1.8 Million Rolex Rainbow Di, Which Are Worth Seeing In Tokyo’s Middle Ages?

After writing the recommendations of Japanese designer clothing brands in the last article, the rabbit fans began to rush and rush, knowing that I would have to walk a few laps to the watch store no matter how busy I was. Although the time is very limited, rabbits still do everything they can to see the flowers, not to say how deep and deep. In fact, if you completely eat the collections of several stores, it will not be enough for a whole day, but at least I can give you some rough references. . In fact, rabbits have not advised everyone, especially newcomers, to buy a second watch, because the depth of water is not standardized, but this does not mean that we cannot explore and appreciate-many people only focus on hot items, but in fact maybe some corner in the corner is inconspicuous With the vicissitudes of time, it can open your world. It was rainy for a few days in Tokyo, but my shopping heart never died. It is interesting that I happened to meet the Tokyo Marathon the next day. I took a picture of the circle of friends, and my cousin with a sharp eye immediately left a message for me-Big Black House! In fact, my attention was focused on the runners who ran barefoot in the rain that day. I was so sturdy that I couldn’t resist it. I didn’t even notice that such a well-known medieval shop had entered my shooting horizon. Then, with the encouragement of everyone, I developed a curiosity. What’s so fun about Zhonggudian? In Tokyo, Okuya can be seen everywhere, this is a very famous chain of used shops, used products in many categories, including bags, jewelry watches and so on. And my most concentrated shopping place this time is in Nakano, which is also a paradise for medieval enthusiasts, we might as well watch it all. First of all, it is never more convenient to say an address than to direct the way (a search of the address is sufficient, but it is useless for road blinds). Take the Tokyo Metro to Nakano Station and exit at the north exit. You will see a lively market street. Don’t hesitate to go straight in, there are scenery all the way. The rabbit first came to a terribly expensive shop called ‘TWC’. When I saw a whole row of Green Water Ghosts and Panda Di, I knew that it would not be cheap without having to use a computer to calculate the price. For example, the price of the new Baidi is basically in the early 160,000 yuan, ‘Medieval’ actually means second-hand. But the goods are indeed complete. Let’s look at various versions of Daytona. After all, the picture was taken secretly, everyone can match the model and price of the red fried chicken green noodle Jindi and the high-priced platinum Daytona. There is actually a rainbow di here, the price is more than 1.8 million yuan. The biggest feature of this store is that there are a lot of hot new styles and not cheap prices, suitable for those who don’t care about money for finding goods. Go deeper until you see the big black house, which means that the densest area of ​​Zhonggudian is approaching. The popular models will not go into details. When you see a beautiful PP world 5110. This piece is really second hand. The original watch owner bought it in 2006. When you walk out of the big black house, you will see the elevator and go straight to the 3rd floor. This is the well-known Kameyoshi. Cousins ​​who have visited this shop will recommend it. In order to make it easier for Chinese guests to find, they are all introduced in Chinese. Even the payment methods are very understandable. There is also a Chinese shopping guide. As soon as several stores are compared, it will be found that the price of Guiji is not expensive. Take the popular Rolex Panda Di as an example. The rabbit saw 3 pieces displayed on the scene, and the status and price are different. The cheapest piece is a torn film, 147,000 yuan. Membrane will be a lot more expensive, the watch comes from Europe or Japan, the price is also different (there are parallel goods, taxes are different, the natural price is different, and Japan is legal). In fact, I have no enthusiasm for hot models, but just to help you get a general understanding of the market, the conclusion is-no chance to pick up leaks. The price of 147,000 yuan is the cheapest Panda Di I have ever seen, so I don’t have to worry about whether there is a membrane. Let’s take a look at the prices of various GMTs. Among them, the third Inter Milan ring is a brand new product with a price of more than RMB 97,000. It is scary. I also saw 4 old green ghosts with different prices. The specific shopping guides in Chinese will explain them one by one. good looking). Compared to the stir-fried new green ghosts, Rabbit thinks that the old green ghosts are more worthwhile if they like it. This is the meaning of buying these second-hand shops. The size of the old watch is really cute, especially the first Tudor. Gold watches are coming. It is also good to choose some journal models that are no longer available. The third block in the figure below is very satisfactory. The Guiji store is divided into two parts. The first part has a lot of brands, from IWC, Kunlun, Cartier, Chanel to Rolex Omega and so on. The next-door stores are mainly high-priced watches such as PP, AP, and Lange. In fact, the rabbit is most interested in a small clock of Cartier. If you visit a medieval store, you only have explosive models in your eyes, and you will lose too many opportunities to appreciate beauty. JackRoad, another big store, is also a ruthless character, divided into categories, and it is completely unknown where to start. When I saw the shop logo, I believe many people will be messy-oh my god, how do you go shopping! I highly recommend girls to look at the women’s watch store next door. This is a feeling of buying accessories. The rabbit walks around the entire store for about 5 times. Here are real antique watches with a very distinctive era mark, the dial is extremely small, and the decoration is heavier. Including Rolex, Omega, Blancpain, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and many other brands. This type of watch is relatively easy to choose. The material is mostly gold. The movement can not be tricky and the price is more transparent. The point is, it’s beautiful. The whole store impressed me the most and the only one I took out to try is the Mickey Mouse watch (Master Zunda is also a popular designer of Nautilus, Royal Oak and Constellation). The price is over 10,000 RMB. Unfortunately, the quartz watch deterred me, but the fun of Taobao was truly felt. Rabbits were soaked in these shops almost all afternoon. Timetunnel, which my cousin warmly recommends, has no time to go, but it is said that the word of mouth is good, so it is recommended that you can inspect it yourself. The characteristics of Timetunnel are that many watches will be polished and changed after receiving some parts, but once any watch is moved, the owner will inform them one by one, the price is also very cheap, mainly the old watches from the 70s to 90s After 2000, there will not be too many watches. Rabbit fan ‘cousin Liuye’ said that he once missed a piece of FPJ that was only about 30% off the public price, a bit regretful. In addition, Shibuya’s Gem Plaza is also a battle. It’s just that these shops add up, and one day is definitely not enough. Today’s picture is indeed a bit scum. I can only wrong that everyone will feel it. Judging from the rabbit’s experience, the proportion of Chinese in the medieval store is very high, and the row of tables at Guiji is completely full, with Chinese discussions in the ears. For me personally, a few deeper experiences are: 1. Don’t try to find cheap and explosive models. Merchants are always smarter than us, and the market has been transparent for a long time. There is no chance of leaking on popular models. 2. The fun of the used shops is precisely to find old and special models. For example, I personally like antique women’s watches in particular. They have the attributes of both watches and jewelry. 3. Don’t visit the medieval store with the purpose of value-added investment. Opportunities are always reserved only for those who are prepared. As passers-by, we might as well just use it as a hobby and look for the beauty that is rare in ordinary times. Finally, it is still reminded that newcomers to the pit should buy second-hand modern watches with caution, even in a more formal market such as Japan. Believe that products that rely more on materials to determine value (such as antique jewelry watches, simple movements, and prices under control) are more stable and long-term than artificially valued models (similar to Paul Newman Daytona, etc.). I always believe that those who really love watches will be eager to step into the medieval store. From these old watches, you can see the history and design evolution of each brand, truly connecting the past and the present. It is one of the roots of our happiness to be full of desires and desires to explore beauty rather than gain and loss. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Raymond Weil Free Knight Rose Time Chronograph (June 11 Official Website Dynamic)

