Breitling: The Most Practical And Reliable Aviation Watch In The World

Although the Breitling watch brand is not the ‘only’ in the aviation watch manufacturing industry, it is obviously different. It was born in 1884 in a family factory specializing in making timepieces and other science-related equipment in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The owner of this factory is called Breitling (full name ST · IMIER BREITLING). Like all the people who live here and devote themselves to making sophisticated playthings, the founder of Breitling has always been fascinated by unwilling research and pioneering innovation.

Gaston, the second generation of Breitling watches, has produced the first aerospace watch at that time.
初 At the beginning of the last century, it was precisely when humans just put their wings into the sky that the man who dared to be a pilot became the hero most sought after by fashionable women at that time. In 1915, Gaston, the second generation of Breitling watches, produced the first aviation-specific watch at that time. If ordinary people get such a watch, it will take a long time to master all its functions.
Because the design positioning of Breitling aviation watches is ‘make the most practical and reliable aviation watch in the world’, it is not necessary to consider that the average person is ‘tired with numbers’ in the design of the dial, and deal with the dashboard and numbers all day For pilots, Breitling’s appearance design is in line with aesthetic principles; functions are perfect; practicality is impeccable. In short, it is the favorite of contemporary naval aviation pilots. This Breitling, which was introduced in 1952, has been “good trend” so far, and it has become a rare commodity that can be obtained with a little money.