The Glory Of 260 Years Of Technological Innovation And Inheritance 2015 Watches And Miracles Vacheron Constantin New Products Summary

As the fireworks of Victoria Harbour National Day have dried up, the third ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibition is also coming to an end. Vacheron Constantin integrates long history, watch specifications and superb art into its creations. It presents the latest timepieces to Asian and global lovers in elegant and elegant pavilions, commemorating the brand’s uninterrupted technical heritage and innovation for 260 years.
Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes de vache 1955 limited edition watch

    Vacheron Constantin combines bold design and superb watchmaking skills to reinterpret the legendary masterpiece introduced in 1955 with modern concepts, reflecting the brand’s long-standing art and craftsmanship in making high-end chronograph stopwatches. The case is made of 950 platinum, with a diameter of 38.5 mm, a thickness of 10.9 mm, and a water resistance of about 30 meters. It retains the appearance of classic round double buttons and ‘horn-shaped’ lugs.
   Equipped with 1142 high-precision manual winding movement, composed of 164 fully hand-decorated parts, driving the hours, minutes, small seconds, central chronograph seconds and 30-minute timer. The vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz), the number of gems is 21, the power reserve is about 48 hours, and the balance wheel is designed to have higher vibration resistance. It has a double-dark dark blue handmade large grain Mississippi crocodile leather strap, with a 950 platinum buckle, and a semi-Maltese cross polished.
For more details, please click: Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time Watches strictly follow the high-level watchmaking specifications and are equipped with patented innovative designs, presenting perfect works for travelers across the world. The round case in 18K white gold / 18K 5N pink gold has a diameter of 42.5 mm, a thickness of 11.62 mm, and a water resistance of 30 meters. It continues the characteristics of this series of timepieces and features a thin bezel design. The case, bezel, lugs and crown are all polished to exude a charming luster of precious materials. The lugs are simple and stable, and fit perfectly to the wrist for comfortable wearing.
   Equipped with 2460 WT self-winding mechanical movement independently developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, assembled from 255 parts, 27 gems, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), 40 hours power reserve, engraved on the rotor Sexual knurling. Vacheron Constantin 2460 WT movement and its 37 time zone time display, day and night indicator and crown full tuning function have been patented, while the movement is also engraved with the prestigious Geneva mark.
For more details, please click: Créatives Heure Romantique Women’s Watch Series 37640 / 000G-B021 Watch
   The Vacheron Constantin Heures Créatives collection draws inspiration from iconic women’s watches created in the 1920s, 1930s and 1970s. It combines gem-set art and excellent watchmaking techniques to show these symbolic times and their vibrant creativity in a modern way.

   The case is made of 18K white gold, with a size of 26.5 mm x 34 mm and a thickness of 8.4 mm. It is equipped with a 1055 manual winding mechanical movement and a black hand-stitched satin strap. The 37640 / 000G-B021 watch is set with a total of 375 round-cut diamonds weighing approximately 3.5 carats. Its unique design and soft lines reflect the brand’s rich aesthetic tradition. These watch gems are decorated with the purest diamonds and are equipped with mechanical movements that follow the fine watchmaking tradition.
For more details, please click: Créatives Heure Romantique Women’s Watch Series 37640 / F02G-B021 Watch

    The case is made of 18K white gold, with a size of 26.5 mm x 34 mm and a thickness of 8.4 mm. It is equipped with 1055 manual winding mechanical movement and 18K white gold bracelet. The 37640 / F02G-B021 watch is set with a total of 621 round-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 9.7 carats. Its unique design and soft lines reflect the brand’s rich aesthetic tradition. These watch gems are decorated with the purest diamonds and are equipped with mechanical movements that follow the fine watchmaking tradition.
For more details please click: Créatives Heure Romantique Women’s Watch Series 37640 / 000G-B030 Watch

    The case is made of 18K white gold, with a size of 26.5 mm x 34 mm and a thickness of 8.4 mm. It is equipped with a 1055 manual winding mechanical movement and a black hand-stitched satin strap. The 37640 / 000G-B030 watch is set with a total of 123 round-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 2.6 carats. Its unique design and soft lines reflect the brand’s rich aesthetic tradition. These watch gems are decorated with the purest diamonds and are equipped with mechanical movements that follow the fine watchmaking tradition.
For more details, please click: Créatives Heure Romantique Women’s Watch Series 37530 / 000G-B060 Watch

