My ‘tourbillon’ My ‘seagull Watch’

818.907 Calendar 24 hours tourbillon stainless steel watch

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 618.872 ‘Extraordinary’ coaxial cardless tourbillon rose gold watch

At a time when many international famous watch brands regard China as another luxury consumer market, they have grabbed the beach, but the ‘Seagull Watch’, the masterpiece of China’s original mechanical watch, has set its sights abroad, and independently designed a ‘Tourbillon Watch’. , ‘Tour Tourbillon Watch’, ‘Perpetual Calendar’, ‘Question Table’ and other ‘three complex institutions of the world’s high-end mechanical watches’ at the Baselworld in Switzerland (Baselworld) has won universal praise and envy from the global watch industry. However, behind the scenery is an unusual growth process similar to ‘natural selection’.

问 Three Questions, Perpetual Calendar, Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch

The third of the protagonist Seagull ‘Three Questions, Perpetual Calendar, Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch’ (three-in-one), a protagonist of the ‘domestic luxury’ hot issue issued by Weibo and media news resonance at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, was on January 28, 2013 Has been delivered to Hong Kong customers, and the fourth ‘three-in-one’ watch has entered the precision assembly adjustment process and is expected to be delivered within the year.

It is reported that after mastering the technology of tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and three-question function, ‘Seagull Watch’ combined these three ‘three classic and complex technologies’ into one for the first time in 2010 and launched the ‘three-question, perpetual calendar, tourbillon watch’ ‘, To the peak of high-end complex watches, a major step forward, the beginning of the launch, that is, a buyer to pay a deposit to customize, began to deliver in 2011.

The data shows that in the design of the ‘three questions, perpetual calendar, tourbillon watch’ commonly known as ‘three-in-one’, the functional components of 435 parts in a limited space need to be redesigned and placed. The difficulty of research and development is like a new complex Movements, even in the ‘Kingdom of Watches and Clocks’, there are very few brands with such capabilities. At that time, the advent of the Seagull ‘Three Questions, Perpetual Calendar, Tourbillon Watch’, affected the nerves of everyone who watched watch manufacturing, rejoicing and cheering.

一 、 Because of Newton, “Tourbillon” appears

Why do apples on the lime tree fall to the ground? Doubts about this phenomenon, which is nothing more than ordinary, led a generation of scientific giant Newton to discover the ‘law of universal gravitation’, which directly contributed to the appearance of the ‘tourbillon’.

In the 18th century, ABRAHAM-LOUIS BREGUET (Abraham-Louis Breguet) found that because the bag table was in a vertical state for a long time, the balance wheel would have uneven force due to gravity, which caused time. Deviation.

Therefore, in 1795, Breguet designed a CARRIAGE, which placed the balance wheel and escapement in CARRIAGE, and then fixed the CARRIAGE on the base plate with a bridge. When CARRIAGE rotates along the axis, the balance wheel can travel through 360 different positions along with the balance, balancing the effect of gravity on the balance wheel, making the movement more stable and smooth. In 1801, he officially registered a patent for this rotating escapement and named it TOURBILLON (Chinese translation for ‘Tourbillon’, French means whirlpool or whirlwind).

However, the ‘Tourbillon’ mechanism can be well known. It is still more than a hundred years ago that it turned from the bottom of the watch surface to the surface and became a work of art. At this time, the ‘Tourbillon’ can be seen at any time and viewed by others. No need to open the movement!

Twenty-two, the accuracy of the ‘Tourbillon’ directly increases its processing difficulty

High accuracy has been one of the goals pursued by watchmakers since the development of horology for hundreds of years. This is enough to explain why the ‘Tourbillon’ device has long been famous and has an irresistible appeal to watch fans.

陀 The ‘Tourbillon’ has been invented since 1795, and even has a trend of rising status year after year. The reason is no less than the background of the inventor Breguet and the difficulty of making it by hand. After successfully obtaining a patent registration in 1801, Breguet sold the first pocket watch with a ‘Tourbillon’ four years later. Later, other watchmakers participated in the manufacture of the ‘Tourbillon’ watch. It is time consuming, so it is conservatively estimated that there were only hundreds of ‘tourbillons’ that were successfully manufactured in the more than 100 years from the 1800s to the 1980s. In this sense, the ‘Tourbillon’ has begun to transform from a practical mechanical component into a luxurious decoration.

Thirty-three, ‘Rare is expensive’? ‘Fine is expensive’!

陀 ‘Tourbillon’, a scepter that symbolizes the highest level of watchmaking mechanical art, charms watchmakers and brands.

But the fact is that by the time Bao Bao died in 1823, he had sold no more than 35 tourbillons. Because, at the time, this function was too avant-garde, too complicated, and too difficult to make at the time, and it was too expensive because many parts were very fine. Modern ‘tourbillon’ systems generally consist of forty to ninety parts and weigh less than one gram. Although its structure and design are not too complicated, it is still a difficult device to test the watchmaker’s technology and strength under the current state of highly developed technology; manufacturing the ‘tourbillon’ is still an extremely complicated system Watch crafts, watch factories with the ability to make them themselves are still few and far between … This has also established their position in the ‘three complex devices’, and has become a symbol of whether any watch factory brand can be listed in the hall of watchmaking.

