New Chopard L.U.C Xps Rose Gold Watch

Precise technology, meticulous appearance and minimalist style. The L.U.C XPS watch with these characteristics is undoubtedly a classic. This year, Chopard put on a classic 18K rose gold coat with a silver silk satin dial.

 Condensing a self-winding mechanical movement, a dual barrel, and a 65-hour power reserve into an ultra-thin case is a remarkable watchmaking feat. The master watchmakers at Chopard Fleurier watch factory have successfully developed miniature rotors, turning all this into reality. The watch designer also dedicated a perfect design: an ultra-thin case with a long diameter (39.50 mm) and a flat mirror. The mechanical achievements combined with the appearance design gave birth to a handsome and elegant watch with a light and agile appearance, with a perfect balance, and won the ultra-thin watch crown at the 2006 Geneva Watch Awards.

The perfect combination of aesthetics and technology

 In order to satisfy many watch lovers who love mechanical beauty, the LUC XPS watch is designed with a transparent sapphire case back. Through it, you can see the exquisite operation of the LUC 96.12-L (LUC 12.96) movement. Also clearly visible. 18K rose gold case with silver silk satin dial and small seconds at 6 o’clock to perfectly balance the dial. This watch, a perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics, has also been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) for its precise performance.

Chopard Watchmaking

 As a family brand, independence is a distinctive label of Chopard. The production of L.U.C watches is completely completed at the production sites of Meyrin and Fleurier within the group. Movement design, finished product design, gold casting, stamping and mold processing, metal movement and watch band creation, traditional hand decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, commissioning and quality control. All watches need to go through these processes to achieve the excellent watchmaking that belongs to Chopard.

Performance, Pioneering And Patent Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Green Watches First Available

Classic design, world-first, unique experience, which constitutes the elements of Roger Dubuis’s strong timepiece lineup in 2018. The Excalibur Aventador S series green watch with 5 patented technologies is in the famous Geneva The Geneva International Motor Show debuted for the first time in 2018, and was proudly accompanied by the brand’s alliance partners Pirelli and Lamborghini.

   When the engineer’s extraordinary vision met the watchmaker’s extraordinary creativity, they created amazing masterpieces, witnessing the establishment between Roger Dubuis and Pirelli tires and Lamborghini Squadra Corse Aggressive cooperation. Pirelli and Roger Dubuis’ ‘Perfect Fit’ is based on the shared philosophy and passion of both parties: through the use of cutting-edge material technology, the world’s first and the pursuit of superior performance are achieved. The watchmaking factory and the Lamborghini Squadra Corse sports department share the proud spirit of ‘excellent machinery, galloping’, with the wild priceless experience and exciting extreme beauty as the focus of creation.
Innovative work, grand debut

   This year’s Geneva International Auto Show (GIMS 2018) will be held from March 8th to 18th. This grand international event in the automotive sector is known for its impressive lineup of world premieres, and is undoubtedly for innovative watchmaking and cars Design provides a lively stage and the best opportunity to showcase new creative collaborations between two industry leaders. The Excalibur Aventador S green watch, launched in 8 limited editions, also made its debut on this stage, with a black and green bi-material strap, green rubber coating on the case and crown, and carbon fiber grooves. The green markings on the bezel echo the unique energy of this cooperative alliance.
Cutting-edge technology, multiple patents
   As an extraordinary work jointly developed by Roger Dubuis’ watchmakers and Lamborghini’s engineers, the Excalibur Aventador S watch focuses on performance aesthetics and rare materials, reinterpreting the five elements of high-performance racing. Its innovative features are protected by five corresponding patents on watchmaking technology.

   V-shaped 45 ° inclination configuration with double balance wheel anti-gravity design RD103 movement, following the geometry of high-performance V10 or V12 automotive engine, this ‘inclination configuration balance wheel movement’ has also been patented.
   The Excalibur Aventador S watch will be converted to the Automated Stability Program (ASP) in the field of super running. It uses a pair of ‘non-resonant balance wheels’ to connect and balance the speed of the two adjustment mechanisms, thus providing a more accurate single Time is displayed.
   In the construction of supercars, any excess weight must be removed. This principle is also applied to the design of the RD103 movement, removing the entire gear system to provide a timing mechanism with extraordinary power reserve and weight reduction.