Raymond Weil reinterprets its best-selling classic chronograph with infinite inspiration and launches the new Freedom Knight Rose Time
Chronograph. Classic and elegant, this watch has a brown leather strap and a 42 mm stainless steel case with rose gold indexes on the dial.
Against the backdrop of charm. Selected materials with simple and beautiful lines: the new watch is doomed
with. The Freelance Rose Time Chronograph is undoubtedly one of the most pleasing chords in the 2012 Raymond Weil watchmaking movement.
    The Liberty Knight series is not only a model of success, but also the best testimony of the heritage of this independent Swiss brand family. The department
Lei advocates a free soul, praising the spirit of self-control of destiny. Therefore, the Liberty Knight series has been with
Keeping pace with the times, innovating constantly, abandoning all restraints, but never changing the original intention of its creation: gentle and elegant qualities and
A casual and stylish look, as well as the iconic screw layout of the beveled lugs and dial.
   In 2012, the Liberty Knight watch combines the strength of steel with the beauty of rose gold. It is delicate and flawless.
perfect. Among them, the best-selling chronograph fully reflects the beauty of this harmony. 42 mm polished stainless steel case
With a classic brown leather strap, it complements the silver sun dial and rose gold dot hour-markers. Shiny in rose gold
Against the background, the hour markers, hands on the dial, the 12 o’clock auxiliary dial (30-minute chronograph dial) and the 6 o’clock auxiliary dial
3D hour markers fixed to the edges of the auxiliary dial (12-hour chronograph dial) and around the small seconds at 9 o’clock
They are all shining. After the dial under various materials and metal decoration, it is the mechanical machine that this watch is equipped with.
The core, with a 46-hour power reserve, dances rhythmically as time goes by.
   It has both the luxury of a metropolis and the ultimate elegance. It is a perfect fusion of classic and modern.
Chronograph at the Free Knights Rose Time.