   The case is made of 18K white gold with a size of 36.6 mm x 48 mm and a thickness of 9 mm. The dial is made of white mother-of-pearl, gentle and elegant, and features a time-of-day display. It is equipped with a 1055 manual winding mechanical movement and a black hand-stitched satin strap. The 37530 / 000G-B060 watch is set with a total of 429 round-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 14.7 carats. Its unique design and soft lines reflect the brand’s rich aesthetic tradition. These watch gems are decorated with the purest diamonds and are equipped with mechanical movements that follow the fine watchmaking tradition.
For more details, please click: d’ Art

    The artistic beauty of the watch is intoxicating. The small square of the watch is decorated with exquisite patterns, which makes people intoxicated. Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’ Art series of master watches perfectly reflects the brand’s mastery of technology in the field of watch decoration art. All three watches are equipped with Geneva-certified automatic mechanical movements and are equipped with Mississippi crocodile leather straps, each decorated with different exquisite patterns, each limited to 20 pieces.
For more details, please click: D’ ART “L’ ELOGE DE LA NATURE”: Swan Watch

    Vacheron Constantin uses its exquisite decoration techniques to launch two new extraordinary art products, which not only convey the noble temperament of the swan, but also add a masterpiece to the L’Éloge de la Nature series of natural carols, incorporating romantic lyric Among the exquisite portraits. Present a true visual feast. The female case is 39 mm in diameter and the male case is 42 mm in diameter. Vacheron Constantin not only looks forward to dialogue and exchange with elite experts in fine watchmaking through this pair of swans, but also hopes to show the brand’s long-term strength in arts and crafts and its ability to flexibly use various technologies through its new works.
For more details, please click: 1731 Platinum Movement Minute Repeater

    With a perfect circular appearance and harmonious proportions, the Patrimony series is an example of simple style. A perfect balance between straight lines and arcs, the Patrimony collection is a reflection of traditional classic minimalism. This time Vacheron Constantin launches a platinum case version-equipped with a silver milky white or dark rock gray dial-and is engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark.
   The Patrimony 1731 ultra-thin movement platinum minute repeater set a double record at the same time: the thinnest hand-wound minute repeater (8.1 mm) is embedded in the thinnest hand-wound minute repeater (8.1 mm). Master watchmakers need to use more than 1,200 tools to make such a complicated mechanical device. Master watchmakers imprint their ‘imprint’ on the minute repeater during the tuning process, injecting life into it.
For more details, please click: Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle small model 33mm full diamond women’s watch is set with a total of 608 round-cut diamonds, fully showing a variety of arts and crafts. The dazzling and elegant snowflake and diamond inlaid dial is equipped with a 1400 manual winding engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark, and has a dark blue Mississippi alligator leather strap. The amazing skills of the master of jewelry setting and the extraordinary craftsmanship of the watchmaker complement each other.
For more details, please click: This year, Malte welcomes two new works: the 18K white gold or 18K 5N pink gold case engraved with the prestigious Geneva mark and the dark rock gray dial. These two watches demonstrate the original mission of the timepiece, that is, the time reading function, but the complexity of production is no less than those with various complicated functions.
   Equipped with Vacheron Constantin’s new 4400 manual winding movement with a power reserve of approximately 65 hours. Vacheron Constantin pays tribute to centuries-old barrel-type timepieces through the launch of the Malte Maltese collection, and pays tribute to its basic values ​​based on classicism, elegance and extraordinary technology.
For more details, please click: In order to further enrich the existing Malte fine jewelry series, Vacheron Constantin this time launched a version of full pavé rectangular cut diamond bracelet, in order to pay tribute to the most precious arts and crafts aesthetics. Through the use of full-hand covert mosaic technology, the diamond shines extremely brightly, lighting the time display.

