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    Jacques Master Tourbillon Calendar Watch

    If rose gold feels elegant and comfortable, then in this Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Tourbillon calendar watch, it reveals a more agile. It is also a soft-toned protein dial, the difference is that there is a tourbillon with agile operation and a date indication on the fixed date. The highest state of appreciation is from the sense; the best manifestation of satisfaction is born from the heart. Combining the two emotions, we may be able to appreciate the meaning of ‘to force’.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre 9 7 8 self-winding tourbillon movement, 3 3 rubies, power reserve 48 hours, polished 18 K rose gold case, protein dial, tourbillon mechanism visible at 6 o’clock, hollow window, with band above the window Three-armed seconds hand with brown alligator strap.
    Reference price: 502,000 yuan

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    New Patek Philippe Watch, The Only Way To Solve Qian Worry

    At the beginning of the year, there were rabbit fans to consult the popular models of Patek Philippe (hereinafter referred to as PP). Seeing that there were no exact numbers in the three or five years in line, I said that it would be better to wait for new Basel products and fancy the lines. Maybe the speed is fast, and it is not far away. I did not expect that the exhibition will be over half a month in the past. This year’s popular new models have been lined up. Now if we start, we must be prepared to not get the watch this year (or even the next year). Very sad? Actually not necessarily, the key is to find out why we are buying watches. Rabbit first shows you what the popular models of this year are. Men’s watch three King Kong, which one do you like first? The hottest three are 5212A-001 Calatrava weekly watch, 5726 / 1A-014 Nautilus annual calendar watch, and 5168G-010 Aquanaut green grenade. 5212 was born, steel watch, 40 mm diameter, plus a new feature, the heat rose instantly, it is said that just launched Basel, some people went to Yuandi want to book. Weekly calendar function, in addition to displaying the day and date, can also indicate the number of weeks (53 weeks a year). There are many calendar functions in PP history, such as simple window-type date display and hundreds of years perpetual calendar display. Introduced in 2013, the Ref. 5200 Gondolo eight-day power reserve week and date display watch, the more unique feature is that the week and the date synchronize and jump. This year’s 5212 is inspired by the historical work 2512 of 1955. At present, this watch is hidden in the Patek Philippe Museum. Just looking at the model number, it shows the relationship between the two. From the dial layout point of view, it uses five center hands, of which the hour and minute hands are black platinum sword-shaped hands, the second hand is relatively slim. There are also two needles. One is a hammer-shaped day hand, which indicates the day of the week by a ‘red hammer head’ and a circular scale ring in the middle of the dial, and the other hand is the same design to indicate the week number and month. This watch also has a special feature. The typeface on the dial is designed based on the handwriting of a designer of Patek Philippe (unlike the simple printed font), which is very recognizable. Speaking of the weekly calendar function, PP has developed a new semi-integrated device that displays the day of the week and the current week number. It has a thickness of 1.52 mm and consists of 92 additional components. In addition, a special motherboard is equipped to ensure the thinness of the movement (the center wheel of the movement has a 7-tooth star wheel to control the day of the week display, and the sun gear of the other 7-tooth star wheel has an extended tooth tip that can be passed through the fork The rod drives 53 periodontal wheels to rotate). In order to avoid peak energy consumption, this weekly calendar watch advances by discontinuous semi-instantaneous jump. The two push pins at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock adjust the week and week respectively. The crown can be adjusted by half the date. The advantage is that this watch can be adjusted at any time without worrying about damage to the movement. In addition, according to international conventions, Monday is the first day of the week (non-Sunday), and the week in which January 4 is located is the first week, which is convenient for everyone to adjust and use. This watch has a public price of 244,900 yuan in China, and it is a new feature. Plus the steel model, whether you like it or not, it has the quality of a popular watch. The second one is the 5726 Nautilus, the blue-faced annual calendar, and the all-steel model, which is undoubtedly a popular model attribute. In fact, the rabbit knew the 5726 new information very early, and I personally always prefer the nautilus with a metal chain belt (after all, it was designed in one year). It has a more integrated feeling than the belt model, and the strap has excellent hand comfort. When I heard that it was blue-faced (the dial color of the original Nautilus watch in 1976), and it was processed in blue and black, the rabbit thought, ‘That’s it.’ This is the rhythm of queuing. Not to mention the discontinuation of two steel belt models (white and gray), which is equivalent to focusing the firepower on the new blue surface. As a complex function of Nautilus nautilus, the annual calendar model appeared in 2010. The earliest model was a belt model, which is still in production. So at present, 5726 has only two options-belt or steel belt. The new blue-faced public price is 336,200 yuan, with a diameter of 40.5 millimeters. At present, the lineup of the store has reached a certain scale. If you like it, you can decide early. Maybe it is your own surprise. You do n’t have to force it to be true, you ca n’t force it anyway (it’s not recommended to increase the price, rabbits always have this attitude). The third favorite of the men’s model is the Aquanaut series of green grenades. The khaki green embossed dial is matched with a three-dimensional platinum block with fluorescent coating. The size is 42.2 mm. Does it look familiar, because the existing blue grenade is also the same size. The Aquanaut series for men was born in 1997. It was originally made of stainless steel or rose gold. In 2017, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this series, PP pushed the first platinum “Jumbo” Aquanaut, which is a blue grenade, and its size is also the largest in this series. So Khaki Green is actually adding a new member. I believe everyone is also familiar with Thunder. The octagonal bezel is treated with vertical satin on the front and polished on the side. In addition, the new model comes with a patented Aquanaut folding clasp. This year’s green