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    Ulysse Nardin And Ochs Und Junior Formally Establish A Partnership

    As the new company of Ochs und Junior is located on Zurcherstrasse in Lucerne, Ulysse Nardin has announced its investment in Ochs und Junior to enhance the business cooperation between the two parties.
     The cooperation between Ulysse Nardin and Ochs und Junior is part of the long-term development strategy of both parties. Firstly, it aims to further strengthen the cooperation between the two sides. Secondly, it also aims to consolidate and maintain the long-term cooperation between Ulysse Nardin and the talented watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin. In 2012, Dr. Ludwig Oechslin will resign as director of the Musée international d’Horlogerie.
     At the 2012 International Basel Show in Switzerland, Ulysse Nardin introduced the Marine Chronometer watch, which is equipped with the UN-118 basic movement independently designed and developed by Athens. At the same time, Ochs und Junior is also expected to use these movements in subsequent projects with Ulysse Nardin.

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    Zun Huang Watches Stationed In Changsha, Citizens Feel Luxury Life From A Distance

    A ‘craftsmanship’ exhibition was held at the Friendship Store in Changsha, attracting many citizens to stop and watch. The exhibition is hosted by the world’s top watch brand ‘JUVENIA (尊 皇)’, this time exhibiting the brand’s limited-edition collector’s series and various exclusive watches. At the same time, it also marks that this luxury watch brand from Switzerland has officially settled in Changsha, and the top brands familiar with the star city residents such as Omega and Radar from Switzerland will also stimulate the Changsha luxury consumer market.

      It is reported that the exhibited in Changsha this time is the antique pocket watch Les Metiers Horloger series introduced by the Emperor from 2004 to 2005, the invaluable Mythique series and the Marquise Countess series. Citizens of Star City will be able to personally experience the passion and culture of Swiss century-old watchmaking and experience high-quality life.