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    Bell & Ross New Argentium®

    In 2011, for Bell & Ross, it was a year of new milestones. The brand rebuilt the first watch released during the First World War: let The PW1 (Pocket Watch 1) pocket watch and its watch version Vintage WW1 (Wrist Watch 1) have once again become the focus of the industry.
    Bell & Ross, a watchmaking master who coexists with military history, is full of enthusiasm for aviation flight, and believes that accurate timekeeping is one of the most important navigation tools. The brand uses its special skills to create a unique display of aviation history and watchmaking style blend Timepieces pay tribute to history.

    Left: Vintage WW1 / Right: Bell & Ross PW1

    PW1 and WW1 argentium® (pictured above) are a perfect example of the singular fusion of aviation history with the latest watchmaking technology.
    For the new PW1 and WW1 argentium®, BELL & ROSS reinterprets the style and charm of classic watches from the past with the most innovative watchmaking technology: By using the new oxidation-resistant alloy material argentium®, this pioneering watchmaker tries to The forgotten metal is reviving. Unparalleled color, gorgeous gloss, and unparalleled density: PW1 and WW1 argentium® reveal the nobility of silver.
    The new watch will be available in mid-October 2012.
    For more information on these two watches, please click here