Beijing Brand Watch Guangzhou Store Grand Opening

On July 10, 2008, the ‘Beijing Brand’ premium watch Guangzhou store opened in China’s largest watch accessory distribution center, Guangzhou Zhanxi Road Oriental Watch City! This is the first domestic brand high-end watch store opened by Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. in China. On the day of opening, the two-million-dollar lone gold watch ‘Athena’, ‘Butterfly Love’, tourbillon minute watch, Chinese tourbillon series watch, and enamel series watch that had participated in the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland were exhibited.
Guangzhou store provides watch enthusiasts in South China with a platform to appreciate Beijing premium watches. Customers in Guangzhou stores can negotiate with Beibei’s VIP sales department and put forward individual requirements. The product varieties, prices and services provided by the stores are the same as those of the manufacturers.

Beijing Watch Guangzhou Store

Girard Perregaux 1966 Series Blue Dial Timing Code Introduction

The Girard-Perregaux 1966 series chronograph, which has received much attention, has a white dial and a blue dial. Today, this unique chronograph has a rose gold case / white dial / blue hands, a white gold case / white dial / blue hands, and this white gold case / blue dial / silver There are three pointer models.

 Girard Perregaux Girard-Perregaux 1966 series chronograph with classic eyes. The small seconds dial is at 3 o’clock and the chronograph minute dial is at 6 o’clock. The chronograph seconds hand is in the center and extends to the outside of all graduations, making it very easy to read. The speedometer, which often appears in chronographs, occupies a large proportion of the dial outer circle, and has accurate scales. The dark blue ray pattern dial refracts different colors under different lighting conditions, and contrasts sharply with the hands, scales and time scales.

The 40mm case is made of 18K white gold. The case and lugs adopt the classic design of the Girard-Perregaux 1966 series, with contoured contours for comfortable wearing. The case is exquisitely modified to bring out the noble luster of platinum. With black alligator strap and white gold pin buckle.

The watch is equipped with a GP030C0 self-winding movement, consisting of 338 parts, equipped with a column-wheel timing system. 36 hours storage at 28800vph.

