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    Longines Longines Joins Hands With The Elegant Goddess Lin Zhiling To Celebrate The Opening Of Shenyang Shuangdian

    Longines The Longines Shen’an Dun’an New City flagship store and Dagong International Watches Store opened on the same day. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China and Lin Zhiling, Ambassador of Longines Watches, were present at the scene and opened the prelude to the “Longines Elegant Timepieces Exhibition” in both stores. The Longines Compaq series will lead Longines’ 2013 Baselworld timepiece masterpiece to showcase the brand’s classic elegant attitude and heritage watchmaking craftsmanship.

    Longines Shenyang Dun’an New City flagship store and Longines Shenyang Dagong International Watches Store opened on the same day. Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China and Ms. Lin Zhiling, Ambassador of Longines Elegance, visited the scene and opened the prelude to the “Longines Elegant Timepieces Exhibition” in both stores. In the exhibition period of nearly three weeks, the Longines Conquest Classic will lead the Longines New Basel 2013. As a watch enthusiast in Shenyang, the classic elegant attitude and heritage of watchmaking spanning more than 180 years .
    Longines celebrates the opening of its two stores in Shenyang, welcoming elegance in two major business districts
    The Longines Shenyang Dun’an New City flagship store is located in the most prosperous area of ​​the Zhongjie business district. The 115-square-meter supreme space adhering to the simple and elegant design concept and decoration style of Longines, and has a rich and complete list of masterpieces: highlighting modern The elegant and charming Dai Chuo Wiener series and the Somia series embodying pure watchmaking skills are displayed in window showcases, and firstly come to customers’ eyes; the Jialan series with classic elegance and the master craftsman series showing a long watchmaking tradition And the collection series are separated on both sides; the Compaq series awaits appreciation against the picture of the brand’s elegant ambassador facing the porch. As a distinguished service of the flagship store, there is also a Longines repair center in the store. Professionals who are always on call to ensure the maintenance and repair of the models with efficient and exquisite technology, so that consumers can enjoy Longines when they buy a watch. Excellent after-sales service.

    The Longines Shenyang Dagong International Watches Store, which was unveiled on the same day, is located in the center of Dagong Watches, a top watch brand in the world. It is located in the bustling Taiyuan Street business district. space. The shop display is concise and detailed, and the lighting color is soft and comfortable. The elegant blue of Longines in the shop makes the consumption environment seem peaceful. There are a wealth of watches on display in the specialty stores for consumers in Shenyang to purchase, while also providing customers with superior quality service and consumer experience.

    Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said, ‘Longines and Shenyang have deep roots. In 2009, Longines’ first flagship store in China was settled in Shenyang. In the past 4 years, we have witnessed with delight the rapid development of Shenyang and citizens. Our passion for fashion and quality of life, this time Longines will present two new stores in this ancient and modern city. We sincerely offer outstanding masterpieces of timepieces, and hope to make Longines pure and pure. Craftsmanship and classic elegance bring more watch lovers in Shenyang. ‘

    Elegance timepieces exhibition unveiled, Longines Compaq series leads new Basel products
    As the Longines Shenyang double store opens at the same time, the three-week ‘Longines Elegant Timepieces Exhibition’ also kicked off at both stores. Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling is also pleased to stop and enjoy the Longines timepiece masterpieces. Elegant style. Ms. Lin Zhiling, wearing a rose gold diamond women’s watch from the Compaq series, shared her love for the Compaq series: ‘The Compaq series was created by Longines for horse racing. Horse racing is a sport with a long history. The Longines Compaq watch is a watch that can be worn at the most exciting horse racing debut on the racetrack. The brilliance of the watch and the elegant top hat worn on it make me appreciate the fierce competition of horse racing The full emotions of the sport are influenced by the rider’s superb skills and the grace of time. ‘

    Longines will also showcase the brand-new models introduced at the Baselworld 2013 in this exhibition-the Concas diving series interprets the splendor of the underwater world; the Jialan series of 100 diamond watches present timeless elegance and brilliance The endless charm of diamonds; the classic replica 1938 military watch explores the beauty of power and conflict in history. The elegant exhibition is accompanied by the grand opening of the two stores. Longines watches and Shenyang watch enthusiasts will share the brand’s elegance, tradition and quality for more than 180 years.

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    New Upgrade! Unstoppable Punch Card For True Love Fans!

    Following the opening of the first Swatch concept store in mainland China in Shanghai Disney Town
    The second Swatch concept store officially launched in Wangfujing Street, Beijing
    After a new upgrade and remodeling, it is now grandly opened again!

       Located at a striking location at the southern entrance of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street in Beijing, the entire shopping area of ​​Swatch Wangfujing flagship store is divided into two floors with a total area of ​​120 square meters. The novel and unique store design not only continues the brand’s color, dynamic, bright and transparent style, but also It has unique fun and functionality, and will provide consumers with a new shopping experience.

       Stepping into the store, white display blocks of different sizes are distributed on the background wall with a blue background. This makes the Swatch displayed on it more attractive, and also creates a lively and dynamic rhythm for the overall space.