grenade is very popular, and it is also interesting to say that similar colors may not be sold well a few years ago, but the important point of consumption is precisely the timing. The same product is placed in different years, and its ending may be completely different. In short, the trend of high-end watches from practical to accessories is very obvious. Nautilus women’s watch will also be difficult to find? This year’s PP female models are completely taken up by Nautilus 7118, more importantly, the Nautilus with diamonds. In fact, when the rabbit officially started the 7018 blue-faced nautilus in August last year, it roughly guessed the new product. After I bought it, there were about 10 rabbit rabbits lining up in Beijing, Shanghai, and even overseas shops to find the goods, but the end result was being told that ‘discontinued’, and my 7018 was the last piece in China. Since then, rabbits have been attacked by rabbit powder every day, and Tucao finally managed to sink to the bottom of the valley. But I vaguely feel that there must be new actions behind the shutdown. Sure enough, 7118 diamonds appeared this year, filling the vacancy of the 7018 steel nautilus with diamonds after discontinuation, although there are still differences between the two. First of all, the sizes are different, 7018 is 33.6 mm, and 7118 is 35.2 mm. If you have to ask me which is better, of course I say that my 7018 is fine (also the blue face, 7118 is slightly deeper, and 7018 is fritillary). However, you have no choice but to accept (hehe). In addition, the new Nautilus series folding buckle has an adjustment device (the length can be increased by 2 to 4 mm), so you are no longer afraid of thermal expansion and contraction. From the current situation of rabbits, gray and white noodles are relatively easy to order, while blue noodles are more difficult. Several rabbit powders have wanted blue noodles. This is also very interesting. When I bought 7018 last year, there were only 2 pieces in China a year, but it is said that when the first watch arrived in March, it was still offered to recommend to customers. It can be said that even a year ago, few people asked about female nautilus with diamonds. In fact, the 7018 model was released in 2013, 2 years earlier than 7118, but the nautilus with diamond 5 years ago was obviously out of time. At present, my 7018 blue-face secondary market has exceeded 300,000 (China’s public price is more than 250,000). Of course, rabbits have to take the opportunity to seize their own carrying capacity, but carrying goods is also related to our consumption stage. In addition, for the blue surface, rabbits are advised to look at this year’s gold model 7118. The difference is that the old model is with a diamond and the new one has no drill ring. This year’s rose gold color is warm and not dazzling, and the real thing is particularly good-looking. Relatively speaking, the popularity of the gold model is currently no better than that of the steel model. It is difficult to shoot the effect. It is recommended that you go to the store to see the real thing. The only thing that is fun is that the price of 7118 gold with diamond is the same as the old model without diamond, which is 348600 yuan. How to choose depends on your preferences. However, the gold model with diamond 7118 has exceeded the public price (the second-hand market price in December last year was still about 300,000), so you know. Ca n’t afford and ca n’t afford the series. It’s 5520P-001, a platinum version of the travel time alarm (again, I ca n’t afford it, everyone is free). Feel strange looking? Look at 5524 are all over the public price, there is nothing incomprehensible, not to mention that people not only rely on face value. This is a super-complicated watch, with a Pilot-themed case. In addition to the second time zone, it has a 24-hour alarm function-the traditional single reed is hit by a small hammer to realize the alarm. The new movement has a total of 574 components. The entire alarm device took five years to develop and has four patents. It is not difficult to operate, for example, the dial has 2 center hours hands: the hollow indicates the home time, and the solid time is the local time. The two buttons on the left can adjust the time clockwise (8 o’clock position button) or counterclockwise (10 o’clock position) in units of one hour. The crown at 4 o’clock can adjust the alarm time in units of 15 minutes-the dual window will display the alarm time. The Chinese public price is 1.66 million, and the big Vs are also very happy. It can be seen that no matter what price, some people are jubilant. The last enamel world is 5231J-001, let’s take a look, because it is not open for ordinary guests to book. It is worth mentioning that this year is the first time that the East Eighth District has been changed from ‘Hongkong’ to ‘Beijing’, which is more collectible. Judging from this year, there is a trend that is particularly obvious. Everyone’s judgments on hot topics are concentrated and fast, and the chance of picking up leaks is ‘faint.’ Rabbit remembers that some explosive models could be bought at the public price two years ago, because no one expected the market trend later, and this year, some dealers have been reluctant to collect deposits in advance because they cannot predict the final price and are afraid of losing money. what. Second, the judgment of consumption upgrade has been verified to be correct (from steel models to steel diamonds). If you have the strength, you may continue to upgrade and rush ahead (such as gold or gold diamonds). The simplest and rude way is to honestly buy a non-hot dress watch you like and line up with peace of mind. For example, the rabbit couldn’t help but bask in a new 5235 with a low degree of attention, an annual calendar plus standard hands, a graphite and black dual-color dial (the 5235G-001 silver-gray dual-color dial model launched in 2011 was discontinued this year), and the public price was 379,400 yuan. This watch is very elegant, and it is currently the only standard pointer model in PP production models. You may wish to look at it and accept more possibilities. Stimulated by the explosive effect, the trend of consumption returning to China will only become more and more obvious. The possibility of buying explosives at public prices is close to zero. This may be realistic, but understanding the status quo may be better for us. After all, there aren’t so many benefits in the world-taking overseas duty-free goods and enjoying popular domestic models does not exist. In fact, we might as well ask what we love first. Only if we really like it, we do n’t care too much about the gains and losses, and it may have the longest value (many times, time will surprise people). This is also a tiny experience for rabbits. For your reference, you are crazy about your phone. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

