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    The Gift Of Zenith Graduates 传承 咏 咏

    Zenith releases El Primero Espada series
    ‘Graduation Graduate Memorial Watch’

     Since its founding in 1865, when Zenith Zenith, a top Swiss watchmaker who insists on 100% self-made movements, has pioneered a path of exploration since its establishment. For nearly a century and a half, Zenith has always adhered to Orthodox watchmaking combined with the audacious pioneering spirit, continues to create outstanding timepieces. On the occasion of graduation, Zenith released the new Espada series ‘Graduation Graduate Memorial Watch’, which represents the spirit of pioneers, to dedicate all future social pillars, entrepreneurs and pioneers.

     Zenith El Primero Espada ‘Graduation Graduate Memorial Watch’, priced at NT $ 234,000.

     ZENITH Espada series ‘Graduation Graduate Memorial Watch’ perfectly bears the historical elements of ZENITH Zenith. It is equipped with the legendary El Primero movement with high frequency of 36,000 revolutions per hour and set the hour, minute, second and date display performance. The design of the watch is restrained and low-key, combined with gold hour, minute, hour markers and crown embellishment, which is quite restrained and elegant. The sophisticated mechanics and beautiful watchmaking of the Espada Series ‘Graduation Graduate Memorial Watch’ embody all the watchmaking essence of the watchmaker’s star model El Primero series from the inside to the outside. In addition to wearing comfort, the unique shape of the case, the shape of the strap, and the fit between the case and the strap make it an excellent ergonomic feature, making it an excellent watch for everyday wear.

     The back of the case is inlaid with a 5.0-gram 18K gold, detachable round gold coin, symbolizing that it has officially entered society and accumulated the first bucket of gold in life. The engraved Zenith Timepiece Shield emblem engraved on the gold coins symbolizes the heritage and pioneering spirit, and the beautiful words engraved with ‘Entrepreneur Spirit’ on the outer ring of the watch mean that the brand has been respected since its inception Pioneering spirit and encourage fresh people in society to work hard for their dreams!

     Zenith El Primero Espada ‘Graduation Graduate Memorial Watch’ (rear)

     Graduation Graduation Ceremony is an important milestone for every student. Zenith Espada series ‘Graduation Graduate Memorial Watch’ will give you the courage to open up and meet challenges and protect you from creating your own life legend!

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    Corum Kunlun Founder René Bannwart Dies At Age 95

    René Bannwart, a veteran of the watch industry and the founder of Swiss watch company Corum, is now dead at the age of 95.
    Corum CEO Antonio Calce said in a press release that the death of Bannwart marked the end of a historical chapter in Corum.

    Corum’s founder René Bannwart, who spoke at the company’s new site inauguration in 1995, is now dead.

     ‘I have deep respect for Mr. René Bannwart, who has written a glorious chapter in the history of watchmaking, he has created a powerful brand that is endowed with cutting-edge technology and rich content,’ Calce said, ‘through his work, With superb technology and inexhaustible spiritual inspiration, René Bannwart pushed Corum to the pinnacle of watchmaking in the 1980s. By gradually instilling powerful and creative elements, the brand is deeply entrenched and gradually gains worldwide reputation.
    Original source: Corum-www.corum.ch

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    Omega Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition

    Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition

    Every detail of the Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition is perfect, perfectly demonstrating that this timepiece is made by an extraordinary watchmaker.
    Let’s start with the 41 mm outer case. The case is hand-crafted from 950 platinum, and the 360-degree transparent sapphire case body is tightly embedded in it. Through the transparent sapphire case body on the side of the watch, the unique Omega coaxial 8403 movement driving this extraordinary watch is clearly visible.

    Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition

    The eye-catching sapphire dial has a matte polished hour ring with blackened grooves and is engraved with ‘Limited Edition’ (limited edition). The polished hour scale is made of 18K white gold.
    The movement at the heart of this master watch is equipped with Omega’s revolutionary three-layer coaxial escapement device, with time zone function & mdash; & mdash; the hour hand can be adjusted independently without stopping the time, which is very suitable for travel People need. The screws of the Omega Coaxial 8403 movement have been polished. The 18K gold plate is automatically embossed with a sapphire bottom plate. The bottom plate is engraved with the Omega logo, the English name of the movement and the limited number (00/88). Omega has discarded unnecessary materials on the base plate and bridge, in order to present a unique hollow visual effect, showing the ultimate beauty of the watch.

    Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition

    米 Omega Hour Vision coaxial cutout platinum limited edition with matte black leather strap with polished 950 platinum buckle. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.
    Omega Hour Vision coaxial hollow platinum limited edition limited to 88 pieces.