   Just like making fine adjustments in a racing gearbox, the RD103 movement achieves rapid optimization of friction adjustment through the ‘adjustable escapement bracket for tilt adjustment mechanism’, ensuring that each gear is properly adjusted and as perfect as possible, When the energy is transmitted from the barrel to the regulating mechanism, the loss is minimized.
   In the development of high-performance engines, the function of the G-force anti-mold reinforcement mechanism is to solve a major problem: to ensure that each nut and bolt can be fixed in place. In the Excalibur Aventador S watch, Roger Dubuis’s engineers transformed this principle into a self-locking method called a ‘slit pin cap’, which transformed each of the main elements of the ‘watch engine’ clockwork box Components are fixed.
   In addition to this series of stunning innovative patented technologies, the Excalibur Aventador S watch also reinterprets the classic jumping seconds complication.
‘Perfect Fit’ is an alliance that pays tribute to the spirit of ‘creating results’
   The new timepieces that also appeared at the 2018 Geneva International Auto Show include an Excalibur Spider Pirelli series. Its bold and striking style features and iconic colors are displayed through black titanium alloy and pure white decoration elements. This color scheme The design is reminiscent of the asphalt paved track, which is also the stage where Pirelli, the legendary tire brand, is showing off. This unique Pirelli watch is equipped with the popular 820SQ self-winding skeletonized movement. Its titanium black DLC-coated skeleton bezel with a white rubber-coated crown and white stitching Strap to enhance the color effect. In order to pay tribute to the characteristics of ‘heroic achievements’ deeply rooted in the genes of two extraordinary brands, the strap of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli series is set with the rubber leather of Pirelli’s winning racing tires. At the same time, the reverse side of the strap is also decorated A unique tread pattern.
Mechanical party, feast time
   During the show, guests from Lamborghini and Pirelli will enjoy the privilege of an exclusive invitation to visit Roger Dubuis’ watchmaking factory in Geneva, the capital of fine watchmaking. To celebrate this rich and exciting tripartite alliance, three carefully planned visits will be completed with a shocking and unique dinner party, and guests will be surrounded by Lamborghini’s luxury supercar team and immersed in Roger Dubuis In the extraordinary series of timepieces of Jetubi, in the core world of micro-mechanical engineering, enjoy another unforgettable priceless experience.

Rolex Masters Ticketing Launch

The Shanghai Rolex Masters, which has been awarded the ATP’s best event for four consecutive times, will once again offer the world’s top tennis feast at the Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center from October 5th to 13th. Work has officially started.

As one of the highest levels of the ATP World Men’s Professional Tennis Tournament and the only ATP1000 Masters in Asia, the 2013 Shanghai Rolex Masters will attract top players including Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Ferrer, Nadal and others More than 100 experts gathered in Shencheng.

The tournament ticketing hotline 962123 has been opened. The UnionPay card (card number starting with 62 and the UnionPay logo on the card surface) is the only designated card for the tournament. Cardholders can use UnionPay cards to pay for tickets and official tickets through a variety of channels, including on-site credit card and Internet Souvenirs and more, and enjoy a 10% discount.

October 5th is the public open day of this event. Spectators can watch all the events for that day for free. For more ticket information, please visit the official website of the Masters