   In order to achieve absolute precision, craftsmen need to work more than 100 hours on each timepiece to create such a perfect diamond mosaic composition. The whole timepiece is like a sculpture made of diamonds. Whether it’s the lugs, bezel, case, dial, bracelet, or crown with the iconic Maltese cross, every detail shines brightly.
For more details, please click: Cabinotier Perpetual Calendar Three-pin First-line Original Window Watch

    This craftsman’s timepiece has a unique canonical pointer display inspired by the high-precision clocks used by people to adjust the time since the 17th century. In addition to the independent hour and minute display, the 2460 RQP calibre also deliberately designed another powerful timepiece complication for this model—the perpetual calendar. The elegant hand-machined engraved dial accentuates the unique texture of this Geneva-engraved timepiece, while also emphasizing the Geneva Maître Cabinotier spirit that the brand has inherited since the 18th century.
For more details, please click: Reference No. 57260 is a masterpiece with two dials, equipped with the most incredible complexity and technological innovation to date. This timepiece was co-produced by the brand’s three watchmakers for eight years. This timepiece combines classic watchmaking craftsmanship and 21st-century mindsets, a masterpiece never seen before, with 57 complex features, including many unique new features.
For more details, please click: The above is the information related to the 2015 “Clocks and Miracles” watch exhibition prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to offer more, More intuitive exhibition reports, please pay attention.
2015 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Watch Exhibition Report Topics:

Unique Charm Style Tasting Signature Wearer Black Steel Automatic Watch

Since the brand was founded in 1988, the Tianwang watch that has continuously grown and challenged itself has attracted the attention of watch lovers with its classic design and excellent functions, and has gradually become a well-known domestic watch brand. In 2018, at the time of the 30th anniversary of the Tianwang watch, the brand launched a new series of watches called ‘Conqueror’ to celebrate this glorious moment. Among the collection, a black automatic watch impresses with its stylish and stylish appearance. Below, we will take this watch as an example, let’s enjoy it together: (watch model: GS51026B.DD.BB)

Tribute to the pioneer conquerors

   The new series is a tribute to the wisdom and courage of the conquerors. The design is presented with a rough, firm and tough appearance. In addition, it is decorated with superb ingenuity and meticulous ingenuity design in Qizhen. Spirit and connotation.
Watch real shot display

Watch thickness 11.2 mm

   The case of this watch is made of 316L stainless steel, with a stylish black element plated on the surface, which is unique and bright. After polishing and retouching, the front of the watch is full, detailed and full of ornamental.

   The round radian of the round case extends all the way to the lugs and bends slightly backwards, making the watch fit the wrist of the wearer more ergonomically.

   The crown is engraved with the ‘King’ type LOGO pattern of Tianwang watch, and the surrounding is designed with non-slip texture, which feels good and facilitates the adjustment of the central time. In addition, a smooth black plated 316L stainless steel ring has been added to the design of the inner ring of the crown. The English name of the brand ‘TIAN WANG’ in laser is echoed with the LOGO design, showing the brand’s unique aesthetic design. .

   The bronze oil pressure black disc surface, the silver three-dimensional stud hour markers echo the central sword-shaped hands, making the time indication more clear and intuitive. At 3 o’clock position, there is a conspicuous day and calendar display window, which adds practical functions to the simple dial. It is worth mentioning that the week display of this watch supports Chinese calendar and English abbreviation. If it is first adjusted to the Chinese logo, it will jump according to the Chinese character, and English is the same.

    The stainless steel back cover is embossed with ‘smooth sailing’ pattern, giving the watch a beautiful meaning. Equipped with high-quality imported automatic mechanical movement to ensure the accurate movement of the watch.

   316L stainless steel black plated bracelet, polished on both sides, and brushed in the middle, bringing two visual impressions. The hidden butterfly clasp design can be easily worn through the two central buttons, which is very convenient.

Uranus Character Wearer Automatic Black Steel Watch
Summary: The tough appearance and the decoration of fashionable black elements make the brand-new black steel automatic watch of the King of the Emperor character series more aesthetics of the times, showing the avant-garde and courageous spirit of ‘conqueror’. If you like this watch, then you may wish to enter the brand store to learn more about the details of the models.

Jacques Launched The New Double-sided Flip Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch

To celebrate the 185th anniversary of the brand’s birth, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a new Reverso TributeTourbillonDuoface limited edition double-sided flip tourbillon watch (model: Q3926480). Consistent with the spherical tourbillon flip watch, the new watch perfectly integrates Jaeger-LeCoultre’s signature flip design and fine watchmaking skills.

 The new double-sided tourbillon watch is 27.4 mm long, 45.5 mm wide, and only 9.15 mm thick. Despite the double-sided design and the flying tourbillon, the case size is even smaller than the standard classic large double-sided flip watch.

