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    Simple And Elegant Two Simple Breguet Watches Beijing Quotes

    From the day it was born, the name Baodi has existed for the royal family. The pursuit of dignity, refinement, low-key and simplicity in Baodi’s works is precisely this point, which has attracted the favor of royal families such as France and Britain . Since the creation of Breguet, each timepiece produced has an independent number, which can be used by collectors to determine its authenticity and origin. In addition, Breguet’s pitted frame (double-row beaded shape) and ‘breguet hands’ (Openwork eccentric ‘moon-shaped’ hands), Breguet digital scale, hand-engraved dial and hidden signature, and many other features, while showing the Breguet timepiece’s subtle detail modification process, it makes it stand out from many brands. Today, Watch House brings you two simple and elegant Breguet watches in Beijing. I hope everyone likes them.

    Breguet Classic 9068BB / 12/976 DD00

    In-store public price: 209,600 (collection time February 2015)
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch Series: Classic
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 33.5 mm |
    Watch details: Dame 9068 perfectly demonstrates this concept. This slim watch can display hours, minutes, seconds, and a window date display, which is loved by female customers. The ‘core’ of this watch is still a mechanical movement with a silicon hairspring. In this way, Breguet proves that women can also benefit from the latest innovations in the watchmaking industry. The simple machine-engraved dial with bezel and lugs set with brilliant-cut diamonds naturally reveals the gentle and gentle taste and charm of women. This watch is undoubtedly a Breguet classic, with Breguet blue-steel hands with hollow ‘moon-shaped’ needlepoints, welded lugs, a coin pattern on the outer edge of the case, a separate number and a hidden signature.

    Breguet Queen of Naples 8958BB / 55/974 D00D06

    In-store public price: ¥ 569000 (collection time February 2015)
    Can I try it on: The era is available in the store
    Watch Series: Queen of Naples
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 40 x 31.95 mm
    Watch details:
    Watch Reviews: The Naples Zodiac Year Watch Dial features a long shell embossing process. It is an ancient handicraft that originated in Torre del Greco (Greek Tower), a small town located in the Naples region of Italy. The use of high-relief techniques on sculptural materials to highlight the layered sense of contrasting colors is one of the most amazing crafts in the world. Breguet watchmaking company respects this skill, each shell relief dial is a real shell micro-carved artwork. This extremely delicate engraving technique is made by a technician using a simple steel needle to scribe on different levels of the shell, and the depth of the engraving is less than two millimeters. All of this can only be carved by hand in accordance with traditional methods. If machinery is used, the shell will be damaged, and the cellular tissue of the shell can be clearly seen only under a microscope.

    Please consult your dealer for more details:
    Availability: Yes
    Dealer Name: Beijing Baodi Store
    Dealer address: Sete Shopping Center, 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing
    Dealer Phone: 010-65158018

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