The Tag Heuer 150th Anniversary Expo Celebration, Odyssey Pioneer Ends Perfectly

TAG Heuer 150th Anniversary Expo Celebration Odyssey Pioneer China Ends Perfectly Odyssey Pioneer Global Tour Heuer China Ends Successfully On June 28, in front of the blue and dazzling Expo Monaco Pavilion, a striking sports car attracted Countless lights, this is a commemorative sports car of the Swiss watch pioneer Heuer and Tesla cross-border cooperation, 100% of electric clean energy. TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster in front of the Monaco Pavilion
     TAG Heuer celebrated its 150th anniversary at the Monaco Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. The Principality of Monaco, who has a deep passion for racing, joins hands with TAG Heuer luxury watches that challenge the time limit, complementing the luxury watches of a century and a half.
Why is the end of TAG Heuer China Station the Monaco Pavilion? Because of the 40-year-old legendary racing complex. The TAG Heuer Monaco watch was released in Geneva and New York at the same time in 1969. As the first watch with a square dial, the bold design concept made a sensation in the watchmaking industry, and the Monaco series became one of TAG Heuer’s most classic series. TAG Heuer Concept MONACO V4
     The Monaco Pavilion was transformed into a time corridor that night. From CARRERA 1887, MONCAO V4 to PENDULUM pioneer luxury watches, 16 rare collection watches represent TAG Heuer’s past, present and future, reflecting 150 years of glorious history. The celebration was full of stars. Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, President of TAG Heuer, Mr. Jean-Marc Lacave, President of LVMH Watch & Jewellery Asia Pacific, joined hands with Mr. Chen Daoming, China’s outstanding performance artist, and TAG Heuer’s new brand ambassador-the first in F1. Mr. Dong Hebin, a Chinese driver, and hundreds of guests joined together to witness the 150 years of TAG Heuer’s glorious journey, marking the perfect ending of the China Odyssey Pioneer Global Tour Exhibition in 15 cities around the world.

TAG Heuer China Station ends-Chinese and foreign guests at the Monaco Pavilion celebrate the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 TAG Heuer Pendulum
     Since its establishment in 1860, TAG Heuer has always led the Swiss model of precision watchmaking, creating many milestones in the mechanical watch industry and becoming one of the world’s four major watch brands. For 150 years, TAG Heuer will continue to win the world’s admiration with extraordinary creativity in the future.

Amy’s New Pontos Chronograph Watch

The new Le Méridien Pontos series watch adopts a stainless steel case, polished and satin-finished, with a diameter of 43 mm and a water resistance of 50 meters. The bezel is made of stainless steel or 18K rose gold to meet the requirements. The needs of men with different charms; the matte black or silver-white dial is decorated with three-dimensional hour markers full of tough texture, and the small hands on the hour, minute and auxiliary dials are covered with fluorescent materials, which can still be clearly read in the dark; dial The layout is clear and bright. The 30-minute counter is set at 12 o’clock, the 12-hour counter is set at 6 o’clock, the 60-second counter is set at 9 o’clock, the brand logo is set at 3 o’clock, and the blue central second hand is on the matte black dial. Or the finishing touches on the silver-white dial bring a light and fresh wind. The slender lugs are in a slightly curved posture, blending naturally with the round case, exposing a smooth line.

On the power, the watch is equipped with the Le Méridien ML112 automatic movement, 25 gems, a frequency of 28,800 times per hour, a 46-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds and chronograph functions, corrected in three directions, and decorated with Geneva ripples. The strap comes in stainless steel, gold-plated stainless steel, and black or brown leather.