Antique Watch Craze Elaborately Recommend Three Collection Watches

In recent years, the watch investment boom has been increasing. Every well-known brand with excellent workmanship and high technical level has the tendency to collect and invest, especially limited special models. It is even more difficult to find a watch today. Everyone recommends a few carefully selected watches worthy of collection.鼻 The originator of parachute shock absorbers-Baodi
Breguet with a century-old tradition, the most worth showing off is the invention of parachute shock absorbers. Among the many watch series, the Tradition series includes all kinds of Seiko authentic treasures of Breguet.
Not only satisfied with the invention of timepieces, but also demonstrated its ability to combine technological innovation with aesthetic appeal. Gold-plated dial with Newsuo pattern, middle barrel, large steel wheel, escapement wheel symmetrical design, equipped with parachute shock absorber, the originator of shock absorbers, all parts are hand-matted. 18K rose gold case with fine fluted strap. Sapphire crystal case back. The case diameter is 41mm. Round lugs attached to the case and hairsprings reinforced with screws. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters).
18K gold dial with black electroplating machine, eccentric hour and minute display at 7 o’clock. Individually numbered and engraved with Breguet signature. A scale circle indicating the Roman numeral scale. Tourbillon at 1 o’clock for 60 seconds. Breguet blue-steel hands with hollow dots at the ends.

诞生 The birth of the first adventure watch-the Grand Mercure Paris
Since the success of Magellan’s Global Adventure, Europe has set off an adventure fever. Because of its special relationship with Bougainville, the great global explorer of France, the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS, which has served the European royal family since the 14th Louis, has specially created for explorers An expedient watch and named it: Universal Explorer.
The classic drum case of Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS is specially designed for the design of this marine-friendly watch. The unique drum shape is precise and waterproof, which is the prototype of modern waterproof technology. The proprietary convex time scale aperture makes it easy to read the accurate time in any situation. The proprietary Helen bar code table and time adjustment button are unique in the style of nautical adventure. The limited edition of the 200th anniversary of Bougainville’s death is further equipped with a double-layer inlaid precision dial and ultra-long red Cupid tachymeter hands made with the latest technology and the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO automatic machine in high mineral glass. core.
The unique watch design and the century-old craftsmanship are the most valuable connotation of this watch, and it is also the first choice for collectors.

的 Flip-flops-Jaeger-LeCoultre
Flip watch as a unique type in the watch alone has a high collection value, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series is the most famous one of the flip watch. Reverso makes slide rails above and below the surface, gently push from the left to lift the entire dial, turn out the back and then press the entire surface to fix it.
Looking at the auction market, watches with strong design colors have always been welcomed. Flip watches are a model of modern industrial design in the field of watches, especially. In the 1930s, the aesthetics of modernism had penetrated into all aspects of European life. In design, modernism believed that the external form of products should be a reaction to internal structure and function. There is no doubt that the original design of this flip watch launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1931 strictly followed this credo. Its flip function ensures the need for mirror protection. This idea now seems the most natural, but if you go back In the historical environment of the 1930s, you will find how powerful it is compared to the traditional shape of clocks.

Bell & Ross New Argentium®

In 2011, for Bell & Ross, it was a year of new milestones. The brand rebuilt the first watch released during the First World War: let The PW1 (Pocket Watch 1) pocket watch and its watch version Vintage WW1 (Wrist Watch 1) have once again become the focus of the industry.
Bell & Ross, a watchmaking master who coexists with military history, is full of enthusiasm for aviation flight, and believes that accurate timekeeping is one of the most important navigation tools. The brand uses its special skills to create a unique display of aviation history and watchmaking style blend Timepieces pay tribute to history.

Left: Vintage WW1 / Right: Bell & Ross PW1

PW1 and WW1 argentium® (pictured above) are a perfect example of the singular fusion of aviation history with the latest watchmaking technology.
For the new PW1 and WW1 argentium®, BELL & ROSS reinterprets the style and charm of classic watches from the past with the most innovative watchmaking technology: By using the new oxidation-resistant alloy material argentium®, this pioneering watchmaker tries to The forgotten metal is reviving. Unparalleled color, gorgeous gloss, and unparalleled density: PW1 and WW1 argentium® reveal the nobility of silver.
The new watch will be available in mid-October 2012.
For more information on these two watches, please click here

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Flower Antique Watch Appreciation

Throughout the ages, artists are deeply impressed by the beauty of flowers. Regardless of whether it is a solitary show or a beautiful flower cluster, the magnificent petals exude a feminine atmosphere everywhere. The watchmaking masters used a pair of beautiful eyes and infinite creativity to fuse floral elements into the design of the watch. With the exquisite craftsmanship, the fragrant flowers were brought to life and reproduced the beautiful moments when the flowers were in full bloom.

