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    Girard-perregaux Young Watchmaker Continues World Tour Watch Showcase At Alege Glacier, Switzerland

    On January 31, 2013, Girard-Perregaux, the Swiss high-end watch brand, pioneered the watchmaking industry. Last year, it published the special album ‘The New Face of Tradition’, introducing many young watchmakers in the watch factory. The craftsmanship of watchmakers and their tastes in life have won unanimous praise; this year, young watchmakers will continue their world tour and show their excellent craftsmanship from a new perspective.

     François-Henri Pinault, Chief Executive Officer of PPR Group, said at the Young Watchmaker’s Tour Workshop in Paris last September: ‘GP Girard-Perregaux has adhered to tradition and respected the spirit of advancing with the times since its establishment in 1791; Parker has written many glorious chapters in the history of Swiss watchmaking industry. Each masterpiece of timepieces embodies the passion and hard work of watchmakers. R & D capabilities and creativity ‘
     Girard Perregaux has also produced a website log of www.TheNewFaceofTradition.com, which is closely related to the daily life and interests of many young watchmakers such as Jerome, Anne, Julien, Grégory, François, Lise and Paul-Henry: which one Passionate about handball? Who loves playing video games? Who loves playing cards? Where will the next workshop be? All these will be announced on the website.

     Last year, Girard-Perregaux held its first workshop in New York, and then moved to Beijing, Paris, and Miami for renewal. Each stop received warm response from watch lovers and the public.
     The young watchmakers will continue to show their watchmaking skills throughout the world: In 2013, they will use the most magnificent Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps as their first stop on the watchmaking stage, and perform in the wonders of nature. You can imagine what a wonderful experience to inlay the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon in the snow-covered glacier!
     As the world goes from north to west, the journey of young watchmakers continues to set a precedent …

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    Longines Hourglass Flying Wings Elegant Timing

    The years are silent, and time is affectionate. The subtle timing made by manpower is the intellectual challenge and harmony between human and nature. In 1832, Longines engraved with the flying wing hourglass logo gracefully emerged from the Swiss valley town of Soymia. The 180-year-old tradition of exquisite craftsmanship remains unchanged. The unremitting pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has made the brand fine Pure watchmaking expertise.

    Timeless Elegance Quartet
    Elegance, watchmaking tradition, movement and classic re-enactment are the clear footprint of Longines for 180 years. Brands also divide their product series into four categories. With the essence and expertise of 180 years of watchmaking, Longines has created the 180th anniversary model of beauty. These unique limited edition models are a perfect portrait of Longines’ long-lasting elegance and a modern masterpiece of the brand’s watchmaking technology.
    Longines Watch Jialan Series 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Price: RMB52,000

    Longines regards it as the most basic value. Longines bases its product’s timeless elegance on an aesthetic tradition that has been passed down and innovated continuously. The perfect balance between sophisticated and classic design is reflected in every Longines watch. The advertising of Longines Elegance is an attitude endorsed by Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart has become the brand’s elegant statement.
    初 At the beginning of the 20th century, Longines applied the exquisite style of the Art Deco Art Deco movement to the design of barrel-shaped, oval or rectangular movements and models, which became the representative of the aesthetics of that era. Today, the Xinyue series, Daichao Wiener series, and Jialan series all belong to the elegant category in the brand product line.

    Longines watch column wheel single button chronograph stopwatch 180th anniversary limited edition Sale price: RMB81,100
    计时 Timing for sports events is the best expression of the expertise and precision performance of timing tools. Longines’ participation in sports events dates back to 1878, when it introduced the first chronograph movement 20H. Over the years, with its expertise in watchmaking technology, the brand has continuously designed and invented various timing devices and systems to effectively determine and display the winning time of various events. The creation of Longines has witnessed and recorded many world firsts. Led by noble equestrianism, it has long supported sports such as tennis, gymnastics, alpine skiing and archery. These movements need to possess the extraordinary abilities of concentration, precision and experience, while also conveying a noble and unique style and elegance, these qualities exactly match the essence of Longines watchmaking tradition and watchmaking philosophy. The Comcast and Concas dive watches embody Longines’ pursuit of excellence and elegance.

    Longines Lépine Movement 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Gold Pocket Watch Sale Price: RMB133,000
    表 Watchmaking tradition 表
    Whether it is aesthetic or technical, the innovations implemented by Longines have promoted the brand’s flying wing hourglass logo into a symbol of professionalism and elegance. Longines, now regarded as a watchmaking expert, has always focused on the design and production of movements. It has continuously pioneered technology in this field, and has accumulated a proud tradition of watchmaking, such as the first production in 1945. A self-winding movement 22A was a major breakthrough in the prevailing technical principles. In recent years, Longines has introduced some new timing devices, such as the mechanical chronograph stopwatch driven by the column wheel movement in 2009, which is a timekeeping device with the tradition of watchmaking and reliable performance.
    Classic Remake
    我们 ‘Our history is our source of inspiration and endless wealth.’ Mr. Hokenau, President of Longines Global, always said this with passion. Longines has always been committed to combining the original beauty of the most unique products in the history of the brand with contemporary cutting-edge watchmaking technology to create classic replica watches, paying tribute to the brand’s innate pioneering spirit and masterpieces.
    In this category of Longines classic replicas, there are many unique and outstanding styles, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the continuous time angle watch, 1931 American pilot Charles Lian designed a replica watch. The replica watches show the brand’s heritage and continuity, as well as the infinite respect for history, with exquisite mastery and elegant classics.

    Longines watch flying across the Atlantic Price: RMB41,200
    180 years, passing time gracefully
    Born in Longines, a small town in the Swiss valley of Soymia in 1832, the long-established and exquisite craftsmanship has been glorious for 180 years. Longines bases its product’s timeless elegance on an aesthetic tradition that has been passed down and innovated continuously. The perfect balance between sophisticated and classic design is reflected in every Longines watch. It is like a huge time laboratory, always paying close attention to his own creativity and mind.
    In 1832, Auguste Agassiz joined a watch trading company in Soumea, Switzerland, and has since entered the world of watch manufacturing. At this time he made clocks under the ‘établissage’ watchmaker system. In the 1850s, Agassi’s nephew Ernest Francillon took over the business. He began to think about how to improve the production process commonly used in Soymia, complete the production, assembly and completion of parts in the factory, and achieve a certain degree of mechanization. In 1866, he purchased two adjacent land ‘Les Longines’ in the Soymian Valley, and named the watch factory built here. In 1911, there were 1,100 workers at the Longines factory. Longines developed watch technology and strived for excellence, which brought many awards to Longines. By the 1929 Barcelona exhibition, Longines had won more than ten Grand Prix awards at international and world exhibitions.
    With expertise in watchmaking, Longines has a wealth of experience and glory tradition as the official timekeeper of the World Championships and a partner of the International Sports Federation, such as long-term support for elegant equestrian sports. Today Longines has grown into a global brand that has always maintained its tradition, marketing its products in more than 130 countries or regions around the world.
    Taking advantage of the great opportunity of the 180th anniversary celebration, Longines presents its long watchmaking tradition and superb watchmaking technology with many new models. Each Longines watch with 180 years of elegant spirit will continue to write another story with the wearer.