Time And Jewellery──van Cleef & Arpels

At this year’s Watches & Wonders Asia and Watch Fair, Van Cleef & Arpels used the family’s exquisite craftsmanship to celebrate the unique Poetry of Time ™ with its elaborate dial. Psalms of time. The brand’s Cadenas® watch, launched in 1935, introduced a new design in this exhibition, allowing this top jewellery brand, which originated in the late nineteenth century, to once again showcase the original aesthetics that combine jewellery and watches.
   Looking back at the Cadenas watch, which came out in 1935, it presents a unique case with a bold design, and uses eye-catching bracelets and buckles to shape the entire watch into an exciting fashion accessory. Today it still radiates enduring charm. The inspiration behind this timeless piece is the same as the Zip necklace, from the Duchess of Windsor. The first Cadenas jewellery watch is cast in 18K yellow gold, and the double-circle cylindrical hinged elegant design bracelet can be worn as a bracelet; the tilted and exquisite dial allows the wearer to read the time in a low-key and show the elegance of women. The extremely feminine watch design is like a bracelet, in which the gem-set style shines more brilliantly with diamonds. The new Cadenas watch of 2015 continues its classic look with nine new Cadenas models. The beveled dial originally designed is still in use today, the area of ​​the dial is enlarged, making the details conspicuous and showing a clearer reading space. The diamonds set in snowflakes are dazzling, releasing the ultimate luxury of the watch. The two small ceramic beads built into the buckle are closely connected to the components, increasing the safety of the watch during wearing.
1936 Cadenas Retail Catalog Card presented to the Duchess by the Duke of Windsor.
Cadenas Bracelet Or gold bracelet watch
   This Cadenas watch, made of 18K yellow gold, perfectly reflects the meticulous and simple aesthetic design concept. The double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet in yellow gold adds a subtle and graceful charm to this classic piece, to celebrate the timeless contemporary atmosphere of this classic design. This watch is also available in a crocodile leather strap style that adds charm to a slim wrist.
Cadenas Bracelet Or gold bracelet watch, 18K yellow gold case, bracelet, mother-of-pearl dial, quartz movement.
Cadenas Sertie diamond watch
   The Cadenas Sertie diamond watch combines the light and shadow lines of jewellery in 18K yellow and 18K white gold. The top of the case and the two ends of the crocodile leather strap are paved with diamonds in a snowflake-like setting, which is bright and eye-catching. The Cadenas Sertie diamond watch is also equipped with a gold bracelet style. The double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet is unique in design. The Cadenas Sertie Bracelet Or gold bracelet diamond watch is outlined by round and feminine curves.
   Cadenas Sertie Bracelet Or watch with gold bracelet and diamonds, 18K white gold case, bracelet, diamond-set case, mother-of-pearl dial, quartz movement.
   Cadenas Sertie diamond watch, 18K yellow gold diamond case, mother-of-pearl dial, alligator strap, quartz movement.
Cadenas Pavée diamond watch
   The new Cadenas Pavée style reflects the jewellery look of this watch design. The top of the case is inlaid with princess-cut diamonds, and the entire case, dial and buckle are paved with round diamonds in a snowflake-like setting process, which shines brightly. This magnificent and subtle design, combined with 18K white gold double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet, exudes the ultimate dazzling light. The Cadenas Pavée watch is available in rose gold with pink corundum and diamonds. The case and buckle are paved with diamonds and gradual pink corundum, sparkling and gentle.
   Cadenas Pavée Bracelet Or gold bracelet with full pavé diamond watch, 18K white gold case, bracelet, snowflake diamonds, quartz movement.
   Cadenas Pavée Saphirs Roses Bracelet Or gold bracelet with fully paved pink corundum watch, 18K rose gold case, bracelet, snowflake diamonds and pink corundum, equipped with quartz movement.

Celebrating The Arrival Of Spring Nomos Tetra Petit Four Watch Series Watch

NOMOS has launched four new works for the classic watch series Tetra, celebrating the arrival of spring with a square case, simple design and beautiful colors.

   NOMOS launches four new pieces for the classic watch series Tetra, celebrating the arrival of spring with a square case, minimalist design and beautiful colors.
   (Glashütte / Berlin, March 2018) Friendship reminder: Although these watches are called ‘Petit Four’ and look tempting, they cannot be used for eating. There are four new Tetra watches in the NOMOS Petit Four collection, namely Matcha, Azure, Pearl and Grenadine, all perfectly emphasizing the graceful curves of the wrist.
These new timepieces are equipped with NOMOS’s Alpha movement, which is known for its reliable performance and accurate timekeeping. They inherit the NOMOS brand tradition and are handmade in Glashütte. Each Alpha movement is six-way adjusted and decorated with Glashütte stripes, tempered blue steel screws, and NOMOS fish scales.

   Two of the four watches have a transparent sapphire crystal caseback, so you can clearly appreciate the precise operation of the manual winding movement. The other two, Tetra Matcha and Tetra Azure, feature stainless steel casebacks for special lettering, whether it’s a declaration of love or the address of your favorite French bakery.

