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    3 Million Yuan Montblanc New Mechanical Chronograph Watch

    The launch of the new Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph has once again established Montblanc’s professional watchmaking capabilities. The movement of this watch is the first self-made movement of the TimeWalker series, MB LL 100, which was developed by Montblanc’s Le Locle in Switzerland. This watch uses a titanium-coated black dysprosium (DLC) case. It is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and costs about 3 million yuan. Montblanc TimeWalker Dual Flyback Chronograph Performance Reference Price: RMB 2,958,580 (US $ 450,000)
    New homemade movement MB LL 100
    Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph is a column wheel chronograph watch, is the most popular type of advanced chronograph watch. The movement used is the first self-made chronograph movement MB LL 100 of the TimeWalker series, which is a movement that is automatically refined and displays the ultimate watchmaking skills and art. Among them, the design includes the function of controlling the chronograph through the traditional column wheel, which is an indispensable feature of top chronograph watches and an extremely time-consuming design. A new aspect in the structure of this movement is the vertical clutch, which operates with minimal friction to ensure that the performance of the timer can be quite durable, and to avoid friction caused by long-term use.
    计时 TwinFly timing performance
    的 Chronograph watches with seconds and chronograph hands in the center of the surface were quite popular in the 1970s, but as the number of movements of such watches decreased, their number gradually decreased. This is why Montblanc’s new MB LL 100 movement is so noticeable when it puts the clearly visible chronograph display performance back in the center of the surface.
    最 On the outermost surface, it can be read to quarter-second nicks, you can calculate the number of seconds, and there is a 60-minute scoreboard in the hour circle. Under such a design, the charm of flyback performance is more prominent. If the user presses the button on the side of the dial at the four o’clock position, the chronograph hands and the scoring dial hands will quickly ‘fly back’ to the zero position, and the user will immediately move the hands without any action. Begins timing again. This design, which can be reset to zero almost immediately, is named ‘flyback’, and the scene is even more exciting when the two large hands in the center of the surface quickly reset to zero; therefore, the design team named this new chronograph watch ‘TwinFly’.
    特色 Another feature of this chronograph is the dual barrel, which accumulates enough power to allow the watch to operate for about 72 hours. The dual barrel is particularly advantageous in the chronograph. Sufficient power can make up for the change in torque between the start and stop of the timing performance, and slow down the amplitude changes that occur when starting and stopping the timing performance. Therefore, in every operating state of the watch, the watch can operate more stably, and the watch itself has an automatic winding mechanism, which can maintain the best winding state at any time.
    Montblanc TimeWalker dual flyback chronograph performance watch
    了 Clear display performance
    许多 Compared with many other chronographs, the small dial is the main chronological performance. This new Montblanc TimeWalker series TwinFly Chronograph shows the time in the second time zone with a small dial. The idea of ​​the design team is very logical: most of the time dials can only calculate short time, so the meaning of the time dial is not significant. However, knowing when the second time zone was at the time, whether it was day or night, Is very important information.
    Modern people often travel everywhere, shuttle and travel in different time zones, and naturally they want to know the correct time in their hometown. The time zone display at twelve o’clock is also displayed on a small 24-hour dial to let users know if their family members are awake or asleep. In order to maintain the balance of the dial design, the continuously running small second dial is located at the six o’clock diagonally.
    Dark is black
    The appearance of this brand new Montblanc TimeWalker series double flyback chronograph performance watch fully matches the concept of the TimeWalker series. The lightweight, high-tech materials are perfectly matched with the thick, highly scratch-resistant black dysprosium carbon (DLC), ensuring that this watch effectively prevents scratches and vibrations.
    Although this watch is 43 mm in diameter, it is still extremely lightweight and comfortable. The narrow bezel makes the clear black surface look more spacious. The sapphire crystal on the surface is brightened by anti-glare treatment, and it is hardly felt. The case back has a transparent sapphire crystal, and connoisseurs can appreciate the movement and the black interior. In order to balance the high-tech and highly functional appearance of this watch, it is also equipped with a noble and elegant black alligator leather strap and a stainless steel bag with black DLC buckle, which makes the rigid metal lines more relaxed.

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    Girard-perregaux Young Watchmaker Continues World Tour Watch Showcase At Alege Glacier, Switzerland

    On January 31, 2013, Girard-Perregaux, the Swiss high-end watch brand, pioneered the watchmaking industry. Last year, it published the special album ‘The New Face of Tradition’, introducing many young watchmakers in the watch factory. The craftsmanship of watchmakers and their tastes in life have won unanimous praise; this year, young watchmakers will continue their world tour and show their excellent craftsmanship from a new perspective.