24. Dazzling artwork on the wrist

With the crown of top craftsmanship, the ‘Tourbillon’ has become a rotating artwork, a perceptual interpretation, and an obsession. At the moment, an international brand is participating in the ‘popular’ work of the ‘Tourbillon’, but even so, it is still the most complicated, expensive and mechanically changing horological function, still exuding the charm of the emperor .

At that time, the Chinese land also blew a ‘Tourbillon’ whirlwind. From the north to the south, Chinese watch factory brands have been involved in the trial production of the ‘Tourbillon’. Among them, Tianjin Haigu Watch Group Co., Ltd. is the leader. It is understood that since the successful introduction of the ‘Tourbillon’ seagull watch at the end of 2004, it has developed to today. The ‘Tourbillon’ seagull watch has evolved from one movement and one watch to more than 18 movements and 40 watches today. Category.

As one of the ‘three major pieces’ necessary for marriage at the end of the twentieth century, the watch, an iconic light industrial product, is now given a new meaning by Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd., and its ‘Tourbillon’ watch is produced. It is becoming a gift and collectible for high-end consumer groups and watch lovers in the new era. Under the influence of ‘Seagull Watches’, a wave of ‘Tourbillon’ watches is rolling in.

Five, because it is extraordinary, so value

In 2001, the desire to ‘exhibit the tourbillon produced by oneself’ inspired the technical staff of the Seagull Group to figure out a prototype of the ‘Tourbillon’ in less than one year and wear it to participate in another session of Basel in Switzerland. The “Seagull Man” wrist of Seoul International Watch & Clock Fair; in 2005, he presented a limited edition tourbillon rose gold watch to Olympic champion Liu Xiang during his participation in Tianjin and the same time as the “Tianjin Museum” with “China’s No. 1 watch” After the payment, the transaction price of Beijing Guardian’s ‘Seagull Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch’ must be more than 20% higher than the market reference price. In 2008, it was easy to respond to the infringement complaint of ‘double tourbillon’ by international brands at the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland. , Which made the Chinese brand win the first response …

In 2012, at the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland, another internationally renowned watchmaking company complained that the product description of the Seagull ‘Coaxial Tourbillon’ constituted an infringement on its trademark. After the organizing committee’s intellectual property committee ruled that the seagull had not registered it Trademarks constitute any infringement. This is the third time that Seagull has succeeded in defending its rights at the exhibition following the first rights defense in 2008, and the patented product ‘Tourbillon’ cufflinks counterclaim in 2011.

26. Inheriting the classic innovation and development

The use of a balance without balance spring can improve the flaws of the structure with a balance that affect the timing accuracy of mechanical watches, and can better improve the performance of mechanical watches. Its high technical content in design, processing, assembly and adjustment, Make the equipment without card spring balance in the current ‘Clock Kingdom’ Switzerland is also a hallmark of high-end mechanical watches.

The implementation of the ‘Postdoctoral Workstation’ project provided theoretical and material support for the promotion of various high-end projects of the National Technology Center of the Seagull Group. Through its own efforts, it is accelerating the pace of catching up and continuously shortening the distance from the cutting-edge level. Later, the silicon material hairspring, which will be equipped with a ‘post-doctoral workstation’ to participate in the research and development, will sooner reach the Swiss Observatory standard.

7. Do n’t choose expensive, just choose the right one

Experts have calculated this carefully. If only one is made, the cost of making a chronograph is more expensive than the ‘tourbillon’, but because it can be mass-produced, the cost will be spread out, so it is not so expensive. Assuming that the ‘Tourbillon’ is also produced in large quantities, I believe it will not be too expensive, but it is expensive because of the small number and secondly because it is entirely handmade.

So expensive is labor! The ‘Tourbillon’ is about fine hand-assembling, full-hand polishing and decoration, and manual adjustment. The reason why China’s ‘Seagull Watch’ can produce affordable ‘Tourbillon’ watch is that the labor is relatively low.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, many world-famous watches have entered the country. This is the side that ordinary people see, but the industry and watch lovers have also seen the fact that the ‘Seagull Watch’ is the pioneer. Chinese mechanical watch manufacturers have stepped out of the country and into the world, achieving the goal of occupying a place in the international market, and are becoming international brands.

The ‘Tourbillon’ movement recently demonstrated by ‘Seagull Watch’ has made international big names unwilling, but it is another pioneering initiative that has raised the hearts of Chinese people. After more than 200 years, the ‘Tourbillon’ has been in a foreign state like ‘Yangchun Baixue’ has few responders; but as a work of art, it has to be implemented in the end and needs to be recognized by the public. From this point, the ‘Seagull Watch’ is undoubtedly at the forefront .