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    Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Flower Antique Watch Appreciation

    Throughout the ages, artists are deeply impressed by the beauty of flowers. Regardless of whether it is a solitary show or a beautiful flower cluster, the magnificent petals exude a feminine atmosphere everywhere. The watchmaking masters used a pair of beautiful eyes and infinite creativity to fuse floral elements into the design of the watch. With the exquisite craftsmanship, the fragrant flowers were brought to life and reproduced the beautiful moments when the flowers were in full bloom.

    Pocket watch born in 1810, made of gold, line-engraved case, silver machine-engraved dial, line-engraved and intaglio floral pattern

    Pocket watch born in 1815, made of gold, carved with floral motifs and inlaid with garnet. Machine-engraved eccentric dial with Roman numerals.

    A pocket watch born in 1816, made of yellow gold with a flower-patterned case and turquoise and garnet inlaid decals. Machine-engraved dial with Roman numerals.

    A pocket watch born in 1817, made of gold, carved with a floral pattern on the case, and inlaid with garnet. Machine-engraved dial with Roman numerals.

    A pocket watch born in 1825, made of gold. Machine-engraved gold dial with floral relief pattern on the center and dial outer ring.

    Pocket watch born in 1829, silver, flower pattern black gold inlaid case, linear engraving. The machine-engraved dial is adorned with 12 Roman numerals.

    Pocket watch born in 1831, made of 18K yellow gold, filled with enamel case, silver dial with Roman numerals.

    Pocket watch born in 1839, made of gold, machine-engraved case, oblique curve etching and enamel filling. Enameled dial with Roman numerals.

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    Majestic Show Girard Perregaux Three Golden Bridge Legends

    At the 220th anniversary of the brand, Girard Perregaux specially cooperated with Tainan China Watches to hold the ‘Classic Craft Exhibition of the Three Golden Bridges of the Century’, exhibiting many famous Golden Bridge classic series models, such as three Golden Bridge Automatic Tourbillon, ww.tc World Time Zone Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon, and Opera No. 1 of the Taiwan Exhibition, which is a special event for this watch exhibition, is a three-question three-gold bridge tourbillon, showing the legendary style of Girard Perregaux.
        For the women’s love, the watch exhibition also includes Cat’s Eye series models that shine with feminine charm, such as the cat’s eye power reserve T diamond watch, cat’s eye calendar watch, cat’s eye small seconds watch … The exhibition lasted for 12 days for the VIP watch lovers to enjoy a glimpse. Girard Perregaux’s century-old classic watchmaking strength, inheriting the outstanding watch craftsmanship that has evolved across the third century.
        This exhibition leads the audience to see Girard-Perregaux’s unparalleled watchmaking craftsmanship and design aesthetics, to experience the brand’s pursuit of top-level perfect design philosophy and unique and extraordinary core values. The event site will take time as the main axis to showcase and introduce the brand legend since 220 years Watchmaking characters, innovative achievements and classic and immortal arts and crafts. After the test of time, Girard Perregaux has become a leading style, innovative and unique benchmark in the field of fine watchmaking. Through a series of outstanding and exquisite historical exhibitions, it is re-awakened. It shows people’s longing for Girard-Perregaux’s long history and conveys the brand’s exquisite and long-standing watchmaking tradition.
    Altar Mona Lisa: Three Golden Bridge Automatic Tourbillon

        Known as the ‘table altar Mona Lisa’, the three-gold bridge tourbillon design process is a Girard-Perregaux watch classic for two hundred years, concise parts, hand-made gold arrow bridge, and original wonderful and precise Mechanical mechanics, turning the world’s huge gears, providing accurate and accurate moments, showing complete technical engineering without any hidden surface. Under the regular operation of the tourbillon, the Sanjinqiao automatic tourbillon returns to the simple mode, which is different from the icy fancy of contemporary design. , The listener can be full of elegant and bright visual enjoyment, highlighting the precious and extraordinary craftsmanship.

    Timeless Classic: Three Golden Bridge Tourbillons in ww.tc World Time Zone

        ww.tc TOURBILLON Hours of the World truly conveys Girard Perregaux’s ‘World Time Zone’ watch design, based on eternal and unremitting self-improvement technology. What is amazing is that in addition to the tourbillon design of this world time zone watch, through the transparent sapphire crystal glass back, you can admire its elegant and exquisite three-gold bridge design. The ivory white dial is designed with world time zone indication and day and night time indication performance. The small second dial is visible at 6 o’clock, with a maroon alligator leather strap and a rose gold butterfly clasp.