   NOMOS often tries different colors on classic Tetra watches; the square outline of the case and the clear lines blend perfectly. This time, garnet red, pearl powder, clear blue, and matcha green, these unprecedentedly beautiful colors, constitute a very modern quartet. With exquisite contrasting fonts on the dial and elegant gold and silver details on the hands, these watches are not only exquisite mechanical timepieces, they also look like brilliant jewellery.

   The NOMOS Petit Four watch is the best partner to enjoy the sun, lush flowers and cheerful mood in spring. It will be available at select retailers from the end of March.

Seiko Prospex Creates Summer Beauty Of Mount Fuji World Cultural Heritage Mount Fuji Limited Commemorative Watch Model Powerful

The sports and leisure heat continues to warm up in Taiwan, and mountaineering has also rapidly climbed to become one of the Chinese leisure sports, driving the professional mountaineering watch to become bullish. SEIKO will follow watch fans to conquer Mount Fuji in Japan this summer, and will launch two new PROSPEX works ‘Summer Fuji’ and ‘Red Fuji’ limited mountaineering watches this (8/6). In addition to measuring altitude, air pressure, temperature and bearing, etc. , The case and strap joints are subtly integrated into the Mt. Fuji mark, so that climbers can easily use the watch while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
SEIKO PROSPEX ‘Summer Fuji’ and ‘Red Fuji’ limited mountaineering watches, limited to 100 in Taiwan each

SEIKO PROSPEX and adventurer Taisho Miura’s latest masterpiece re-peaks Mount Fuji
   The well-known Japanese adventurer Gota Miura inherited the spirit of his father Yuichiro Miura adventurer. At the age of 11, he dared to climb the mountain of Gili Mazzaro, which is known as the top of Africa. It is the youngest record-breaker ever. ; In 2013, he and his father successfully climbed Everest, the highest peak in the world, and became Japan’s first pair of parent-child adventurers to climb the Everest twice. Since then, they have also established the Miura Dolphins Association to provide support for all ages and athletes worldwide. It is recommended to strive to pass the spirit of sports adventure to younger generations.
Mount Fuji and Five Lakes motif at the junction of the dial and strap
   SEIKO PROSPEX follows the first season with Miura Haota to jointly develop the Alpinist limited adventure limited edition watch, focusing on the eyes of various circles, in August this year, as a product development consultant, supervised the production, and cooperated to launch a new limited edition PROSPEX ‘Xia Fuji’, ‘Red Fuji’ mountain climbing Watches. The design concept of ‘Summer Fuji’ comes from the fresh green and vibrant atmosphere at the foot of Mount Fuji every summer when the mountain is opened; and ‘Red Fuji’ is taken in the early morning of summer when Fuji is bathed in the sun and presents a reddish beauty. Think of design.
   In addition, the pattern of Mount Fuji and the Five Lakes is also affixed to the lugs, allowing climbers to experience the beauty of the reduced version of Fuji when they chase the time. The material of the strap is made of braided rope for mountaineering, which is rich in color and creates vitality. The length of the strap can be adjusted freely and worn directly outside the cold clothing. In response to the low-temperature climate when Mount Fuji is opened from July to September, it is convenient to use Sex. In addition, the sideways streamlined curve of the case can avoid problems that hinder the backpack’s upper and lower shoulders, or the mountain stick bracelet accidentally touching the watch. Various designs are designed around the watch to function perfectly in difficult environments.
SEIKO PROSPEX Mt. Fuji Commemorative Limited Edition Marks the Best of Mt. Fuji Classics
   To symbolize Mount Fuji’s world cultural heritage, the back of the two Fuji limited edition watch cases is also hidden. The case back is not only engraved with the UNESCO logo, but Mt.Fuji World Heritage Limited Edition is also engraved on it to commemorate Fuji’s registration as a World Heritage This series of watches is also full of ingenuity, with a wood grain box and an original headscarf printed with climbing routes.
Strap embellished with World Heritage logo
   Continuing the PROSPEX professional climbing watch function, with lightweight characteristics and equipped with basic functions such as measuring altitude, air pressure, temperature and orientation, it has become a must-have for mountaineers. For advanced mountaineers, this watch also has the management of climbing ‘Speed ​​display’ and ‘calorie consumption display’ advanced function as a reference for energy replenishment, and equipped with a solar charging function, so that light energy can be converted into electrical energy at any time.
SEIKO Mount Fuji PROSPEX climbing watch with special storage wood grain watch box

