Girard Perregaux Launches Cat’s Eye Haute Joaillerie Watch

Cat’s Eye Haute Joaillerie is a pavé-set baguette diamond. It is the most gorgeous coat for the oval watch full of feminine style. The handwriting of the first-class gem craftsmen is comparable to that of GP Girard-Perregaux’s top watchmaking technology. The Cat’s Eye white gold diamond watch retains the most elaborate oval lines of the Cat’s Eye series. Master craftsmen set 87 baguette diamonds on the case and bezel, while the dial and strap are set with 98 and 204 baguette diamonds, respectively. On the star-shaped crown, there are 5 square diamonds. A total of 394 square diamonds have a brilliant brilliance (about 52 carats).
Making this collection of highly technical and artistic beauty is time-consuming. It involves a long and extremely strict and precise process performed at 10 workplaces. Each step cannot be lost. The process of setting a watch alone is used. 1200 hours. The watch factory must first determine and record the position and size of each rectangular diamond on the watch body, and then select from the most pure diamond materials for rectangular cutting and polishing, and then inlay one by one according to the curve of the watch body; Whether or not the precise positioning of the diamond determines whether the diamond can reflect the most brilliant light, the craftsmanship and experience of the gemstone craftsman are crucial in this process. After the stone setting process is completed, a senior sanding craftsman will take over and let the entire watch shine.
Girard Perregaux’s aesthetic touch and mechanical technology are fully revealed through this new work: the small seconds and power reserve display of the Cat’s Eye series are retained, the diamond dial is finely set with numbers and display scales; the platinum bracelet and case are formed in one go, wearing a wrist Wear comfortable fit. Girard-Perregaux watches clearly understand that modern women’s appreciation of traditional Swiss watchmaking technology is increasing day by day. Of course, the quality of the GP033R0 movement assembled in this new work is undoubted, and the 18k gold pendant is set with 145 diamonds. Glow!