     François-Henri Pinault, Chief Executive Officer of PPR Group, said at the Young Watchmaker’s Tour Workshop in Paris last September: ‘GP Girard-Perregaux has adhered to tradition and respected the spirit of advancing with the times since its establishment in 1791; Parker has written many glorious chapters in the history of Swiss watchmaking industry. Each masterpiece of timepieces embodies the passion and hard work of watchmakers. R & D capabilities and creativity ‘
     Girard Perregaux has also produced a website log of www.TheNewFaceofTradition.com, which is closely related to the daily life and interests of many young watchmakers such as Jerome, Anne, Julien, Grégory, François, Lise and Paul-Henry: which one Passionate about handball? Who loves playing video games? Who loves playing cards? Where will the next workshop be? All these will be announced on the website.

     Last year, Girard-Perregaux held its first workshop in New York, and then moved to Beijing, Paris, and Miami for renewal. Each stop received warm response from watch lovers and the public.
     The young watchmakers will continue to show their watchmaking skills throughout the world: In 2013, they will use the most magnificent Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps as their first stop on the watchmaking stage, and perform in the wonders of nature. You can imagine what a wonderful experience to inlay the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon in the snow-covered glacier!
     As the world goes from north to west, the journey of young watchmakers continues to set a precedent …

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    Longines Hourglass Flying Wings Elegant Timing

    The years are silent, and time is affectionate. The subtle timing made by manpower is the intellectual challenge and harmony between human and nature. In 1832, Longines engraved with the flying wing hourglass logo gracefully emerged from the Swiss valley town of Soymia. The 180-year-old tradition of exquisite craftsmanship remains unchanged. The unremitting pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has made the brand fine Pure watchmaking expertise.

    Timeless Elegance Quartet
    Elegance, watchmaking tradition, movement and classic re-enactment are the clear footprint of Longines for 180 years. Brands also divide their product series into four categories. With the essence and expertise of 180 years of watchmaking, Longines has created the 180th anniversary model of beauty. These unique limited edition models are a perfect portrait of Longines’ long-lasting elegance and a modern masterpiece of the brand’s watchmaking technology.
    Longines Watch Jialan Series 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Price: RMB52,000

    Longines regards it as the most basic value. Longines bases its product’s timeless elegance on an aesthetic tradition that has been passed down and innovated continuously. The perfect balance between sophisticated and classic design is reflected in every Longines watch. The advertising of Longines Elegance is an attitude endorsed by Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart has become the brand’s elegant statement.
    初 At the beginning of the 20th century, Longines applied the exquisite style of the Art Deco Art Deco movement to the design of barrel-shaped, oval or rectangular movements and models, which became the representative of the aesthetics of that era. Today, the Xinyue series, Daichao Wiener series, and Jialan series all belong to the elegant category in the brand product line.

    Longines watch column wheel single button chronograph stopwatch 180th anniversary limited edition Sale price: RMB81,100
    计时 Timing for sports events is the best expression of the expertise and precision performance of timing tools. Longines’ participation in sports events dates back to 1878, when it introduced the first chronograph movement 20H. Over the years, with its expertise in watchmaking technology, the brand has continuously designed and invented various timing devices and systems to effectively determine and display the winning time of various events. The creation of Longines has witnessed and recorded many world firsts. Led by noble equestrianism, it has long supported sports such as tennis, gymnastics, alpine skiing and archery. These movements need to possess the extraordinary abilities of concentration, precision and experience, while also conveying a noble and unique style and elegance, these qualities exactly match the essence of Longines watchmaking tradition and watchmaking philosophy. The Comcast and Concas dive watches embody Longines’ pursuit of excellence and elegance.

