Charming Cartier Blue Balloon Series

As everyone knows, Cartier watches have a deep connection with flying. In addition to the most famous Santos series, the blue balloon series is also one of the proof. Its design was inspired by the first hot-air balloon lifted by humans. The Blue Balloon series is Cartier’s masterpiece of fusion of classics and innovation. It not only draws superb watchmaking technology, but also gets rid of the limitations of traditional watch design. It has a large convex round sapphire and a precious metal bow like never before. The streamlined three-dimensional case, unique suspension and futuristic, all reflect the charm of ‘Blue Balloon’ as one of Cartier’s most popular watch series.
The large yellow gold watch recommended this time is obviously a luxurious choice for men; Cartier, known as the “Emperor of Jewelers”, wears bright diamonds and colorful colors as blue balloons with new makeup. Lovers witness the best gift ever.