 The double-sided dial, classic on the one hand and gorgeous on the other, presents time information in different time zones. Equipped with Caliber847 movement, this movement is equipped with a 60-second flying tourbillon, which can be used as a second hand display. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new double-sided tourbillon watch is limited to 50 pieces, priced at $ 123,000, equivalent to about RMB 850,000.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reversible Tourbillon Limited Edition
Model: Q3926480
Size: 27.4mm × 45.5mm × 9.15mm
Material: Platinum
Color: Silver Blue
Water resistance: 30 meters
Chain strap: leather strap
Movement: Caliber847
Functions: hour, minute, tourbillon (can be displayed as a second hand), second time zone, day and night display
Winding: manual
Price: $ 123,000, equivalent to about RMB 850,000
Limited: 50 pieces

Zhenith Zenith Presents Velar Special Models With Star-speed Range Rover

In this cooperation, the two brands follow the tradition, are determined to innovate, and draw inspiration from each other, bringing Zenith Star Range Rover Velar special models and genuine quality Land Rover’s new Range Rover Star Vein once again injects fresh blood into the cooperation between the two.

Integrating advanced technology and perfect body proportions, Zenith Star Range Rover Velar special models become the best match for Land Rover Range Rover Stars. Compared with Land Rover models that have always been adhering to outstanding performance, Zenith’s new El Primero movement has been launched since 1969 and is still the only chronograph movement in the world to achieve the most accurate 1/10 second. Disdain the watchmaking industry. Its iconic silhouette, made from the same high-quality leather as the Range Rover, is also inspired by the new Land Rover watchmaking.

This watch, specially created for cooperation with Land Rover, not only has a unique and chic appearance, but also is equipped with amazing extraordinary performance. Its El Primero 400B self-winding movement has a frequency of up to 36,000 vibrations per hour, which ensures a power reserve of at least 50 hours. A 42 mm speedometer scale ceramic aluminum case with an automatic oscillating weight adorned with ‘satin rounds’ and a frosted gray dial with copper details embodies a fascinating texture and a confident, sophisticated gentlemanly style. Brass-plated, faceted hands, and a black perforated calfskin strap highlight the passion of the wrist that can’t be concealed, plus the DLC-treated titanium three-fold clasp, which is even more unique in retro style.

Inheriting the essence of its watchmaking, Zenith Chronomaster’s flagship El Primero Range Rover Velar special watch has the same brand conviction, sparking another spark with Land Rover in 2017, and will be launched globally in September. While highlighting a new sense of latitude and modernity, the two still retain the brand’s iconic characteristics and the spirit of pursuing extreme quality. They will also combine their outstanding technology with retro style, spread to all aspects, and continue the glorious legend.

Vacheron Constantin Malta Series 100th Anniversary Edition

In 1912, in order to completely break the traditional circular design of pocket watches, Vacheron Constantin became the first watch manufacturer to adopt a barrel-shaped case, driven by the spirit of innovation. Since then, the barrel-shaped design has become one of Vacheron Constantin’s iconic styles. With the 100th anniversary of the barrel-shaped design, Vacheron Constantin reinterprets the Maltese series. Vacheron Constantin launches 100 limited edition manual winding watches-Malte 100th anniversary edition.

 The new Malte tourbillon watch, Malte small seconds watch, small Malte watch, and a limited edition of 100 Malte 100 anniversary edition watches, marking the birth of a barrel-shaped watch a century, also laid The wine barrel-shaped watch is irreplaceable and unique in the field of fine watchmaking. It is also the embodiment of the brand’s love for barrel-shaped watches.

 This development and continuation of the unconventional watch design is also the trend of continuous innovation and exploration in the future of mechanical clocks and watchmaking. Vacheron Constantin’s engineers and movement designers worked tirelessly to develop a new barrel-shaped mechanical movement based on the case. The new 2795 caliber was developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin and used in the Malte tourbillon watch, demonstrating the world-renowned skills of the brand in the field of complex function watches.

 In addition, the Malte Tourbillon, the Malte Small Seconds, and the Malte 100th Anniversary Edition watches have passed the official certification of the new standard of the “Mark of Geneva” (an independent certification of origin, highlighting the fine watchmaking The highest award for professional craftsmanship and extraordinary aesthetics).

