Buzzer Function Blancpain Léman Series Alarm Clock

Everyone is too familiar with the Villeret series, that is Blancpain
The absolute main force reflects the basic aesthetics of the brand, and its slender and euphemistic style is a classic that people can never tire of. But in the big brand family, there is also a series with a tough sporty temperament and a wide double-layered bezel that gives people a sense of power. This is the LÉMAN series, which is named after the LÉMAN lake. Connected by Lake Geneva, it is the largest inland lake in Western Europe.

   This series also involves all the functional styles of the brand, but the alarm function is most suitable for this series. Its shape determines the best effect of the alarm.

   The face may seem a little messy, but if you look closely, you will understand the respective functions: at 10 o’clock is the movement energy display, below 12 o’clock is the alarm switch, controlled by the button at 8 o’clock. The off-site time and the noisy time are separated. There is no idle place. Is this layout able to reflect the busy scene of business people traveling around the world every day?

   This watch is made of titanium forged watch face, which guarantees sound while reducing weight and bringing a light wearing feeling. At the same time, it gives people a sense of perseverance. The diameter is only 40MM, which already belongs to the super body!