More Durable Diving Watches You Deserve!

At the 2019 Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in Geneva, Panerai presented us with a variety of design concepts, which means that watch friends can enjoy multiple experiences by wearing their new design watches. The new diving watch field launched two new SUBMERSIBLE CARBOTECH professional diving watches, a total of two. The two new Submersible Carbotech watches are available in 42mm and 47mm diameter cases, made of extraordinary carbon-based materials that are lighter than stainless steel and titanium, and combine excellent performance with a distinctive sporting personality , Materials are innovative development design. Let’s enjoy this diving watch together. (Watch model: PAM01616 \\ PAM00960)

High quality: durable

  The materials used for these two watches are ‘Carbotech carbon fiber composite materials’. The main component is carbon fiber, which is lighter than stainless steel and titanium. It has excellent corrosion resistance under deep diving conditions, and the same shock resistance during sports. Outstanding performance and materials with all kinds of outstanding performance. This is also the first introduction of the high-end watchmaking world by Panerai. The matte black texture is changeable, creating a unique personality for each watch, and turning Panerai into your wrist. Exclusive watch.

  The two new Panerai SUBMERSIBLE CARBOTECH stealth series carbon fiber watches are exactly the same in shape. The case is made of this innovative composite material. This Carbotech sheet is made of carbon fiber flakes and added to the high-tech polymer PEEK (polyether ether). Ketone), which is made by high-pressure compression at a specific temperature, making the fused composite material stronger and more reliable. It stands out among many advanced watchmaking materials such as ceramics and titanium, and is lighter and more able to withstand external pressure. With anti-corrosive properties. There are differences in the diameter design of the two watches: the first watch (PAM01616) follows the classic 47mm case, while the other model (PAM00960) uses a 42mm case, which can adapt to various types of people.

  The side crowns are made of this extraordinary material, and the brand’s unique bridge design protects the crown from accidental impact and damage.

  The dial is also designed in black, and the hour scale is coated with Super-LumiNova, which ensures that it is clearly readable in sufficient light or even completely dark environments or underwater. The minute, hour and 12 o’clock scales of the watch emit a dazzling green luminous luminosity, while the luminous lights of the other hour scales are blue. A small seconds dial is set at the position, and a practical date display window is set at the corresponding 3 o’clock position on the right.

  A rubber strap is sturdy and durable to meet the needs of diving. The black background is decorated with the brand’s blue ‘OP’ logo, showing a sharp contrast. It is also equipped with a Panerai-made trapezoidal titanium buckle. Coating processing.

  The sealed design of the case greatly enhances the watch’s water resistance. In addition to the differences in diameter design, the two new Panerai SUBMERSIBLE CARBOTECH stealth series carbon fiber watches also have different movements. The 47mm case diameter PAM01616 is equipped with the P.9010 movement; and the other The PAM00960 model has a 42mm case and is equipped with a compact OP XXXIV movement. Both models are equipped with a 3-day power reserve.

  Summary: This year, the Panerai brand presented to everyone the design concept of diversified development of watches, showing excellent technical performance, and also showing the firm style of Panerai. di Idee) Unremitting research and development results, I believe that in the future, a more colorful watch world will be displayed, let us look forward to it together!