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    100,000 Yuan Two Athens Gold Watches Beijing Spot Quotes

    Athens was born in Switzerland in 1846. It is a well-known top watch brand with exquisite watchmaking technology and unique design style. It is loved by many watch fans. Today, the Watch House brings the latest prices and real shots of two Athens Classico gilt women’s watch series.

    Athens Classico gilt ladies watch series 8106-116B-2 / 990

    In-store public price: 109,800 (collection time July 2014)
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch Series: Women’s Watch
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18k rose gold with diamonds
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 31 mm
    Watch details: 鎏 Gold watch series 8156-111-2 / 92 small seconds watch

    In-store public price: 106200 (collected in July 2014)
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch Series: Classico 鎏 Gold Watch
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18k rose gold with diamonds
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Watch details: yadian / 2009 /
    Watch brief review: This Athens 8156-111-2 / 92 watch uses a rose gold case with a brown leather strap with excellent visual effects. The small dial design also embellishes this watch with a dial without too many elements. The anchor logo at twelve o’clock on the ivory dial is also very eye-catching. A carved spring palace figure shows its personality to the fullest.

    Please consult your dealer for more details:
    Availability: Yes
    Distributor Name: Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd.
    Dealer address: Athens store on the first floor of Financial Street Shopping Center, No. 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
    Dealer Phone: 010-66220282

    Report that you are a user from the ‘Watch House Website’ and will get better service
    [Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’. Because the stock of the watch is not much, it is not guaranteed that the watch will be in stock after you pass, so if necessary, please advance Contact your dealer.

