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    Citizen Super Sky Eagle Witness The Moment

    If technological innovation brings a more wonderful time experience, then design will inject the soul into the watch. Citizen Super Sky Eagle series watches with different designs and functions can meet the needs of different people, and always accompany wonderful life.
    When you appear in business activities around the world, every minute is the best annotation of your control. The Citizen Super Sky Eagle series watch uses a light kinetic energy multi-station radio wave movement. As long as it can receive the radio wave signal, there will never be errors, and it will achieve your extraordinary performance with its accuracy. At the same time, this series of watches have the function of receiving global radio waves. The wearer only needs to select the city name of the time zone in which the watch is located. The watch can receive the local standard time radio waves, automatically check the time and date, and easily realize time difference conversion. The perfect unification of timing accuracy and convenience of adjusting time. In addition, the light kinetic energy multi-station radio wave movement can convert any visible light into kinetic energy. As long as there is light, there is energy, which not only represents your eternal willpower, but also fulfills your environmental protection commitment to society.
    BY0054-57A: between square inches

    The melodious sound of the violin lingers on the ears, and the mellow aroma of red wine drifts in the air. When you’re at a business reception with elegant elegance everywhere, a carefully crafted watch can show your unique temperament.
    The Citizen Super Sky Eagle BY0054-57A watch uses the aesthetic wisdom of the East to focus on every detail. The rose gold case and the white dial between titanium alloys reflect each other, representing your wisdom and elegance; the rose gold three-eye design under the sapphire glass mirror shows the beauty of balance, just like you have full control of the overall situation; titanium treated with DURATECT The alloy strap can effectively prevent scratches and always keep it as clean as new, just like your image is always bright and moving.
    Citizen Super Sky Eagle series BY0054-57A watch, show your elegant style between square inches!
    BY0074-50E: Low-key and stable

    When you are at the bargaining table at the negotiating table, it is more intelligent to be low-key and calm than to be sharp, and it takes more courage to move forward and back in time than to go forward. Just like the Citizen Super Sky Eagle series BY0074-50E watch, under the simple appearance is a kind of inclusive wisdom, but also a strong and progressive style.
    Transparent anti-reflection coating sapphire glass clearly displays the time, witnessing every step of your success in seconds. The titanium alloy case and strap are not afraid of wear, just like your strong heart, in the years of toughness, always maintain the true color of the light. 26 world cities and UTC time display function, just turn the dial lightly, you can see the time around the world.
    Citizen Super Sky Eagle series BY0074-50E watch, with every moment of challenge, show the wisdom of life!
    BY0086-51E: Passionate and Dreaming

    Fast acceleration, precise take-off, perfect maneuver … When you fully release your inner passion on the snowy road in the Alps, Citizen Super Sky Eagle series BY0086-51E watch will accompany you and bring you sports The perfect time to feel the moment.
    The dial and scale with black, white and red are full of dynamics, and the 44mm case highlights your atmospheric fashion. The abrasion-resistant carbon film case and strap are extremely abrasion-resistant, as fearless as your will. A touch of red at the end of the second hand is like your heart’s passion, and it’s eternally beating. A 60-minute timer function accurate to 0.2 seconds, JIS1 type anti-magnetic function, anti-collision and hand correction functions, allowing you to accurately understand the passage of time even in fierce exercise.
    Citizen Super Air Eagle series BY0086-51E watch, every moment with you!

    Citizen Super Air Eagle pays tribute to the winner
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    Seiko Image Ambassador Novak Djokovic Wears Astron Gps Solar Watch To Win The Australian Open Laurel

    Last Sunday, Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open men’s singles final against Rafael Nadal (6-36-26-3) in Melbourne. Write a new chapter in tennis history.

       This is Djokovic’s seventh Australian Open title and holds the top spot. Druid now has 15 Grand Slam titles, second only to Roger Federer (20) and Rafael Nadal (17), ranking third in history. After the match, Novak Djokovic wore a Seiko AstronGPSSolar satellite positioning solar power watch to win the Australian Open trophy.

       As a Seiko ambassador, Djokovic also participated in a fan event before the game. He competed in ‘virtual reality’ with local Melbourne fans and presented prizes to the winners. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)