 The design of the watch’s case is exquisite and chic, the lines are delicate and elegant, the middle of the case is arched, the lugs are elegant and exquisite, which highlights the classic charm of the watch. The dial is decorated with distinctive Roman numerals. Extraordinary and unique watches must be made of the finest materials in order to highlight their dignity, so Vacheron Constantin equips the watch with a PT950 platinum case, a rare precious metal favored by Vacheron Constantin, displayed on a 36.7 × 47.6 mm case , Not only makes the watch exquisite and beautiful, but also adds a touch of classic charm.

 The Malte 100th Anniversary Edition watch is powered by the Vacheron Constantin 4400 manual winding movement, which powers the hour and minute hands. This movement was developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. It is unique in its meticulous processing and the power reserve can reach up to 65 hours due to the large barrel. The movement frequency is 28,800 times (4 Hz) per hour and consists of 106 parts. The movement has a diameter of 28.60 mm (12.5 legal minutes) and is modern in style.

 Limited to 100 pieces of the Malte 100th Anniversary Edition, each watch is individually numbered on the case back, with a dark blue Mississippi alligator strap and 950 platinum Maltese cross buckle. Malte’s 100th Anniversary Edition watch is certified to the new standard of the Mark of Geneva.

Smart Small Seconds Recommended For Men’s Watches

In the design form of the watch, there is a design called ‘small three hands’. The small three hands are the hour and minute hands sharing a dot. In addition, an independent small disc is created for the small second hand. Shows the design of the second hand movement. The watch with the small three-pin design looks more dexterous. Today, the Watch House recommends three men’s watches with the small three-pin design.
NOMOS ORION 390 watch

Watch number: 390
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Leather
Case diameter: 36 mm
Watch price: ¥ 26,400
Watch details:
Watch number: U0112639
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 44-47 mm
Watch price: ¥ 24,300
Watch details:
Watch number: R32025115
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Plasma high-tech ceramics
Strap Material: Leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch price: ¥ 24,400
Watch details: rado / 33293 /
Watch Reviews: The Swiss brand Radar is a watch brand that combines innovative design with high-tech materials. This watch is made of plasma high-tech ceramic with a silver-grey case, a round dial with rose gold hands and hour markers, a small seconds dial at six o’clock, and a date display window at three o’clock. The watch comes with a brown leather strap. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.
Summary: The three-pointer design of these three watches is simple, elegant and elegant, and reveals a smart and exquisite style, which is extremely charming. These three watches are very suitable for formal banquets or home leisure, elegant and decent, practical atmosphere; they can not only highlight the temperament, but also a useful assistant in life.

Buy A Rolex And Explore Two, What Should You Pay Attention To?

Over the past year, we have talked too much about Rolex Daytona and the Water Ghost. I also bought Daytona and Water Ghost before, but to be realistic, when I bought Daytona and Water Ghost, I also had a ‘speculation’ mentality. After all, many players who bought Daytona and Ghosts ‘earned ‘. In fact, of the various Rolexes, the longest I’ve ever worn by myself is Tanyi, which I’ve worn for several years. So in this period when Di and Ghost are hot, I want to talk about explorers, Tanyi and Tanji.

Rolex Detective 214270
 Compared to Rolex Daytona and Water Ghost, a closer look is a relatively ‘niche’ watch in sports. Although the price of Rolex has risen across the board in the past two years, compared with hot-selling models such as Gangdi, Water Ghost, Red and Blue Circle, Blue and Black Circle, and Blue Disk Skywalker, a closer look has shown that although the market has also risen, it belongs to the market. Relatively ‘rational’ sports labor can even have discounts. Cost-effective in Sports Lowry.

Rolex Detective II 216570
A closer look is also a very ‘background’ watch in Rolex.
 Each Rolex sports watch (professional watch) has a professional direction. Don’t do everything, just do your own job. For example, Daytona is a professional chronometer, water ghost is a professional diving watch, lightning bolt is a professional antimagnetic watch, and Greenwich is a professional GMT timepiece. Rolex Explorer’s professional direction is exploration, such as climbing mountains and entering caves. Rolex explores the history of watches that are related to mountain climbing.