Pocket watch born in 1810, made of gold, line-engraved case, silver machine-engraved dial, line-engraved and intaglio floral pattern

Pocket watch born in 1815, made of gold, carved with floral motifs and inlaid with garnet. Machine-engraved eccentric dial with Roman numerals.

A pocket watch born in 1816, made of yellow gold with a flower-patterned case and turquoise and garnet inlaid decals. Machine-engraved dial with Roman numerals.

A pocket watch born in 1817, made of gold, carved with a floral pattern on the case, and inlaid with garnet. Machine-engraved dial with Roman numerals.

A pocket watch born in 1825, made of gold. Machine-engraved gold dial with floral relief pattern on the center and dial outer ring.

Pocket watch born in 1829, silver, flower pattern black gold inlaid case, linear engraving. The machine-engraved dial is adorned with 12 Roman numerals.

Pocket watch born in 1831, made of 18K yellow gold, filled with enamel case, silver dial with Roman numerals.

Pocket watch born in 1839, made of gold, machine-engraved case, oblique curve etching and enamel filling. Enameled dial with Roman numerals.

Majestic Show Girard Perregaux Three Golden Bridge Legends

At the 220th anniversary of the brand, Girard Perregaux specially cooperated with Tainan China Watches to hold the ‘Classic Craft Exhibition of the Three Golden Bridges of the Century’, exhibiting many famous Golden Bridge classic series models, such as three Golden Bridge Automatic Tourbillon, ww.tc World Time Zone Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon, and Opera No. 1 of the Taiwan Exhibition, which is a special event for this watch exhibition, is a three-question three-gold bridge tourbillon, showing the legendary style of Girard Perregaux.
    For the women’s love, the watch exhibition also includes Cat’s Eye series models that shine with feminine charm, such as the cat’s eye power reserve T diamond watch, cat’s eye calendar watch, cat’s eye small seconds watch … The exhibition lasted for 12 days for the VIP watch lovers to enjoy a glimpse. Girard Perregaux’s century-old classic watchmaking strength, inheriting the outstanding watch craftsmanship that has evolved across the third century.
    This exhibition leads the audience to see Girard-Perregaux’s unparalleled watchmaking craftsmanship and design aesthetics, to experience the brand’s pursuit of top-level perfect design philosophy and unique and extraordinary core values. The event site will take time as the main axis to showcase and introduce the brand legend since 220 years Watchmaking characters, innovative achievements and classic and immortal arts and crafts. After the test of time, Girard Perregaux has become a leading style, innovative and unique benchmark in the field of fine watchmaking. Through a series of outstanding and exquisite historical exhibitions, it is re-awakened. It shows people’s longing for Girard-Perregaux’s long history and conveys the brand’s exquisite and long-standing watchmaking tradition.
Altar Mona Lisa: Three Golden Bridge Automatic Tourbillon

    Known as the ‘table altar Mona Lisa’, the three-gold bridge tourbillon design process is a Girard-Perregaux watch classic for two hundred years, concise parts, hand-made gold arrow bridge, and original wonderful and precise Mechanical mechanics, turning the world’s huge gears, providing accurate and accurate moments, showing complete technical engineering without any hidden surface. Under the regular operation of the tourbillon, the Sanjinqiao automatic tourbillon returns to the simple mode, which is different from the icy fancy of contemporary design. , The listener can be full of elegant and bright visual enjoyment, highlighting the precious and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Timeless Classic: Three Golden Bridge Tourbillons in ww.tc World Time Zone

    ww.tc TOURBILLON Hours of the World truly conveys Girard Perregaux’s ‘World Time Zone’ watch design, based on eternal and unremitting self-improvement technology. What is amazing is that in addition to the tourbillon design of this world time zone watch, through the transparent sapphire crystal glass back, you can admire its elegant and exquisite three-gold bridge design. The ivory white dial is designed with world time zone indication and day and night time indication performance. The small second dial is visible at 6 o’clock, with a maroon alligator leather strap and a rose gold butterfly clasp.

