3 Million Yuan Montblanc New Mechanical Chronograph Watch

The launch of the new Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph has once again established Montblanc’s professional watchmaking capabilities. The movement of this watch is the first self-made movement of the TimeWalker series, MB LL 100, which was developed by Montblanc’s Le Locle in Switzerland. This watch uses a titanium-coated black dysprosium (DLC) case. It is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and costs about 3 million yuan. Montblanc TimeWalker Dual Flyback Chronograph Performance Reference Price: RMB 2,958,580 (US $ 450,000)
New homemade movement MB LL 100
Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph is a column wheel chronograph watch, is the most popular type of advanced chronograph watch. The movement used is the first self-made chronograph movement MB LL 100 of the TimeWalker series, which is a movement that is automatically refined and displays the ultimate watchmaking skills and art. Among them, the design includes the function of controlling the chronograph through the traditional column wheel, which is an indispensable feature of top chronograph watches and an extremely time-consuming design. A new aspect in the structure of this movement is the vertical clutch, which operates with minimal friction to ensure that the performance of the timer can be quite durable, and to avoid friction caused by long-term use.
计时 TwinFly timing performance
的 Chronograph watches with seconds and chronograph hands in the center of the surface were quite popular in the 1970s, but as the number of movements of such watches decreased, their number gradually decreased. This is why Montblanc’s new MB LL 100 movement is so noticeable when it puts the clearly visible chronograph display performance back in the center of the surface.
最 On the outermost surface, it can be read to quarter-second nicks, you can calculate the number of seconds, and there is a 60-minute scoreboard in the hour circle. Under such a design, the charm of flyback performance is more prominent. If the user presses the button on the side of the dial at the four o’clock position, the chronograph hands and the scoring dial hands will quickly ‘fly back’ to the zero position, and the user will immediately move the hands without any action. Begins timing again. This design, which can be reset to zero almost immediately, is named ‘flyback’, and the scene is even more exciting when the two large hands in the center of the surface quickly reset to zero; therefore, the design team named this new chronograph watch ‘TwinFly’.
特色 Another feature of this chronograph is the dual barrel, which accumulates enough power to allow the watch to operate for about 72 hours. The dual barrel is particularly advantageous in the chronograph. Sufficient power can make up for the change in torque between the start and stop of the timing performance, and slow down the amplitude changes that occur when starting and stopping the timing performance. Therefore, in every operating state of the watch, the watch can operate more stably, and the watch itself has an automatic winding mechanism, which can maintain the best winding state at any time.
Montblanc TimeWalker dual flyback chronograph performance watch
了 Clear display performance
许多 Compared with many other chronographs, the small dial is the main chronological performance. This new Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph shows the time in the second time zone with a small dial. The idea of ​​the design team is very logical: most of the time dials can only calculate short time, so the meaning of the time dial is not significant. However, knowing when the second time zone was at the time, whether it was day or night, Is very important information.
Modern people often travel everywhere, shuttle and travel in different time zones, and naturally they want to know the correct time in their hometown. The time zone display at twelve o’clock is also displayed on a small 24-hour dial to let users know if their family members are awake or asleep. In order to maintain the balance of the dial design, the continuously running small second dial is located at the six o’clock diagonally.
Dark is black
The appearance of this brand new Montblanc TimeWalker series double flyback chronograph performance watch fully matches the concept of the TimeWalker series. The lightweight, high-tech materials are perfectly matched with the thick, highly scratch-resistant black dysprosium carbon (DLC), ensuring that this watch effectively prevents scratches and vibrations.
Although this watch is 43 mm in diameter, it is still extremely lightweight and comfortable. The narrow bezel makes the clear black surface look more spacious. The sapphire crystal on the surface is brightened by anti-glare treatment, and it is hardly felt. The case back has a transparent sapphire crystal, and connoisseurs can appreciate the movement and the black interior. In order to balance the high-tech and highly functional appearance of this watch, it is also equipped with a noble and elegant black alligator leather strap and a stainless steel bag with black DLC buckle, which makes the rigid metal lines more relaxed.