SEIKO Mount Fuji PROSPEX climbing watch with dedicated storage wood grain watch box and climbing course headband
[Annex] SEIKO PROSPEX ‘Xia Fuji’, ‘Red Fuji’ limited mountaineering watch specifications:
SEIKO PROSPEX limited climbing watch SBEB035J (Xia Fuji), Taiwan limited to 100

Model: SBEB035J (Summer Fuji)
Quantity: 900 pieces worldwide, 100 pieces Taiwan
Movement: Solar movement
※ Charging with light does not need to worry about running out of power when climbing.
※ Altimeter measurement function: display altitude and ascent speed.
※ The climbing record storage function records and displays various data based on the height.
※ Equipped with barometric temperature and azimuth measurement function.
Specifications: Enhanced mirror surface, waterproof 10 bar, environmental protection solar energy, full power for about 5 months, power saving mode (full charge for about 18 months), alarm function (3 groups), chronograph, world time (35 cities + 7 Mainland’s highest peak + Mount Fuji), perpetual calendar, bearing, barometric pressure, temperature, altitude measurement function, mountaineering data records (date, time, average climbing speed, cumulative altitude, record start / end altitude, highest / minimum altitude, calories burned) With special storage box and headband for climbing route
SEIKO PROSPEX limited mountaineering watch SBEB037J (red Fuji), Taiwan limited to 100

Model: SBEB037J (Red Fuji)
Quantity: 900 pieces worldwide, 100 pieces Taiwan
Movement: Solar movement
※ Charging with light does not need to worry about running out of power when climbing.
※ Altimeter measurement function: display altitude and ascent speed.
※ The climbing record storage function records and displays various data based on the height.
※ Equipped with barometric temperature and azimuth measurement function.
Specifications: Enhanced mirror surface, waterproof 10 bar, environmental protection solar energy, full power for about 5 months, power saving mode (full charge for about 18 months), alarm function (3 groups), chronograph, world time (35 cities + 7 Mainland’s highest peak + Mount Fuji), perpetual calendar, bearing, barometric pressure, temperature, altitude measurement function, mountaineering data records (date, time, average climbing speed, cumulative altitude, record start / end altitude, highest / minimum altitude, calories burned) With special storage box and headband for climbing route

Choose The Most Fashionable Gift For Your Girlfriend. Female Watches Within 10,000 Yuan Recommended

In the new year, it is always necessary to carnival for love, of course, gift giving is also essential, and it is not so easy to choose the right gift for the other party. Gentlemen, are your gifts chosen? If your budget happens to be within 10,000 yuan, the editor recommends choosing a beautiful and practical ladies watch, which can record the time you love each other and be a long-term companion. In this article, the editor has selected the following beautifully designed and simple ladies watches for men’s reference:
Tissot T-CLASSIC T099.

Domestic public price: RMB 5,600
Watch diameter: 32 mm
Watch thickness: 10.69 mm
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 8,150
Watch diameter: 34 mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: hamilton / 44087 /
Watch Reviews: The slim and exquisite design of the Sir Jazz Hamilton series watches will surely capture the heart of women. The charming hollow dial shows the rhythmic beauty of the movement, creating a marvelous structure like a suspension. Under the colorful background, it looks elegant and pleasant, like a silver lotus flourishing in the middle of the water. The soft and rounded curve of the watch blooms elegantly at night without losing the romantic atmosphere. It is equipped with a beautifully decorated H-10 movement, which can provide 80 hours of power reserve.
Movado Aisha 0607053 watch