    Laureato three-generation sapphire three-bridge tourbillon combines sport and innovation

        Girard Perregaux launched the Girard Perregaux three-bridge Laureato stainless steel tourbillon in 1998. The shape of the three-crystal bridge was inspired by the three parallel nickel-plated bridges of the tourbillon chronograph pocket watch developed by Girard-Perregaux founder Constant Girard around 1860. ‘Laureato Laureato Three Generation Sapphire Three Bridge Tourbillon’ combines movement and innovation, presenting the traditional and modern shapes of high-end watches. The classic three-piece bridge design is reliable and durable. The sapphire crystal bridge was developed to produce high precision that meets the needs of the movement. Degree models.

    The melodious bell is charming and charming: Opera No. 1 Three Questions Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon

        Tourbillon: Girard-Perregaux, the most shining masterpiece of the century, ‘Opera One, Three Questions, Three Golden Bridges, Tourbillon Watches’ brings together top craftsmanship in an unrivaled noble temperament and melodious scale-type three-question bell It breaks through the performance of the traditional two-table hammer sound. Its design is inspired by the elegant music of the world-renowned Westminster Dapeng Zhongxun. Through the clear double-faced hollow surface, you can directly appreciate the delicate inside of the machine. The carved carvings, the magnificent solid structure of the Three Golden Bridges, and the four small clock hammers swing back and forth. The pleasant and charming ringing sounds like heaven, which is comparable to the high and harmonious music in operas.

    Elegant flashes: Cat’s Eye watches

        Girard Perregaux’s Cat’s Eye series exudes attractive charm and poetic mood, perfectly combining feminine elements and automatic winding movements, realizing Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking process and design aesthetics. The new work ‘Constellation Moon Phase Almanac’ brings together time, moon phases and constellation calendars. Under the support of mother-of-pearl, precious metals and twinkling diamonds, the crystal luster and the soft luster of mother-of-pearl subtly echo, letting each Each watch has a unique beauty, and the craftsmanship of watchmaking is all in it. Another ‘small seconds’ watch, retaining the elliptical appearance of a beautiful arc, the rose gold case with a beautiful shiny mother-of-pearl dial, the oval frame of the 3 o’clock calendar window echoes the shape of the case; the 9 o’clock small second hand With ray texture background, diamond hour markers sparkle, showing the beautiful design of Girard Perregaux and the pursuit of top movement. The ‘Power reserve T diamond ladies watch’ is set with a total of 84 T diamonds in the frame and lugs. The mysterious aura emanating from the combination of diamonds and cat eyes sets off the woman’s independence and self-confidence, and weaves a sparkling dreamy elegant product.

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    Movado 2013 Basel New Product Preview – Shenyang Station

    Movado Movado held the 2013 Movado New Basel Preview Event at the Zhongxing Commercial Building in Shenyang. Mr. Alan Chinich, Global President of Movado Brand, and Ms. Sun Yan, Movado’s Greater China spokesperson, unveiled the preview. A series of unique style watches, adhering to the artistic beauty and innovation heritage, focusing on the future of watches and clocks, unique and outstanding, can be called a model of modernist design.

    At the event, Sun Yan, wearing a Movado Cerena Serena white ceramic watch, became the focus of media attention. This watch combines innovation and modern aesthetics. It inherits the iconic museum dial and continues the simple and elegant style of Movado. It combines the delicate and elegant temperament of Sun Fu with a unique feminine charm.

    As the world’s top watchmaker, Movado has a history of more than 130 years. The latest series of watches exudes unique charm, the perfect fusion of history and modernity, which embodies the true essence of Movado’s ‘constant motion’ brand. Exhibited in this preview event are the new collections that appeared in the 2013 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. The most notable is the new TC series watch with a modern atmosphere launched by Movado, brand new for men and women. The watches are all equipped with an ultra-thin case, giving a comfortable wearing experience. Cerena is an elegant ceramic watch specially designed for women launched by Movado in 2012. This year, Cerena launched an all-black model with sparkling diamonds and a white bezel with double rows of diamonds. Watch models; two new Red Label Calendomatic world time watches perfectly show Movado’s innovative and sophisticated design. The 800 series introduced for the first time in the Chinese market is a sports watch with world-time functions.