Laureato three-generation sapphire three-bridge tourbillon combines sport and innovation

    Girard Perregaux launched the Girard Perregaux three-bridge Laureato stainless steel tourbillon in 1998. The shape of the three-crystal bridge was inspired by the three parallel nickel-plated bridges of the tourbillon chronograph pocket watch developed by Girard-Perregaux founder Constant Girard around 1860. ‘Laureato Laureato Three Generation Sapphire Three Bridge Tourbillon’ combines movement and innovation, presenting the traditional and modern shapes of high-end watches. The classic three-piece bridge design is reliable and durable. The sapphire crystal bridge was developed to produce high precision that meets the needs of the movement. Degree models.

The melodious bell is charming and charming: Opera No. 1 Three Questions Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon

    Tourbillon: Girard-Perregaux, the most shining masterpiece of the century, ‘Opera One, Three Questions, Three Golden Bridges, Tourbillon Watches’ brings together top craftsmanship in an unrivaled noble temperament and melodious scale-type three-question bell It breaks through the performance of the traditional two-table hammer sound. Its design is inspired by the elegant music of the world-renowned Westminster Dapeng Zhongxun. Through the clear double-faced hollow surface, you can directly appreciate the delicate inside of the machine. The carved carvings, the magnificent solid structure of the Three Golden Bridges, and the four small clock hammers swing back and forth. The pleasant and charming ringing sounds like heaven, which is comparable to the high and harmonious music in operas.

Elegant flashes: Cat’s Eye watches

    Girard Perregaux’s Cat’s Eye series exudes attractive charm and poetic mood, perfectly combining feminine elements and automatic winding movements, realizing Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking process and design aesthetics. The new work ‘Constellation Moon Phase Almanac’ brings together time, moon phases and constellation calendars. Under the support of mother-of-pearl, precious metals and twinkling diamonds, the crystal luster and the soft luster of mother-of-pearl subtly echo, letting each Each watch has a unique beauty, and the craftsmanship of watchmaking is all in it. Another ‘small seconds’ watch, retaining the elliptical appearance of a beautiful arc, the rose gold case with a beautiful shiny mother-of-pearl dial, the oval frame of the 3 o’clock calendar window echoes the shape of the case; the 9 o’clock small second hand With ray texture background, diamond hour markers sparkle, showing the beautiful design of Girard Perregaux and the pursuit of top movement. The ‘Power reserve T diamond ladies watch’ is set with a total of 84 T diamonds in the frame and lugs. The mysterious aura emanating from the combination of diamonds and cat eyes sets off the woman’s independence and self-confidence, and weaves a sparkling dreamy elegant product.

Movado 2013 Basel New Product Preview – Shenyang Station

Movado Movado held the 2013 Movado New Basel Preview Event at the Zhongxing Commercial Building in Shenyang. Mr. Alan Chinich, Global President of Movado Brand, and Ms. Sun Yan, Movado’s Greater China spokesperson, unveiled the preview. A series of unique style watches, adhering to the artistic beauty and innovation heritage, focusing on the future of watches and clocks, unique and outstanding, can be called a model of modernist design.

At the event, Sun Yan, wearing a Movado Cerena Serena white ceramic watch, became the focus of media attention. This watch combines innovation and modern aesthetics. It inherits the iconic museum dial and continues the simple and elegant style of Movado. It combines the delicate and elegant temperament of Sun Fu with a unique feminine charm.

