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    The 260th Anniversary Of Vacheron Constantin Will Launch The Most Complicated Timepiece In History

    September 17, 2015 is the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin’s establishment. To this end, we will launch an unprecedented complicated timepiece as a celebration. Vacheron Constantin’s introduction of this complex function timepiece is a technological innovation in the field of high-end watches. It comes from dreams and the expectations of watch collectors, challenging the extreme limits of watchmaking technology.

       Just like the 1930s, American tycoon Henry Graves made the same request to Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin to create a complex timepiece that challenged the limits of watchmaking craftsmanship. About 8 years ago, Vacheron Constantin received a custom request from an unnamed watch collector to create a ‘most complex timepiece of all time.’ This request was valued by current president Juan Carlos Torres. Vacheron Constantin took over Over the challenge. The goal of this special project called Tivoli is quite clear. Vacheron Constantin is determined to create a Tour de L’Île (with 16 complications) and Patek Philippe Calibre 89 (with 33 complications) that will be launched beyond the 250th anniversary. Complex timepiece. After 8 years of secret research and development, this so-called most complicated timepiece in history is finally nearing completion, and the brand is also sure to officially announce it to the world during the celebration of the 260th anniversary of the brand on September 17.
    Complicated pocket watch developed in 8 years
       This pocket watch was entirely developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The three watchmakers in charge of the Tivoli project took 8 years and were supported by a special order team in the attic studio. This complication timepiece will perfectly explain Vacheron Constantin’s 260 years of excellence.
    Can display commonly used Gregorian Gregorian calendar, as well as astronomical related time information such as four seasons, zodiac and minutes / days

       This unprecedentedly complex pocket watch combines 21st-century watchmaking technology with classic watchmaking technology, with accurate time measurement functions, and more in line with the requirements of the Geneva mark. In this pocket watch, some of the complicated functions are original functions developed by Vacheron Constantin from scratch, and other complicated functions are upgraded from technology and aesthetics on the existing basis, and these have also applied for patents. Creating this world’s most complex timepiece requires not only unremitting perseverance, but also the highest level of mastery of horology and watchmaking.
    The time select function can be selected in addition to the GS, PS, and silent (CHI), manual time (SIL) modes, as well as the newly invented night mute (NIGHT) mode.

       The relevant technical details of this timepiece are still at a fairly confidential stage. According to the information that has been exposed now, this pocket watch will be able to display the Gregorian calendar commonly used at the same time, as well as the four seasons, zodiac and minutes / day And other astronomical time information. In addition to the timekeeping function, the selectable modes are in addition to the GS, PS, and CHI, and SIL modes, as well as the newly-invented night mute. (NIGHT) mode. There is also a three-axis tourbillon equipped with a spherical hairspring. In the coming months, Vacheron Constantin will successively announce the relevant technology and information of this most complicated timepiece in history.