Corum Kunlun Founder René Bannwart Dies At Age 95

René Bannwart, a veteran of the watch industry and the founder of Swiss watch company Corum, is now dead at the age of 95.
Corum CEO Antonio Calce said in a press release that the death of Bannwart marked the end of a historical chapter in Corum.

Corum’s founder René Bannwart, who spoke at the company’s new site inauguration in 1995, is now dead.

 ‘I have deep respect for Mr. René Bannwart, who has written a glorious chapter in the history of watchmaking, he has created a powerful brand that is endowed with cutting-edge technology and rich content,’ Calce said, ‘through his work, With superb technology and inexhaustible spiritual inspiration, René Bannwart pushed Corum to the pinnacle of watchmaking in the 1980s. By gradually instilling powerful and creative elements, the brand is deeply entrenched and gradually gains worldwide reputation.
Original source: Corum-www.corum.ch