New Upgrade! Unstoppable Punch Card For True Love Fans!

Following the opening of the first Swatch concept store in mainland China in Shanghai Disney Town
The second Swatch concept store officially launched in Wangfujing Street, Beijing
After a new upgrade and remodeling, it is now grandly opened again!

   Located at a striking location at the southern entrance of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street in Beijing, the entire shopping area of ​​Swatch Wangfujing flagship store is divided into two floors with a total area of ​​120 square meters. The novel and unique store design not only continues the brand’s color, dynamic, bright and transparent style, but also It has unique fun and functionality, and will provide consumers with a new shopping experience.

   Stepping into the store, white display blocks of different sizes are distributed on the background wall with a blue background. This makes the Swatch displayed on it more attractive, and also creates a lively and dynamic rhythm for the overall space.

   The store’s side of the street is designed with transparent floor-to-ceiling windows on the upper and lower floors, so that passing pedestrians can feel the creative design and bright colors of Swatch watches through the window. Even window shopping is very pleasing.

Like an assortment of Swatch watches,
Here are the interesting stories that Swatch tells every season.

Staggered black and white dots and stripes,
It’s the fashion you wear on your wrist.

Every Swatch has an unforgettable time.
Here, do you find your Swatch?
This weekend, come to Swatch Beijing Wangfujing flagship store to check in!