Climbing Everest in 1953, paying attention to the watch worn by the climber’s wrist, is the predecessor of Rolex Tanyi.
 The origin of Tanyi is that in 1953, climbers Hillary and Norge ascended Mount Everest, which was the first time for humans to climb Mount Everest. During the climbing of Mount Everest, the mountaineering team wore a watch provided by Rolex. This watch was the predecessor of the Rolex Explorer series. Thus, the Rolex Explorer was explored. Watch on Everest. The origin of the second exploration is that in 1971, climbers were preparing to climb the New Guinea Snow Mountain (now Indonesia), and Rolex provided the Explorer II watch for climbers. At that time Rolex provided 1655, the first generation of Tanji.

This mountain is the New Guinea Snow Mountain climbed by the first generation of Rolex.
Let’s take a look at the current situation of probe one and probe two.
 Explore one of the most minimalist Rolex sports watches. No extra features, no calendar. Only the hour hand, minute, second hand, the most basic time function. Considering that the first watch is a professional watch developed from mountain climbing, mountain climbing does not require any functions. As long as it is sturdy and durable, it is luminous and easy to read. Exploring the 3, 6, and 9 time scales on a plate is the biggest feature of exploring. At present, there are two main types of circulation in the market, one is new, and the other is old. Please note that no matter the new and old models, the 39mm probe number is 214270. When Rolex launched the new probe number, it did not change the number. So the most important thing is to distinguish between old and new models. The method of distinguishing old and new is very simple. There are two differences between old and new.

The old Rolex Tanyi 214270 (top) and the new Rolex Tanyi 214270 (bottom), note the difference between 369 and pointer.
 The 3, 6, and 9 time scales of the new 1.39 mm probe 1 are luminous characters with luminous characters; the 3, 6, and 9 time scales of the 39 mm old probe 1 are metal characters, no luminous.
 2. The 39mm hour and minute hands of the new 39mm probe are larger and thicker, and the length of the minute hand is longer; the 39mm old probes are shorter and thinner, and the minute hand is shorter.
 The reason why the 39mm probe 214270 has two new and old models is that the previous generation of the probe 270 was 36mm. After upgrading to 39mm 214270, the case size was only increased to 39 at the beginning. No pointer change. Later, I found that the ratio was not particularly good, and I changed the pointer to a longer and thicker one. Now the specialty stores are selling the new fat needle and luminous 369, but there are many old fine needle metal 369 on the secondary market. You should pay attention to the distinction.

A new Rolex is on sale.
 Although they are all explorers, Rolex Tanji and Tanyi are very different. The Rolex has two functions, a calendar, a 24-hour number on the bezel, and a shoulder guard on the crown. This is because, in the 1970s, Rolex did not think that the function of the first probe was perfect, so it launched the second probe to improve the configuration of the watch.

When Rolex Tanji added two places, the main purpose was to distinguish between day and dark in this cave.
 First, when the two places are added, the purpose is to allow the explorer to identify the correct time (such as 10pm or 10am) in places where caves, polar days, and nights cannot be distinguished from day to night. Calendar and crown shoulders have also been added. At present, there are two kinds of probes in circulation on the market. A new style, an old style. You need to pay attention to the distinction. The new probe number 216570, the old probe number 16570. There are several obvious differences in the appearance of the watch depending on the number.

The old Rolex Tan Er 16570 (top) and the new Rolex Tan Er 216570 (bottom), pay attention to the difference in pointers.
 1. The new Detective 216570 is 42 mm and has a large size; the old Detective 16570 is 40 mm and has a small size.
 2. The two pointers of the new Tanji 216570 are huge “orange” arrow pointers; the two pointers of the old Tanji 16570 are small “red” pointers.
 3. The hour and minute hands of the new Tanji 216570 are relatively thick “fat needles”; the hour and minute hands of the old Tanji 16570 are relatively thin “thin needles”.
 The Rolex store is now selling the new Tanji 216570, while in the secondary market there are many old Tanji 16570s in circulation. Please pay attention to the distinction. There is one more detail that needs to be paid attention to the second probe, because the bezel of the second probe is a steel ring plus printed numbers, it should be protected to prevent it from abrading the bezel or the numbers.

New Rolex 216570 on sale.
 The public price of Probe 1 is 51100, and the public price of Probe 2 is 64200. In the steel watches of mainstream luxury brands, the public price of exploring the second belongs to the middle position, the normal price. However, in Rolex, the actual price-performance ratio is very prominent. At this time, Rolex’s market has risen, and popular sports represented by Gangdi and Water Ghost have become more popular than public prices or tying. As a sports worker, exploring and exploring not only does not have a super public price, but also discounts in some places. A while ago, a friend bought a visit, and in his city, there was a 10% discount on the counter. The actual price of the visit was very good. Compared with other sports, it was cost-effective.