    Longines Lépine Movement 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Gold Pocket Watch Sale Price: RMB133,000
    表 Watchmaking tradition 表
    Whether it is aesthetic or technical, the innovations implemented by Longines have promoted the brand’s flying wing hourglass logo into a symbol of professionalism and elegance. Longines, now regarded as a watchmaking expert, has always focused on the design and production of movements. It has continuously pioneered technology in this field, and has accumulated a proud tradition of watchmaking, such as the first production in 1945. A self-winding movement 22A was a major breakthrough in the prevailing technical principles. In recent years, Longines has introduced some new timing devices, such as the mechanical chronograph stopwatch driven by the column wheel movement in 2009, which is a timekeeping device with the tradition of watchmaking and reliable performance.
    Classic Remake
    我们 ‘Our history is our source of inspiration and endless wealth.’ Mr. Hokenau, President of Longines Global, always said this with passion. Longines has always been committed to combining the original beauty of the most unique products in the history of the brand with contemporary cutting-edge watchmaking technology to create classic replica watches, paying tribute to the brand’s innate pioneering spirit and masterpieces.
    In this category of Longines classic replicas, there are many unique and outstanding styles, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the continuous time angle watch, 1931 American pilot Charles Lian designed a replica watch. The replica watches show the brand’s heritage and continuity, as well as the infinite respect for history, with exquisite mastery and elegant classics.

    Longines watch flying across the Atlantic Price: RMB41,200
    180 years, passing time gracefully
    Born in Longines, a small town in the Swiss valley of Soymia in 1832, the long-established and exquisite craftsmanship has been glorious for 180 years. Longines bases its product’s timeless elegance on an aesthetic tradition that has been passed down and innovated continuously. The perfect balance between sophisticated and classic design is reflected in every Longines watch. It is like a huge time laboratory, always paying close attention to his own creativity and mind.
    In 1832, Auguste Agassiz joined a watch trading company in Soumea, Switzerland, and has since entered the world of watch manufacturing. At this time he made clocks under the ‘établissage’ watchmaker system. In the 1850s, Agassi’s nephew Ernest Francillon took over the business. He began to think about how to improve the production process commonly used in Soymia, complete the production, assembly and completion of parts in the factory, and achieve a certain degree of mechanization. In 1866, he purchased two adjacent land ‘Les Longines’ in the Soymian Valley, and named the watch factory built here. In 1911, there were 1,100 workers at the Longines factory. Longines developed watch technology and strived for excellence, which brought many awards to Longines. By the 1929 Barcelona exhibition, Longines had won more than ten Grand Prix awards at international and world exhibitions.
    With expertise in watchmaking, Longines has a wealth of experience and glory tradition as the official timekeeper of the World Championships and a partner of the International Sports Federation, such as long-term support for elegant equestrian sports. Today Longines has grown into a global brand that has always maintained its tradition, marketing its products in more than 130 countries or regions around the world.
    Taking advantage of the great opportunity of the 180th anniversary celebration, Longines presents its long watchmaking tradition and superb watchmaking technology with many new models. Each Longines watch with 180 years of elegant spirit will continue to write another story with the wearer.

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    Arantxa Sanchez, Three-time French Open Champion, Visits Longines India Store

    Today, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) and the All India Tennis Association (AITA), which host the world’s top clay tennis Roland-Garros, are announced The 3rd Longines French Open Wild Card Round Tournament (Rendez-Vous à Roland-Garros) is held. The tournament is held for the third consecutive year and aims to nurture young players in India and promote clay tennis.

       The event ambassador and former world champion Spanish golfer Arantxa Sanchez went to India to support this special event, and visited a Longines store in New Delhi to share her watch for Longines-especially the designated watch for this event. A favorite of Cass Roland Garros watches. In addition, she is also a sponsor of the Longines Future Tennis Aces Tournament 2016; this event has been organized by Longines since 2010, bringing together young tennis players from around the world in Paris Badminton skills in the city centre.
       ‘I am very happy to participate in the Longines French Open Wild Card Tournament. Longines has been actively participating in the tennis world for a long time, and Longines Concas Roland Garros watches are paying tribute to this. For me, this The exquisite watch fully reflects the elegant style of sports. ‘

       Coinciding with the 10th French Open Tennis Championship held since Longines and the French Tennis Association started cooperation, Longines launched the Longines Concas Roland Garros women’s watch to promote this famous mud tour in Paris. This new watch combines dynamic vitality and outstanding performance, but at the same time, without losing elegance, it must win the favor of female athletes, such as Longines Ambassador of elegance and six-time French Open champion Stefanie Graf At the same time, she was very keen to support the development of this watch.
       Adhering to the spirit of tennis, the Conquest 1 / 100-second Roland Garros men’s watch is specially made for athletes, professionals and sports enthusiasts. It not only has multiple timekeeping functions, but also is equipped with a clear and easy-to-read pointer display, which is accurate to 100 A fraction of a second. The hands, dial and outer ring are embellished with an orange design, meticulously integrated with the elements of the French Open Red Land, and the bottom of the table is engraved with the Roland Garros logo.

