time dance, and equipped with automatic mechanical movement, this dance is impeccable. The splicing style of the fashionable denim skirt is matched with the Dior VIII white ceramic watch with a high sense of fashion and art. The sweet woman of the past also shines with charm in the personality of tanning.
     Watch details reference: Chanel J12 series H3111 watch
     Chanel J12 is so famous, even if there are no actresses to join, with the gentle appearance of J12 and Chanel’s good name, it is enough to capture the heart of any woman. At the same time, J12 is very malleable. Whether it is a sweet little woman or a street style, it can accurately handle it. The romantic lotus leaf bezel and the white body make all sweet words look inferior. If you wear this watch, you can match it with creative style. The chic denim dress and structured denim fabric allow women to converge on a sweet breath from time to time and turn back to the lively and playful tomboy of childhood. White J12, white handbags, and white wedge sandals, just like white and pure childhood, the charming and charming of a woman, the simpler but more attractive.
     For details, please refer to chanel / 26508 /