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    Beauty’s Explicit Two Top Luxury Watches In Hong Kong

    There are two types of watch beauty, one inside and one outside. The external beauty is the part we can see, the color matching of the watch, the styling and design of the watch, the combination of functions, hands and time scales. The inner beauty is mainly the polishing of the movement and the carving of the movement. Under normal circumstances, we can only appreciate the external beauty of the watch. In some watches, we can observe the polishing of the movement through the bottom. Today’s Watch House will introduce to you two models with hollow design, which show the inner beauty and outer beauty of the watch to the extreme. I hope everyone likes it.

    Blancpain Villeret 6663-1500-55B

    Official Store Price: HKD546,000
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch series: Villeret
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 38 mm
    Watch details: The watchmaker cuts and cuts the movement parts just to show the core of the movement and give it a new aesthetic perspective. In the process of hollowing out or ‘hollowing’ these new parts, the watchmaker highlights his self-creation and technological innovation. Blancpain presents a unique, highly technical and aesthetically inspired watch to pay tribute to the many adventurers who have challenged higher technology in the history of fine watches. Manually wound The Manufacture Calibre 1333SQ movement is one of the movements of recognized quality for its durability, reliability and precision. The watch is equipped with a titanium balance wheel, a Breguet spring, and three sets of barrels connected in series to achieve an eight-day power reserve. Through the two sapphire crystal covers on the front and rear of the 38mm white gold case, the overall skeleton details of the movement can be seen at a glance. This design not only covers the movement, but also highlights the light and smart design of the watch. In order to achieve the requirements of coordination and transparency, watchmakers use three techniques as important methods: hollowing out, chamfering or bevelling, and engraving skills. When hollowing out the movement, the craftsman wanted to find the perfect balance between maintaining the durability of the movement and the smoothness of operation. To achieve this, a variety of traditional tools are used. After several hours of continuous grinding and dehorning by hand, the movement is ground into an extremely slim profile. The rigorous nature of the hollowing out process is revealed in the choice of appearance, and the arch shape just shows the complicated process of creating an internal angle. The sculptor adheres to the traditional craftsmanship of fine watchmaking and adds harmony to the models: the bridge and the splint are decorated with a swirling pattern, which delicately reflects and emphasizes the circular arcs of the barrel, the case and the bridge. All surfaces are engraved by hand, extending to the finest part of the part. Blancpain showcases the brand’s professional strength through this stunning Villeret collection. The outstanding new model strikes a perfect balance between hollowwork, decorative arts and reliable functionality.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Q6053406

    Official Store Price: HKD2,810,000
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch Series: Double Wings
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 42 mm
    Watch details: 4432
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    [Note]: All the models mentioned in the article are currently in stock. Friends in need can contact us in advance by phone. (Picture / Text Watch House Chen Zhongyun

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    From The Classic New Interpretation Tasting Vacheron Constantin Wulu Series Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch

    Vacheron Constantin was born in 1755 and has a history of 263 years, occupying a unique position in the hearts of watch fans. This year at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, Vacheron Constantin’s FIFTYSIX Wulu series debuted for the first time, following the brand’s historically exquisite watchmaking skills, integrating tradition and modernity. Speaking of the new Vacheron Constantin series, the name of the new series goes back to the classic model introduced in 1956: model 6073. Whether it is the design or the internal concept, the new series launched this time is the same as the model 6073 watch. There are three models in the whole series: simple, full calendar and dual calendar power reserve. Let’s take a look at the all-calendar watches in the Wu Luzhi series. (Watch model: 4000E / 000A-B439)

    From the classic new interpretation

       1956 was a time of tradition and modernity, and at the same time Vacheron Constantin was extremely glorious. FIFTYSIX Wu Luzhi series is taken from this year, symbolizing the spirit of changing from traditional to modern. In terms of watch design, the 1950s coincided with the golden age of round timepieces. The new series of cases launched this year adopted a round design to pay tribute to the 1950s aestheticism. And the new timepiece cleverly uses the 4 branches of the classic Maltese cross on the 4 lugs, which not only retains the brand’s exclusive aesthetic design, but also displays a bold and innovative spirit. In terms of the movement, in order to pay tribute to the automatic winding movement of the model 6073 watch, the new series adopts the design of the new automatic winding movement and the junior dial. And on the movement 22K gold skeleton rotor is decorated with Maltese cross-shaped pattern and frosted swirl pattern decoration, which has also become a signature feature of the Wu Luzhi series.

    Watch real shot

       This all-calendar case features a round case that was popular in the 1950s, accentuating smooth lines.

       The slender bezel with a 45 ° chamfer is polished and refinished. The side of the case is polished with a wire drawing process. Two different textures enhance the visual effect.

       The mirror is a retro structure that is higher than the case. The traditional concept is integrated into modern design, which can properly retain the retro charm of the watch.

       The Maltese cross has always been a classic symbol of Vacheron Constantin. This new series of watches uses the four branches of this shape on the lugs, which is quite interesting.

       The embedded crown also follows the classic features of the 1965 watch, engraved with the brand’s Maltese logo, highlighting the brand’s unique aesthetic charm.

       Another feature of the all-calendar moon phase watch comes from the subdivision dial. The central area is opalescent white and the outer ring is decorated with sunburst. The scale ring is equipped with white gold Arabic numerals and rod-shaped hour markers, and a gold pointer is set in the center. The hands and hour markers are coated with a luminous coating for convenient night viewing.

       At 12 o’clock, two rectangular windows can display the day of the week and the month. The date display is located on the outer edge of the dial and is indicated by a blue arrowed pointer.

       The moon phase display at 6 o’clock is composed of a blue night sky and an 18K gold moon, which contrasts with the gold hour markers. Compared with the normal moon phase adjusted once every three years, this moon phase watch has a more precise moon phase due to its precise design structure and high accuracy.