Domestic public price: not yet priced
Watch diameter: 28 mm
Watch thickness: 5.7 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: PVD gold-plated stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: movado / 43993 /
Watch reviews: Movado Aisha watches are elegantly designed by women and have a very unique artistic temperament. The design of the bracelet links is beautiful and soft, blending with the smooth round case, with pure simplicity The museum dial, a single dot, creates a unique landscape, and it will surely become the most eye-catching decoration on the party when worn on the wrist. The watch is made of PVD gold-plated stainless steel, with a quartz movement for precise movement.
Summary: The above three watches all have a variety of unique qualities. The Tissot Durul red strap with the mother-of-pearl dial is particularly in line with the New Year atmosphere; the Hamilton Sir Hollow watch is more suitable for fresh and elegant women; Aisha quartz watches are more in line with women’s avant-garde style.

Retro Fashion Tasting Style Series Diamond Watch

The Tudor dynasty in Britain, from 1485 to 1603, was one of the most glorious times in British history. The last monarch was Queen Elizabeth I, with a prominent reputation, and Tudor was taken from it. ‘Tudor’. For a long time, the top-fashioned and durable Swiss first-class watchmaking technology has created the tradition of Tudor.

   The new Tudor Style series incorporates the aesthetic elements of legendary watches from the 1950s to the 1970s, drawing inspiration from classic Italian small bikes and their romantic rides. The design style is retro and stylish, comfortable to wear and full of modern elegance, suitable for any occasion. Today, the Watch House brings you a Style series watch, the official model of the watch is: 12500-65050.

38 mm case
   This watch has a very beautiful appearance and attractive design. A round stainless steel case with a diameter of 38 mm, a simple three-pin design, a sapphire crystal glass mirror, a black dial with lacquered finish and silver inlaid scales are easy to read at a glance. The calendar display is very useful.

Screw-down stainless steel crown
   The screw-in stainless steel crown with a trapezoidal edge has a simple and practical design, sharp edges and corners, and excellent feel. The top of the crown is polished and engraved with the Tudor brand logo. Provides 100 meters of water resistance.

Stainless steel bracelet
   The stainless steel bracelet is made up of five grid links, three wide and two narrow. Chain links are polished and satin-finished to look more beautiful, but this will undoubtedly increase the time and difficulty of production.

Case side brushed
   Viewed from the side without the crown, the thickness is relatively shallow, not heavy, and it will be more comfortable to wear. The polished bezel is naturally curved, and the edges are rounded. The side of the case is brushed to give it more texture and looks layered.

Stainless steel folding clasp
   This watch uses an easy-to-wear stainless steel folding clasp. The polished English buckle is engraved with the brand’s English logo, just like Tudor’s solid brand quality, which highlights the brand identity of this watch.

Lugs are smooth and natural
   The lightweight lug design blends nicely into the case and bracelet, and looks smooth and natural.

Black dial with lacquered finish
   The lacquered black dial is more calm. The foreign aid transfers the minute scale in white, and the hour scale is inlaid with a silver trapezoidal scale. At 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, 3 exquisite diamonds are set, which is even more delicate. The calendar display window at three o’clock is simple and beautiful, and it is very practical. With the design of the junior pin, the simple and simple toffee-type pointer is simple and clear when reading.

ETA 2824 automatic movement
   The bottom cover of this watch uses a screw-in, dense bottom cover, equipped with an ETA 2824 self-winding movement, with a diameter of 26 mm, a thickness of 4.6 mm, a number of 25 gems, and a frequency of 28,800 times per hour. The oscillating weight is engraved with the English letters of the Tudor and the brand Logo, providing about 38 hours of power reserve, accurate and stable travel time.

   Summary: This Tudor Style series watch has a retro design style, which is in line with today’s retro style, and the colleagues in the retro style are still stylish, elegant, completely suitable for wearing any occasion. This small detail inlaid with diamonds adds a touch of wonder to this watch, adding a touch of nobility and elegance. The current quotation for this watch is: 18,100 RMB.