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    3 Million Yuan Montblanc New Mechanical Chronograph Watch

    The launch of the new Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph has once again established Montblanc’s professional watchmaking capabilities. The movement of this watch is the first self-made movement of the TimeWalker series, MB LL 100, which was developed by Montblanc’s Le Locle in Switzerland. This watch uses a titanium-coated black dysprosium (DLC) case. It is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and costs about 3 million yuan. Montblanc TimeWalker Dual Flyback Chronograph Performance Reference Price: RMB 2,958,580 (US $ 450,000)
    New homemade movement MB LL 100
    Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph is a column wheel chronograph watch, is the most popular type of advanced chronograph watch. The movement used is the first self-made chronograph movement MB LL 100 of the TimeWalker series, which is a movement that is automatically refined and displays the ultimate watchmaking skills and art. Among them, the design includes the function of controlling the chronograph through the traditional column wheel, which is an indispensable feature of top chronograph watches and an extremely time-consuming design. A new aspect in the structure of this movement is the vertical clutch, which operates with minimal friction to ensure that the performance of the timer can be quite durable, and to avoid friction caused by long-term use.
    计时 TwinFly timing performance
    的 Chronograph watches with seconds and chronograph hands in the center of the surface were quite popular in the 1970s, but as the number of movements of such watches decreased, their number gradually decreased. This is why Montblanc’s new MB LL 100 movement is so noticeable when it puts the clearly visible chronograph display performance back in the center of the surface.
    最 On the outermost surface, it can be read to quarter-second nicks, you can calculate the number of seconds, and there is a 60-minute scoreboard in the hour circle. Under such a design, the charm of flyback performance is more prominent. If the user presses the button on the side of the dial at the four o’clock position, the chronograph hands and the scoring dial hands will quickly ‘fly back’ to the zero position, and the user will immediately move the hands without any action. Begins timing again. This design, which can be reset to zero almost immediately, is named ‘flyback’, and the scene is even more exciting when the two large hands in the center of the surface quickly reset to zero; therefore, the design team named this new chronograph watch ‘TwinFly’.
    特色 Another feature of this chronograph is the dual barrel, which accumulates enough power to allow the watch to operate for about 72 hours. The dual barrel is particularly advantageous in the chronograph. Sufficient power can make up for the change in torque between the start and stop of the timing performance, and slow down the amplitude changes that occur when starting and stopping the timing performance. Therefore, in every operating state of the watch, the watch can operate more stably, and the watch itself has an automatic winding mechanism, which can maintain the best winding state at any time.
    Montblanc TimeWalker dual flyback chronograph performance watch
    了 Clear display performance
    许多 Compared with many other chronographs, the small dial is the main chronological performance. This new Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph shows the time in the second time zone with a small dial. The idea of ​​the design team is very logical: most of the time dials can only calculate short time, so the meaning of the time dial is not significant. However, knowing when the second time zone was at the time, whether it was day or night, Is very important information.
    Modern people often travel everywhere, shuttle and travel in different time zones, and naturally they want to know the correct time in their hometown. The time zone display at twelve o’clock is also displayed on a small 24-hour dial to let users know if their family members are awake or asleep. In order to maintain the balance of the dial design, the continuously running small second dial is located at the six o’clock diagonally.
    Dark is black
    The appearance of this brand new Montblanc TimeWalker series double flyback chronograph performance watch fully matches the concept of the TimeWalker series. The lightweight, high-tech materials are perfectly matched with the thick, highly scratch-resistant black dysprosium carbon (DLC), ensuring that this watch effectively prevents scratches and vibrations.
    Although this watch is 43 mm in diameter, it is still extremely lightweight and comfortable. The narrow bezel makes the clear black surface look more spacious. The sapphire crystal on the surface is brightened by anti-glare treatment, and it is hardly felt. The case back has a transparent sapphire crystal, and connoisseurs can appreciate the movement and the black interior. In order to balance the high-tech and highly functional appearance of this watch, it is also equipped with a noble and elegant black alligator leather strap and a stainless steel bag with black DLC buckle, which makes the rigid metal lines more relaxed.