       The store’s side of the street is designed with transparent floor-to-ceiling windows on the upper and lower floors, so that passing pedestrians can feel the creative design and bright colors of Swatch watches through the window. Even window shopping is very pleasing.

    Like an assortment of Swatch watches,
    Here are the interesting stories that Swatch tells every season.

    Staggered black and white dots and stripes,
    It’s the fashion you wear on your wrist.

    Every Swatch has an unforgettable time.
    Here, do you find your Swatch?
    This weekend, come to Swatch Beijing Wangfujing flagship store to check in!

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    Handsome And Extraordinary The New Breitling Aviation Timepiece Under ‘army Green’

    Breitling, a Swiss fine watchmaking brand, has always inherited a long history of flight, continued the design of traditional classic elements, and integrated the trend of innovation in the new era, presenting many beautiful flight timepieces to the public. Today, Breitling commemorates a certain aviation legend: Curtis P-40 war eagle, has launched two chronograph watches and a simple and low-key three-hand watch, with a new green tone design, showing beauty and performance Both aviation timepieces, let’s experience these three watches together.

    Comprehensive appearance and connotation

      The three new Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk watches are well-known American aircraft maker Curtiss Wright and its most famous model, the Curtis P-40 Warhawk fighter. A tribute to the production of the P-40 Warhawk fighter from 1938 to 1944. While creating the fighter, Breitling and its aviation flight department are also creating cockpit timers for the Royal Air Force and other Air Force military aircraft. The work demonstrates the significance of Breitling’s aviation heritage for the brand.

      Both chronograph watches are made of stainless steel. Both watches have a diameter of 43 mm. They are equipped with a two-way rotating bezel and are equipped with red hands, numbers and scales. Made of diamond (DLC) coated steel, the diameter is 41 mm and the dial is equipped with red hands and digital scales.

    Breitling Pilot’s Chronograph Curtis Warhawk Special Edition

    Breitling Pilot 8 B01 Chronograph 43 Curtis Warhawk Special Edition

    Breitling Pilot 8 Automatic Watch
      The unique military green matte dial design has a high degree of recognition. The Breitling Pilot 8 B01 Chronograph 43 Curtis Special Edition dial is in stark contrast to the silver 12-hour and 30-minute cumulative timers and small seconds. Another Breitling Pilot’s Chronograph Curtis Warhaw Special Edition dial is equipped with the same color hour and minute counter and small seconds. The black nickel-plated hour and minute hands and the Arabic numerals on the dial are coated with Super-LumiNova, which is legible even in low light conditions. The third Breitling Pilot 8 automatic watch, the Curtis Special Edition, has a simple ‘big three’ design, and its hour, minute and Arabic numerals are coated with Super-LumiNova, which can guarantee a dim state. It can still be read clearly.
      Both new chronograph watches are equipped with pin buckle or folding buckle green military straps or folding buckle stainless steel bracelets, and the other three-pin watch is equipped with a pin buckle green military strap, which perfectly displays military style.

      The new B01 chronograph is equipped with Breitling’s own 01 movement, which can provide about 70 hours of power reserve. The back case is carefully printed with the Curtis logo and a P-40 Warhawk fighter pattern, with a shark mouth on the pattern. The styling and color design are inherited from the typical painting of the fighters piloted by the American Volunteer Corps and served in the prestigious Flying Tigers of the Chinese Air Force. The other timepiece uses the same design, except that the movement uses The Breitling 13-type movement can provide a power reserve of about 42 hours; the last simple design model is equipped with a Breitling 17-type movement, which can provide a power reserve of about 40 hours.

      Summary: The new color design of this Breitling watch is amazing. The tough appearance of the military green shows the appearance of the battlefield across the ages. With superb and rigorous timepieces, it has witnessed every style of the scene. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention Watch House Basel feature, there are more surprises waiting for you!

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    Tiger Tag Heuer 300m Automatic Watch Ceramic Bezel Watch Tasting

    As early as 1892, Mr. Edouard Heuer, the pioneer of the watch industry, had successfully obtained the first case waterproof patent in the history of watchmaking, and it was a great success. In 2003, TAG Heuer launched the Aquaracer watch for the first time. Since then, the Aquaracer watch has continued to develop, and it has become more and more brilliant. meter.

     This series of watches has excellent performance, and at the same time, it also shows sports charm in the appearance, which is unforgettable-a 300-meter waterproof case, a 6-way ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel with a strong grip, supplemented by 12 faces, Screw-down crown, highly visible luminous markings, and spiral back cover engraved with a diving helmet pattern.

     The new Tag Heuer Submarine watch further enhances its inherent performance and design. The case has expanded from 41 mm to 43 mm. The ceramic bezel is redesigned with engraved silver lacquered numerals, and its unique date window is enlarged (reintroduced last year, and continues to be used this year), adding refined elegance. The new case is equipped with the Calibre 5 self-winding movement, which provides the watch with proven accuracy and reliability.

    Summary: Baselworld 2016 presents us with a beautiful and unique visual feast, during which the reporting group in front of the Watch House will bring us exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event: