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    Even Though We Are Different, We Love It So Much. Glashütte Original Tanabata Watch Recommendation

    In the vast world, two people who are different, from strange to familiar, from meeting to falling in love, some eyes make people fascinated, some kisses make life unforgettable, time is better than we remember More clearly. Although we are all different, but we love so much. On the Chinese Valentine’s Day this year, Glashütte Original, in the name of the guardian of time, gathers romance for you and witnesses every minute of love.

    Create a limited exclusive eccentricity for you
       Everyone will pass by countless times on their own timeline, but the one that really allows you to stop there is only one. In order to express the cherishment of love, Glashütte Original launched a limited edition special watch on the Valentine’s Day of Valentine’s Day in 2018-a truly passionate and loving work: the new ‘Easy Heart’ Eccentric Moon Phase Lady’s Wrist table. The bezel is set with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds, and the dial incorporates a ruby ​​design. The 18 red ruby ​​hour markers on the dial bloom bright red, and the eccentric hour and minute hands are surrounded. The eccentric moon phase watch has a refreshing and extremely charming appearance.

       The new ‘Easy Heart’ Eccentric Moon Phase Women’s Watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, adding preciousness to the token of time and love. Glashütte Original also carefully selects the eccentric moon phase men’s watch that matches it, creating a natural ‘pair’ of romance for you. The different color schemes of the two watches match their independent souls, but the similar eccentric design has a sense of harmony and resonance that one cannot ignore.
    Romantic couples just want to be your favorite
       It’s not just the strong red that is impressive that is impressive. The hazy and elegant blue can also be full of romance and unique. Glashütte Original selects these two elegant and quiet blue eccentric moon phase men’s and women’s watch pairs, which show the unobstructed sky through the fine art of watchmaking: a pale blue moon on the pale mother-of-pearl dial When hung high, there are diamonds like stars. The midnight blue male watch accompanies it, which shows its calm atmosphere and vivid interpretation of the deep and wide side of the night sky. The two watches complement each other and are inseparable and inseparable.

    Eccentric dial becomes your love at first sight
       Glashütte’s original eccentric moon phase watch puts romantic feelings and full of love on the dial for you. The overall layout of Glashütte’s original and iconic eccentric dial follows the ancient principle of golden ratio. It is carefully crafted by the brand’s own Wurzheim dial manufacturing factory through more than 40 independent processes, bringing a unique German aesthetic. taste. The small seconds display is vertically aligned with the center of the eccentric hour and minute hands, and is half-overlaid to the left of the dial. The charming curve shows elegance. The embossed moon phase disk on the right side of the dial is polished by diamonds to accommodate all moon phase changes. Glashütte’s original classic large calendar is located at 4 o’clock on the dial. The contour curves of the large calendars for men and women have also been carefully designed. An angular point is clearly masculine, and a soft roundness highlights charming elegance. The watch is paired with a sapphire crystal, with anti-glare treatment on both sides, creating a clear view of the dial.

    Original movement just for your beating heart
       The heart of the watch is its movement, and it is this ‘mechanical heart’ that makes Glashütte’s original watches proud. In this Qixi Festival, it just beats for you. The Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies Watch is equipped with the original Calibre 90-12 self-winding movement originally designed and built by Glashütte, and the matching Eccentric Moon Phase Men’s Watch is also equipped with the Calibre 90-02 self-winding movement. You can fully appreciate the beauty of its details through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, not only the double gooseneck fine-tuning device that represents Glashütte’s original pursuit of time accuracy, but also many traditional watchmaking inherited from Glashütte The typical structure of the watch proves the true bloodlines of this watch, such as three-quarter plywood, blue steel screws and the unique Glashütte column pattern decoration, which makes the watch a delicate work of art. Your Tanabata is more attentive.

        Glashütte original and sincerely presents this eccentric dial design, which reflects the romantic atmosphere of this Qixi Festival, making each other a favorite eccentric love.