Rolex’s Detective II 216570 is sharp and luminous.
 At the same time, you can notice that Rolex is a ‘no class’. Explore the second, from the birth to the present, are steel watches, no precious metal. For example, the water ghost, which is also a professional sports watch, has steel, some gold, and all gold, and its level has gradually increased. If you have more money, you can buy all-gold, and if you have less money, you can buy steel, making a difference. And look into it because it has always been a steel watch, it will not make a difference.

New Diamaster Series Of Radar Watches

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here I will bring you new Basel products, real shots of radar watches, friends who like radar can see it first.

 In 2013, RADO presented the DiaMaster series of diamond masters with high-tech ceramics for the first time ever. This is a complete redesign, retaining only the name of the previous series. However, the new DiaMaster series is guaranteed to appeal to loyal fans and new enthusiasts alike.

 Mentioning these simple, simple high-tech ceramic beauty designs reminds of keywords such as exquisite, minimalist and stylish. The new RADO DiaMaster series has its own unique appearance: a large dial, easy to read, and clear view.
The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Strong Black: Bulgari All Black Octo Series Watch

Since the advent of the Bulgari Octo series of watches in 2012, it has quickly occupied a unique place in the field of fine watchmaking, and has become an outstanding watch in the 21st century. Even after different interpretations and innovations, the watch continues the core essence and retains the dynamic feel of contemporary style, which has become today’s fashion benchmark. The most representative representative model combines Italian design aesthetics with Swiss watchmaking technology. In 2018, the Octo series added two new all-black models: the OctoFinissimo Skeleton ultra-thin skeleton watch and the OctoL’originale chronograph.

OctoL’OriginaleChronograph chronograph DLC diamond carbon black stainless steel case, diameter 41.5 mm, matte black dial, hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, Calibre BVL328 self-winding movement, power reserve 50 hours, sapphire crystal glass and Bottom cover, waterproof 100 meters, rubber strap.
Metropolis: OctoL’originale
 OctoL’originale chronograph combines the unique personality of metropolis, contemporary and sports style. This complication provides practicality in daily life and transforms OctoL’originale into an elegant and charming tool, which not only provides efficient interpretation, but also its famous classic geometric octagonal case reflects the beauty of ultimate structure. This watch is equipped with a self-made self-winding movement BVL328VeloCissimo, an exclusive column wheel chronograph with a built-in high-frequency silicon escapement system, which perfectly combines durability, accuracy, stability and regularity. Reduce the need for lubricants. This watch expresses Swiss watchmaking expertise, is decorated with traditional Geneva ripples, and offers a 50-hour power reserve.

OctoL’OriginaleChronograph chronograph dial.
 Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and Italian aesthetics sparkle in this watch. The perfect fusion of the extreme craftsmanship of the two fields creates beautiful and highly effective watches, subverting the spirit of old watchmaking. This model is not only clear and easy to read, but also focuses on fashion style. A 41mm diameter DLC diamond-coated carbon steel case with a black rubber strap. The matte black dial is equipped with black hands, numbers and hour markers. The precision-designed composition and exclusive Italian aesthetic style show a balanced V-shaped configuration of the three chronograph dials, the minute dial at 3 o’clock, the hour dial at 6 o’clock, and the second dial at 9 o’clock. Position and date are displayed in a window between 4 and 5 o’clock. This strong and elegant style exudes the classic personality unique to the octo series, which is highly recognizable and highlights the Bulgari spirit with superb craftsmanship.

OctoFinissimo Skeleton Ultra-thin skeleton watch DLC diamond carbon sandblasted titanium case, diameter 40 mm, skeleton dial, hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve display, BVL128SKFinissimo manual winding movement, power reserve 60 hours, sapphire crystal Glass mirror and bottom cover, waterproof 30 meters, black DLC titanium metal strap.
Ultimate Hollow: Octo Collection via FinissimoSkeleton
 The OCTO series has once again demonstrated its unique taste through the FinissimoSkeleton ultra-thin skeleton watch. The aesthetics and balance of the classic octagon of the OCTO watch perfectly complement the delicate art of the fully skeletonized movement, embodying superb craftsmanship, abandoning redundant parts, and transfiguring masculine machinery into delicate carvings. The final visual effect is impressive: the watch structure emphasizes transparency, and through the hollow-out elements inside, the details of the entire movement can be clearly seen. This unique hollow design is derived from FinissimoBVL128SK movement, which is a self-winding hollow movement made by Bvlgari, with a thickness of only 2.35mm. The hour and minute hands in the center show the visual effect of floating in mid-air; in addition, the movement also drives the small second dial between 7 and 8 o’clock, and is arranged between 9 and 10 o’clock Power reserve display. The watch is set on the background of classic decorative style watch parts, with an original movement providing a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