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    Audemars Piguet Las Vegas Crystal Mall Boutique Officially Unveiled

    Audemars Piguet’s third boutique in the United States, the Swiss fine watch brand, was officially unveiled at The Shops at Crystals, Las Vegas, Nevada. The brand new boutique is located on the ground floor of a shopping center, covering 1,270 square feet (about 118 square meters), between Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton stores. The elegant and simple design style perfectly shows this The core value concept of a brand with a long history of 140 years: ‘driving the routine and creating innovation’.
       The partnership between Audemars Piguet and Westime dates back to 1994. The opening of a new boutique in Las Vegas is the latest achievement of the cooperation project between the two parties. ‘Audemars Piguet is proud to further deepen its partnership with Westime through the opening of The Shops at Crystals boutique.
       Las Vegas has always been an exciting market, and the opening of new boutiques has also allowed us to better present the brand’s full range of timepiece products to customers from all over the world. Xavier Nolot, CEO of Audemars Piguet North America, explained.
       The new boutique is designed by a Swiss creative agency. The fusion of high-grade wood and metal creates an elegant and simple atmosphere, showing the natural pastoral of the town of Le Brassus, the Swiss town of Valee de Joux. Scenery.
       The main body of the Las Vegas boutique is divided into ‘The Manufacture’ and ‘The House’. ‘The Manufacture’ showcases detailed timepiece products and has a dedicated watchmaker’s workbench. ‘The House’ has a full-service bar and lounge. Customers who appreciate the watch can enjoy a cup of special coffee or cocktail.
       Audemars Piguet’s relentless pursuit of excellence in design, manufacturing and service, the new boutique will showcase more than 100 watch products in six major series, including the latest creations. Watch lovers and collectors can Enjoy home away from home and unparalleled comfort.

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    Brand New Achievements, The New Breitling Super Ocean Series Watch (New Superocean)

    A brand new dial and bezel design with a slimmer profile, with a new 36 mm diameter and a new rubber strap-Breitling Superocean II watch (Professional diving wrist) The watch, once again presented the perfect fusion of style and extraordinary performance in a new style.

     Since the launch of the Superocean series in 1957, Breitling has continued to optimize its technology and functionality-the goal is not only to make it the best partner for professional and military divers, but also to accompany the majority of diving enthusiasts to explore Thrilling underwater world. The Breitling Super Ocean II series watch, the latest spokesperson of this outstanding bloodline, perfectly inherits and continues the essence of this series, reaching a higher level of achievement.
     In order to enhance the lightness and comfort of the watch, the contour of the case is designed to be thinner. The rubber die-cut groove unidirectional rotating bezel is more readable. In addition to the oversized numerals, it is also equipped with a 15-minute countdown indicator and a luminous triangle mark at 12 o’clock.

     Large Arabic numerals and oversized hands with white luminous coating also make the dial clear and easy to read even in the dark and deep sea.

     The ultra-sturdy stainless steel case with screw-in crown ensures water resistance up to 200 to 1,000 meters (660 to 3,300 feet). The Breitling Super Ocean II series watches are available in 44mm and 42mm diameters. The stainless steel case is satin-finished (44mm diameter) or polished (42mm). The dial is available in black or blue. Bezel and strap.

     In order to further enrich the Super Ocean series, Breitling has launched a new 36 mm diameter watch. The stainless steel case is polished and available in black and white for women. In addition, Breitling has also revolutionized the quite dynamic Ocean Racer rubber strap. The round hole of the strap is decorated with a ring-shaped relief design to make it more prominent. These three Super Ocean II series watches are equipped with an extraordinary Breitling high-performance self-winding chronograph movement, with the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) certification representing an accurate and reliable authority benchmark. The new Breitling Super Ocean II series watch, the perfect combination of extraordinary performance and style aesthetics!

