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    The Smartest Watch ‘king Of The Table’ Tourbillon

    Tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The entire escapement speed-adjusting mechanism is combined and can rotate, continuously rotating at a certain speed, which makes the gravity to the machinery The influence of the ‘escapement system’ in the table is minimized to improve the travel time accuracy. Due to its unique operation mode, the dynamic artistic beauty of clocks has been brought to the peak and has always been known as the ‘king of watches’.
    Only the tourbillon Chanel that you can understand time
    The biggest secret is that it has no crown at all! The lifting crown of the hidden organ, the mysterious hands flying back and forth, it is not so easy to understand it! Fortunate to bring it, who cares about time!
    Jewellery tourbillon more beautiful than jewellery
    Buy Jewelry Watches for Jewellery Watches! The biggest advantage of this jewellery watch with tourbillon is that it is not Over-Dress at all. Colourful and modern in design, giving the impression of being young but not too grand.
    Royal Originator of the Tourbillon
    It is the first person who invented the tourbillon. If you only plan to buy a tourbillon, you can’t go wrong with the treasure.
    Lazy man’s favorite tourbillon Chopard
    福 Blessed are lazy people like you! With the L.U.C Tourbillon watch with Chopard’s long power reserve, a full 9-day energy reserve means you can be lazy for a full 216 hours.