OctoFinissimo Skeleton ultra-thin skeleton watch case back.
 A DLC-like diamond carbon black titanium case with a thickness of 5.37mm and a diameter of 40mm is used to carry the internal movement, with a black titanium strap. Decorating all the bridges with black coating allows the hollowed-out process to show a more contemporary and modern personality. The gorgeous OCTOFinissimo Skeleton ultra-thin skeleton watch, with simple, sharp lines, like a masterpiece of art, draws Bulgari’s unique interpretation of elegance. This watch with eye-catching design style and artistic aesthetics is only available at Bulgari authorized boutiques and dealers.

Colorful Summer Color Watch Decoration Life

Combining recognition design with color elements is a major design trend for today’s watches. Many beautiful watches are rejuvenated by the integration of colors, which is refreshing. Especially for the summer when you can reveal your wrist, a watch with distinctive features and colorful colors will definitely add points to your wrist shape. The Watch House recommends three distinctive color watches for everyone today, adding a highlight to the hot summer.

Rolex Date Collection 126334

Product Model: 126334
Domestic public price: RMB 71,100
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 3235
Case material: 904L stainless steel (Oystersteel); triangular pit pattern outer ring is made of 18ct white gold
Water resistance: 100 meters
Details of the watch: Watch review: Last year, Rolex launched a diary model with a platinum bezel, equipped with a dark blue dial with a gradient effect, showing a simple, delicate look, very beautiful. This watch follows the traditional design of the brand’s traditional pitted bezel, oystersteel case and bracelet. It integrates a brand recognition into the watch, making it more attractive. In addition, this watch has also been awarded the Rolex Super Observatory certification in 2015, ensuring the watch’s precise timekeeping and excellent quality. It can be said that it has a face value and a connotation, coupled with the more popular gradient blue disk, which is also a good choice for the wrist.
Panerai RADIOMIR PAM00735 watch

Product model: PAM00735
Domestic public price: RMB 89,600
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: P.2002 / 9
Case material: Matte titanium
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: Watch comment: Green has become a more popular color element among modern young people by emphasizing individuality and strong sports sense. In September 2017, Panerai released three new color matching RADIOMIR watches. The eye-catching dark green is applied to the panel design, which looks more fashionable and military elements. The large frosted titanium case uses the linear lugs and conical winding crown of the Panerai 1936 prototype when it was first introduced, and it also presents a traditional classic aesthetic and atmospheric style. The sandwich dial design, with large beige luminous hour markers and gold-plated hands, forms a sharp color difference with the simple green dial, making the time display clear and intuitive. The 3 o’clock position has a calendar display window and a magnifying device, which is richer in a practical function of the disk. Both character and rough style, I believe that wearing this watch in the summer is more eye-catching.
Breitling Super Marine Culture Series AB0162121G1S1 Watch

Product model: AB0162121G1S1
Domestic public price: RMB 55,100
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 15.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Breitling homemade 01 movement
Case material: stainless steel, ratchet unidirectional bezel
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: Watch comment: Although it is equipped with a more traditional white surface, the gradient effect and the decoration of the panda plate make this new super marine culture look more beautiful. In 2017, at the 60th anniversary of the Super Ocean Culture Series, the brand redesigned the series. Not only changed the new appearance, but also upgraded the use of B01 movement, becoming a popular watch among the brand. This year, the brand added a chronograph to this model. Three contrasting function dials are located at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, which correspond to the three major measures of 30-minute, 12-hour, and small seconds. It has regular functions and has classic mechanical beauty.
To sum up: When the art of fine watchmaking is full of vibrant colors, it really can’t help but make people feel emotional. Especially in the summer when there is a chance to expose your wrist, an atmospheric color watch will definitely add a lot of points to you. If you like color elements, then you can consider these three recommended today.