    [Technical parameters] Movement: Breitling 17-type movement, Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), automatic winding, 28,800 high swing frequency per hour, 25 gem bearings; calendar display.
    Case: Stainless steel; Water-resistant to 200 meters / 660 feet (Super Ocean II 36 watch), 500 meters / 1,650 feet (Super Ocean II 42 watch) or 1,000 meters / 3,300 feet (Super Ocean II 44 Watch); screw-in crown; unidirectional ratchet-type rotating bezel; curved sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides; diameter: 36, 42 or 44 mm.
    Dial: Super Ocean II 42 and Super Ocean 44: Volcano Black, Mariner Blue; Super Ocean 36: Volcano Black, Hurricane White.
    Strap / Bracelet: leather strap, Ocean Racer rubber strap, Diver Pro rubber strap, Professional stainless steel bracelet.
     The above is the Breitling Baselworld 2015 new model tushang brought to you by the Watch House, and there will be exciting content for everyone. Stay tuned for our watch home Baselworld 2015. For more details, please click Watch House 2015 Basel Live Show Feature:

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    Earl’s Blue Taste Piaget Altiplano 38 Mm Manual Winding Watch

    Thinner and lighter is a major trend in the development of modern timepieces. Ultra-thin timepieces are not only the representative of the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship, but also its sincere expression to mechanical timepiece lovers. In 1957, Piaget launched the first ultra-thin watch with a slim case never seen before, combined with a simple dial, to achieve an elegant and subtle shape and subvert the watchmaking world, reinterpreting the meaning of elegance. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this model of watchmaking, Piaget launched the Piaget Altiplano Anniversary series at the Geneva Watch Salon in 2017, reappearing the glory of the time. Among them, there is this watch Piaget Altiplano series manual winding 38 mm watch that I want to introduce to you today. (Watch model: G0A42107)

    Simple and concise

    Left: 43mm automatic model Right: 38mm manual winding model
       The 43mm automatic mechanical model and 38mm manual mechanical model introduced this time are based on the aesthetic style of Piaget’s first ultra-thin watch. The original series logo in the middle of the dial, gold hour markers and central cross pattern, A tribute to the tradition of the series. In appearance, the biggest difference between the two watches is that the 43mm automatic mechanical Piaget logo is marked with ‘Automatique’ on the logo, which can be easily identified. The integration of Piaget Blue and Swashplate fully demonstrates the endless creativity of the brand, while meeting contemporary needs, it can also reshape the classics.
    Watch details

    Piaget Blue Cross Watch Display
       In today’s popular watches, the design of the swashplate is relatively rare. Just like this watch, from the top to the bottom, it presents an unprecedented sense of timepiece. In addition, the design of the swashplate seems to divide the watch face into four areas, making the time display more intuitive and clear, and improving the wearer’s viewing efficiency from the side.

    18K White Gold Case
       The case with a diameter of 38 mm is made of 18K white gold. After polishing, it has a charming luster and is very beautiful. The contour of the case is slender, and the perfect radian presents an attractive texture.

    18K White Gold Crown
       The crown is engraved with Piaget’s LOGO ‘P’ pattern, which has a strong sense of design, adding a unique style to the watch. The non-slip texture design of the crown, after a special treatment, is very good to the touch, which facilitates the time adjustment operation of the watch.

    Deep Piaget Blue Dial
       The unique Piaget blue dial is deep and full of appeal. It lies between cobalt blue and midnight blue to enhance the watch’s ornamental glory, and is contrasted with the sun’s radial engraving, which is both retro and elegant. Against the backdrop of Piaget’s blue dial, the understated blue cross pattern from Piaget’s collection styles echoes the classic white gold hour markers and slender Button hands, creating a charming visual effect. In addition, the addition of the blue cross design also makes the platinum hour markers and Button hands more three-dimensional, so that the entire dial shows a more retro and classic side.

    Piaget 430P movement with only 2.1 mm thickness
       The close-end technology can well protect the security of the watch movement. Equipped with the second-generation manual-winding movement 430P, which is designed, developed, produced and assembled by Piaget Watchmaking Workshop, it continues the outstanding design and structure of the legendary 9P movement with precise timing and superior performance.

    Impressive blue alligator strap
       Equipped with a blue alligator leather strap, the style is vivid and exquisite, and the visual texture is very strong compared with the traditional strap. And with 18K white gold pin buckle buckle, it can protect the watch well on the wrist, not easy to fall, and full of reliability.

    Watch overall display

    Summary: The tribute and commemoration of classic models is as profound and pure as the dial of this Piaget Piaget Altiplano 38 mm watch. The 18K white gold case and blue cross dial design set off the exquisiteness and taste of the classic Piaget blue dial. If you like this watch, you can visit the brand store to see its style. Watch price: RMB 140,000

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    Introduction To The Omega Disc Flying Small Seconds Watch

    In this film directed by Alexander Payne, Clooney wore an Omega Prestige small seconds watch, superbly interpreting Matt King’s A role. The film has also been nominated for several awards including Best Cinema, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing. At the 69th Golden Globe Awards held earlier, George Clooney has won the title of Emperor with his ‘A posterity’.

