Extraordinary Fusion Hublot Watches Together With Ferrari To Present A New Cooperation Watch

Unique, technology, passion and fashion are the values ​​of Hublot and Ferrari, the legendary Italian car manufacturer, which are at the core of the partnership. Adhering to the common brand concept, the two parties have entered into the seventh year of cooperation since 2011, and have achieved great success in all-round and multi-angle cross-border cooperation. Combining Hublot, known for ‘the art of fusion’, with Ferrari’s outstanding design, the new Big Bang Ferrari carbon fiber red ceramic watch and Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold watch are launched again.
Red power
   Red is the soul of Ferrari, blood, vitality, speed is the spirit of Ferrari. The Big Bang Ferrari carbon fiber red ceramic watch integrates Hublot’s innovative technology, putting the brand’s flagship model in a red coat to pay tribute to Ferrari. Like a tachometer minute hand timer, a sports car shifter-style calendar pane, located at 6 o’clock on the dial with the classic Ferrari Prancing Horse engraved, and an exhaust fan-shaped second hand timer at 9 o’clock. The contrast of the black carbon fiber case makes the red bezel stand out.

   The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari is an industry benchmark in the field of racing craftsmanship and watchmaking. It extends Ferrari’s ‘red soul’ to the Big Bang Ferrari carbon fiber red ceramic watch, combining extraordinary power, luxury quality, and ingenuity. The spirit also brings the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari to an unprecedented height. The watch is limited to 500 pieces.
Time to become gold

   The Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold Watch is a collaboration between Hublot and the Ferrari design team. With a diameter of 45 mm, the case and bezel are made of magic gold. This unique 18K synthetic gold has unprecedented super wear resistance, effectively solving the metal surface of high-end watches in the process of manufacturing, processing and wearing. Problems with scratches and scratches. In addition, the watch strap is made of Alcantara, lined with black natural rubber, and red stitching is very Ferrari-style interior. Hublot’s independently developed UNICO HUB1241 movement has a 72-hour power reserve and a vibration frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, providing powerful power for the watch. The watch is limited to 250 pieces.
UNICO movement

   The UNICO movement is independently designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by Hublot micro-mechanics, engineers and watchmakers. The practical flyback timing function (which can be reset to zero at any time) is unique in the watchmaking industry. The movement has dual buttons, a date display, a dual clutch mechanism visible on the dial side, and a ‘pillar wheel’. The hour hand is directly driven by the barrel, and the timing device has no spring to enhance the stability and durability of the movement. At the same time, the pallet fork and wheel are placed on a detachable platform, and the lightweight characteristics of silicon make its performance even better. The movement consists of 330 parts. Vibration frequency is 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and has a 72-hour power reserve.
   Innovation never stops. Hublot and Ferrari, this pair of golden combinations will continue to work together to ignite the passion of the track. The 2018 Formula One World Championship (F1) has begun, the Ferrari team has won, and the driver Sebastian Vettel has won two championships! The F1 Shanghai Grand Prix is ​​about to be unveiled.