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    Hermès Centennial Clock Face Expression-zhen Cui Craft

    The world’s largest luxury empire, in addition to a few large groups with a large number of brands, Hermes is one of the important members. This started in 1837 as a saddle and harness. The brand is affecting all aspects of the lives of noble ladies in France and around the world. The group’s products cover a wide range, including silk scarves, leather and handbags. It is also because the brand has a long history of brand culture and many popular designs that provide a steady stream of creative inspiration for the development of the late watch industry. In addition to the precision movement of high-end watches, the design and the use of special craftsmanship can often play a icing on the cake. The skill of craftsmen combined with special cultural backgrounds gives the watch a unique soul.

    Hermes Riding Lady’s Enamel Plate for Arceau Pocket Watches and Watches

    Enamel Craft
        Enamel craftsmanship has been very common in fine watchmaking. High-end timepieces of enamel painting already existed during the pocket watch period. However, due to the limited level of craftsmanship at that time, only a few brands and masters were able to make them. Today, the enamel craftsmanship is no longer What secret craftsmanship is even more commonplace in fine watchmaking is quite a bit of meaning. Many brands come out almost every year, the only difference is the theme. Since the launch of its own movement, Hermès has also followed many excellent craftsmanship in the watchmaking industry. Enamels such as micro-painted enamel, filigree enamel, infill enamel, Paillonné enamel (metal foil inlaid enamel), etc. The main event is also the largest in many special craft watches.

    Hermes ‘Flower of India’ watch

    ‘India Flower’ Enamel Plate Making

        In 2011, Hermes launched a unique watch with four main enamel crafts. Due to the different characteristics and requirements of the four enamel crafts, it is even more difficult to combine them. This is still the case so far. The ‘Indian Flowers’ theme watch, which has been hailed as a Hermès enamel watch, uses big fire enamel (temperature between 800-850 degrees), combining Paillonné enamel, silk enamel, infill enamel and micro Four techniques of painting enamel show vivid and vivid pictures. The composition of the disc surface comes from a silk scarf called ‘The Flower of India’ by Hermès. In addition, many Hermès watches with enamel technology are selected from Hermès silk scarves.

    Some Hermès other enamel dial watches

    Hermès Cheval d’Orient watch

    Straw splicing

    Hermes straw stitching watch

        Among many different special crafts, the use of straw is very risky. Of course, this is not Hermès’s patent. There was a time when the art form of straw painting was popular, but the result was that straw was very susceptible to the surrounding physical environment. Moisture is prone to mildew, deformation will occur at high and low temperatures, and even discoloration under special circumstances, so straw painting is difficult to preserve, so the treatment of straw is particularly important. Usually, the water in the straw must be treated, then dyed, and then used. Even if this does not guarantee that there will be no problems in the future, it is often necessary to add some fresh-keeping materials to preserve the straw form for a long time.

    Hermes straw dial watch

        Hermès boldly uses this extraordinary material and performs art processing, dyed in deep magenta, orange, purple and other colors, and launched a watch with a straw-stitched dial, limited to 10, the dial pattern is geometric Connected Hermes logo ‘H’ shape. Cartier is also one of the enthusiasts of unique craftsmanship. It has launched a number of straw stitching watches, including koalas and horses.

    Diamond setting

        Although jewellery also accounts for some of Hermès’ luxury business, in the entire jewellery industry, Hermès’ jewelry is obviously not so famous, and diamonds are not Hermes’ strengths. However, it is interesting that Hermès, as an ambition to become a member of Haute Horlogerie, had to be exposed to the diamond setting process in the field of watchmaking. Of course, Hermès has its own jewelry department, and diamond technology has long been in contact, so the relatively simple diamond setting in the field of watches is not difficult for Hermès.

    Diamond watch inspired by Japanese ‘handball’ (including snowflake setting and hard stone setting)

        At present, Hermès’ diamond inlaying technique is mostly used in snowflake inlays and hard stone inlays. In addition, in order to meet the regular pattern, it is also an indispensable link for diamond selection, processing and cutting. Hard stone inlays are derived from the early Italian Pietra Dura process. This process is actually the general term for all precious and delicate stone processing. Hard stone inlays often require diamonds to be slightly larger and regularly shaped to inlay the complete Shape, so the requirements for diamonds are very high, and there is a clear difference from mosaic. Snowflake inlay is a mosaic of many small diamonds, showing a crystal clear and beautiful effect like snowflakes falling. It does not require high diamond shape, but it will control the size and not be too large.

    Quality strap

    Strap for Parmigiani

        If it comes to leather goods, Hermès is undoubtedly the leader in the industry. It is the best leather goods manufacturer in the watchmaking industry and the best watchmaker in the leather goods industry. In order to provide the best strap for Hermès fine watchmaking, Hermès relocated the Brugg workshop from Paris to La Montre Hermes in Biel, Switzerland. At the same time, Hermes also provides straps for the famous watchmaking brand Parmigiani and the smart watch brother Apple Watch.

    Two stitches and one thread ‘Saddle stitch footwork’ handmade belt watch

        Hermes’ leather products are very popular. In addition to the high-quality leather flooring it chooses, it also has the outstanding workmanship that can stand the test of time. Hermes has applied its early techniques in the production of horse gear and cleverly used them In production, it is the legendary ‘saddle footwork’, and the hand-refined Hermès leather strap gives the watch a more noble quality and becomes a new ‘watch symbol.’

    Silk braided strap

        In addition, Hermès silk scarves are another major advantage in addition to leather goods. The innovative Hermès has applied silk to the production of straps, and has launched a silk-woven band with a herringbone pattern. .

    Millefiori craft

    Hermes ‘Thousand Flowers’ Art Watch

        Millefiori is a process of making many patterns on glassware. The Chinese name is ‘Qianhua’, and Millefiori itself is composed of two Italians. Mille means one thousand, and Fiori means flower. The name first appeared as In 1849, ‘Curious about Glass Making’ by Apsley Pellatt. Qianhua glass was once a well-known glass style in Venice. The method of making it is to incorporate patterned glass pieces into the glass. Of course, the process is also more sophisticated, but it is undoubtedly simpler than enamel.

    Hermes ‘Thousand Flowers’ Watch

       Hermès applies this traditional process to the dial. When the glass is melted at high temperature, the flower pieces are incorporated into it. The key is that the flower pieces remain intact during the fusion process. This is an elegant process. The pattern is permanently stored on the glass. Because the conditions are different each time, each dial is actually unique.

    Hermes 12 themed red painted discs explain Japan’s long-established Koma Kurabe festival

        In addition, Hermes also has gold sculptures and special models with the Japanese Koma Kurabe celebration in cooperation with Japanese red painting master Buzan Fukushima. Each fine watch brand has its own Metier d’art. In recent years, classic luxury brands such as Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, LV, etc., which have frequently appeared in the fine watchmaking halls, are also constantly and veteran in this regard. Watchmaking giants are close, and even surpassed in women’s art watches, which greatly enriched the development of watch art. Although Hermès’s independent watchmaking path is young, the vitality it shows is worthy of attention, and the artistic watch is even more impressive.