Iwc Launches Brand Promotion In Asia Pacific (October 8th Official Website News)

Soaring from high altitude to exploring the mysterious underwater world: From October, the Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC will broadcast a series of exciting TV propaganda on the CNN International News Network Asia Pacific Channel The film immerses Australian and Asian audiences in the unique charm of IWC. Viewers will step into the world of pilots, sailors and divers through its beautiful pictures. “We are passionate about developing high-quality, innovative timepieces for elegant people. In addition, we also want to help our customers understand the connection of our products with the world.” Georges, President of IWC Schaffhausen, Kern explained, ‘Through this promotion, we succeeded in marrying our brand culture.’ This is Schaffhausen-based IWC’s first brand promotion in Asia and Oceania. It aims to give people in the region a better understanding of the “Made in Schaffhausen” and the value of its brand.
A watch a story
   The event will highlight Portuguese and marine timepieces. In addition, it will introduce the Pilot’s Watches re-launched in Geneva (Switzerland) at the SIHH in January this year. The promotional video is presented in thrilling visuals, and will continue to be broadcast on the CNN News Network Asia-Pacific Channel from now until February next year, telling the story of the watch one by one. Thrilling aerobatics, sailing waves in the sea, fascinating underwater photography and the fascinating animal world of the Galapagos Islands take turns to give audiences the opportunity to learn about the major IWC products and their related Theme of.
Environmental responsibility
   ‘We believe that everything in the luxury industry is about sales dreams. That’s why we enrich our brand universe with storytelling that resonates,’ said Mr. Qiao Qisi, president of IWC. ‘Maybe these stories are not necessary, but they do add emotional value to the brand and inspire potential enthusiasm for high-end watches.’ In addition, supporting social and environmental responsibility projects is one of IWC’s ideas, which will Explained at this event. The promotion will highlight the cooperation between IWC and the Charles Darwin Foundation. The foundation has been working to protect the endangered ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands since 1959.