    At the 69th Golden Globe Awards held earlier, George Clooney has won the title of Emperor with his ‘A posterity’.
    克鲁 George Clooney wears the Omega Fly Elegant Small Seconds watch in the film ‘Later’, with a 39mm red gold case and a brown alligator leather strap. The watch is equipped with the Omega 2002 coaxial movement and has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory. The Omega coaxial escapement system in the movement provides the watch with stable and long-lasting accurate timekeeping.

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    Sparkling ‘surface’ Kung Fu Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet Ro Frost Gold Watch

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frost Gold is a very interesting female watch on SIHH in 2017. This is the brand’s 40th anniversary of the first introduction of female models by Royal Oak in 1977 The commemorative model launched, and as a female watch, it has neither diamonds nor any so-called ‘feminine’ color scheme, but it has introduced a unique exterior surface treatment, and the entire watch relies on this trick. To create its particularity and feminine elements, it is indeed a very clever way to watch design.

    The model is still equipped with the AP’s 3120, which functions as a junior and date; in fact, it is not necessary to omit the second hand as a female watch, but it may be retained here to distinguish it from the quartz model

    Feature 1: Cooperate with famous jewellery designers. Here the ‘unique exterior surface treatment’ refers to the Frosted Gold effect which is refined by hammering. This set of processing skills is AP and Italian jewelry designers through Introduced by the collaboration of Carolina Bucci, Bucci is good at applying this traditional metalwork to her jewelry, using a diamond-tipped hammer to strike the metal surface densely to form a dusty texture. Looking at Bucci’s works, the frosted gold effect can be said to be a major expression of her, but most of the sights are small accessories. This time AP’s Royal Oak may be the largest plane she has ever used.

    The frosted gold treatment extends from the case all the way to the chain belt. It is also because of such a large area of ​​presentation that it can create its unique texture. Only the chain links can be processed one by one and the workload can be imagined Know

    Feature two: The surface made by the three-dimensional frost gold technique of cleverly maintaining the case is like the extinction and camouflage, with a visual effect that reduces the three-dimensional effect. However, the sharp cut surface and the three-dimensional shape with a sense of presence are exactly the royal oak Gerald Genta designed important features that made him famous, so the key to introducing this processing method is how to present the texture of frost gold while still maintaining the complex lines of the Royal Oak. The specific method is basically to follow the frost gold surface. Adjacent planes adopt other surface treatment methods, and the ridges are brought out by the junction of different surface textures, thereby maintaining the three-dimensional feeling.

    You can see three different surface treatments at a glance from the position of the bezel and lugs. Due to the special application method of frosted gold treatment, it should be done first and then chamfered to form such a sharp junction.

    Comment 3: The test under the gorgeous effect is similar to the surface treatment of frosted gold. We seem to have seen it in other brands in the past, but most of them are used in the movement plywood or face plate, and the examples seen in the past have a softer surface texture. In contrast, this should be sharper with hammer chisel marks, so the whole film will have a flash of visual effects in the past, the decoration means more intense, and it is more suitable for female watches. However, it is a little bit interesting whether a surface like this will damage the fabric when rubbed against a more delicate fabric. After all, as a female watch, this is also a point that cannot be ignored.

    Royal Oak Frosted Gold 18K rose gold material / 3120 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / 37mm diameter / reference price: 358000 RMB

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    Sihh 2019 Cartier Launches New Libre Watch

    Cartier Libre series is dedicated to reshaping the classic ladies jewelry watches. In January this year, Cartier released five Libre watches, including CrashRadieuse, while next year’s Libre series will consist of four watches.

     The first was TankChinoiseRed, which was based on a 1921 tank watch and inspired from Chinese architecture. The original square structure was stretched and narrowed. The 18K white gold case is set with two parallel ruby ​​bands, with a black lacquered dial and built-in quartz movement. The production limit is 100 pieces.

     The second Diagonale is a modern creation. On the white gold case, the black and red enamels contrast with the diamonds. This watch is also equipped with a quartz movement, limited to 50 pieces.

     The last two are a pair of medium-sized Baignoire Allongée watches. The Baignoire Allongée Celadon watch uses a white gold case with diamonds, emeralds, and Paraiba tourmaline; the Baignoire Allongée Black uses an 18K yellow gold case with diamonds, black spinel and yellow sapphire. Both watches feature diamond-paved dials and Cartier-made 1917MC hand-wound movements, each limited to 50 pieces. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)