    Alligator strap with stainless steel folding clasp

        The full-calendar moon phase watch is equipped with a 2460QCL / 1 self-winding movement, which drives the day, calendar, month and moon phase display, and can provide a power reserve of about 40 hours. Turning over this watch, through the sapphire crystal glass, the movement decorated with Geneva ripples, round grains and snails is visible. We can also appreciate the satin brushed and polished 22K gold skeleton rotor, decorated with a Maltese cross pattern, which is very delicate and beautiful.

    Summary: The new Vulcan-shaped series released by Vacheron Constantin has injected fresh blood into the brand and opened a brand new world. Whether it is following the classic design of the past, or adding a modern element, the perfect combination of the two will interpret a new fashion style. If you like this all-calendar moon phase watch, you can pay more attention to it. Reference price: 175000 RMB

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    Reborn Diving Power Bulgari Launches Diagono Scuba Watch

    Bulgari has always been synonymous with fashion. Since the beginning of watchmaking, the brand has always presented a unique masterpiece. While inheriting the traditional classics, it has continuously integrated modern styles and characteristics to create its own. The unique style of Bulgari. The 2015 Baselworld Bulgari became a beautiful scene at the watch exhibition. Both the booth and the new products are impressive. Let us enter the world of Bulgari watchmaking together.

      Watch real shot show:

    The cool black dial and tough case make the watch’s appearance impeccable.
     This watch dive watch shows the classic return.

      Diagono comes from the ancient Greek ‘agon’, which means ‘competition, competition.’ The Bvlgari Diagono series was first introduced 25 years ago. At first glance, the Diagono series watches and the BulgariBulgari series watches have some similarities in appearance, but if you look closely, the design of the lugs and crowns is very different.

      Watch details real shot display:

    The 12 o’clock position is a large Arabic number, and the other scales are displayed as dots.

    The black and white hands make it easier to distinguish the time and make the reading clear at a glance.

    The calendar display window is at three o’clock.

    The larger crown is easier to turn and allows for underwater operation.

    Viewed from the side, the case is polished very carefully, with sharp edges and corners.

    The black rubber strap is tough and comfortable to wear.

    The leak-tight case bottom is completely sealed to ensure excellent water resistance.

    Summary: The above content was reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the 2015 Basel timepieces carefully prepared by everyone. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

      2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

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    Gucci Lover Recommends G-timeless

    Gucci recommends the lover’s watch ‘G-Timeless’ to the couples in love nowadays. The modern and full of metropolitan characteristics of the G-Timeless series, showing an extremely contemporary design and timeless classic shapes. Gucci watches this year’s advertising theme ‘Timeless’ emphasizes the eternal value of each other, but also symbolizes the eternal love between the two.
    Extra-large styles equipped with a chronograph movement and showing a rough sporty atmosphere are recommended for men, which also conforms to the men’s lifestyle of love for yachting and water sports; and the elegant Lady size case (27mm) is recommended for fashion Lady, 42 brilliant diamonds inlaid on the bezel, paired with noble black and white mother-of-pearl surface, designed with modernity and elegance in mind; Gucci blesses lovers all over the world.

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    Tiger Tag Heuer Became The Sponsor And Official Watch Of The 2015 World King Championship

    On November 21, 2015, the World Championship for Cars (ROC) will kick off in London. Including the Formula One Championship, World Rally Championship, Indy 500 Car Race, Le Mans Endurance Race and World Motorcycle Championship, the world’s top professional car race champions compete in the same field and peak confrontation.

       The eternal controversy will end at the host of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Queen Elizabeth Park Stadium. At that time, the most influential old and new champions in the world will drive the same RV, show their superb driving skills under the testimony of a huge crowd, and crown the champion driver Wang Zhongwang.
       So far, including Sebastian Vettel, Jorge Lorenzo and Tom Christensen have confirmed their participation, former Formula One driver David Coulthard will fight to defend the title. Legendary drivers Carlos Sainz, Colin McRae and Bastian Loeb have all dominated the event.
       In 1988, the World Chess Championship was founded in Paris. Since then, this annual event has been held in world-renowned venues such as the Paris Stadium, the Beijing Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium and the London Wembley Stadium. Now it is the 27th.
       Tag Heuer is proud to be the sponsor and official watch of the 2014 World Championship, and continues to set a new record for timing. In the 2006 World Championship, held in Paris, Tag Heuer distinguished the champion Matthias Exxom and runner-up Heikki Kovalainen with a difference of 2 / 10,000 seconds. This timing accuracy The record has not been broken so far.

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    Vacheron Constantin 2014 Métiers D’ Art Zodiac Legend Series Of The Year Of The Horse Watch

    Vacheron Constantin’s Master of Arts series continues to introduce new legends. Based on the Zodiac series proposed in 12 years, the Year of the Horse Zodiac watch in 2014 will meet you. A lively and independent spirit, Ma leaps on the dial, taking you into the new year.

       Since its establishment in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has always been good at the field of decorative arts, and is committed to training professionals to pass on ancient decorative techniques to the next generation and continue to explore and improve. The maintenance and improvement of this technique are based on the aesthetics of watchmaking, highlighting its basic value, continuously pursuing and exploring, and displaying different art techniques to the world through watches.

       In the middle of the dial of the watch is a vivid three-dimensional model of a horse. The shape is derived from classical Chinese images and is carved by hand by craftsmen. There is a window on the dial showing the hour, minute, day and date. The display of each window is jump-type. The watches are available in platinum and gold, limited to 12 pieces each, and are only available at Vacheron Constantin boutiques. For more brand information, stay tuned for Watch House.