As the world’s top watchmaker, Movado has a history of more than 130 years. The latest series of watches exudes unique charm, the perfect fusion of history and modernity, which embodies the true essence of Movado’s ‘constant motion’ brand. Exhibited in this preview event are the new collections that appeared in the 2013 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. The most notable is the new TC series watch with a modern atmosphere launched by Movado, brand new for men and women. The watches are all equipped with an ultra-thin case, giving a comfortable wearing experience. Cerena is an elegant ceramic watch specially designed for women launched by Movado in 2012. This year, Cerena launched an all-black model with sparkling diamonds and a white bezel with double rows of diamonds. Watch models; two new Red Label Calendomatic world time watches perfectly show Movado’s innovative and sophisticated design. The 800 series introduced for the first time in the Chinese market is a sports watch with world-time functions.

Hermès Centennial Clock Face Expression-zhen Cui Craft

The world’s largest luxury empire, in addition to a few large groups with a large number of brands, Hermes is one of the important members. This started in 1837 as a saddle and harness. The brand is affecting all aspects of the lives of noble ladies in France and around the world. The group’s products cover a wide range, including silk scarves, leather and handbags. It is also because the brand has a long history of brand culture and many popular designs that provide a steady stream of creative inspiration for the development of the late watch industry. In addition to the precision movement of high-end watches, the design and the use of special craftsmanship can often play a icing on the cake. The skill of craftsmen combined with special cultural backgrounds gives the watch a unique soul.

Hermes Riding Lady’s Enamel Plate for Arceau Pocket Watches and Watches

Enamel Craft
    Enamel craftsmanship has been very common in fine watchmaking. High-end timepieces of enamel painting already existed during the pocket watch period. However, due to the limited level of craftsmanship at that time, only a few brands and masters were able to make them. Today, the enamel craftsmanship is no longer What secret craftsmanship is even more commonplace in fine watchmaking is quite a bit of meaning. Many brands come out almost every year, the only difference is the theme. Since the launch of its own movement, Hermès has also followed many excellent craftsmanship in the watchmaking industry. Enamels such as micro-painted enamel, filigree enamel, infill enamel, Paillonné enamel (metal foil inlaid enamel), etc. The main event is also the largest in many special craft watches.

Hermes ‘Flower of India’ watch

‘India Flower’ Enamel Plate Making

    In 2011, Hermes launched a unique watch with four main enamel crafts. Due to the different characteristics and requirements of the four enamel crafts, it is even more difficult to combine them. This is still the case so far. The ‘Indian Flowers’ theme watch, which has been hailed as a Hermès enamel watch, uses big fire enamel (temperature between 800-850 degrees), combining Paillonné enamel, silk enamel, infill enamel and micro Four techniques of painting enamel show vivid and vivid pictures. The composition of the disc surface comes from a silk scarf called ‘The Flower of India’ by Hermès. In addition, many Hermès watches with enamel technology are selected from Hermès silk scarves.

Some Hermès other enamel dial watches

Hermès Cheval d’Orient watch

Straw splicing

Hermes straw stitching watch

    Among many different special crafts, the use of straw is very risky. Of course, this is not Hermès’s patent. There was a time when the art form of straw painting was popular, but the result was that straw was very susceptible to the surrounding physical environment. Moisture is prone to mildew, deformation will occur at high and low temperatures, and even discoloration under special circumstances, so straw painting is difficult to preserve, so the treatment of straw is particularly important. Usually, the water in the straw must be treated, then dyed, and then used. Even if this does not guarantee that there will be no problems in the future, it is often necessary to add some fresh-keeping materials to preserve the straw form for a long time.

Hermes straw dial watch

    Hermès boldly uses this extraordinary material and performs art processing, dyed in deep magenta, orange, purple and other colors, and launched a watch with a straw-stitched dial, limited to 10, the dial pattern is geometric Connected Hermes logo ‘H’ shape. Cartier is also one of the enthusiasts of unique craftsmanship. It has launched a number of straw stitching watches, including koalas and horses.

Diamond setting

    Although jewellery also accounts for some of Hermès’ luxury business, in the entire jewellery industry, Hermès’ jewelry is obviously not so famous, and diamonds are not Hermes’ strengths. However, it is interesting that Hermès, as an ambition to become a member of Haute Horlogerie, had to be exposed to the diamond setting process in the field of watchmaking. Of course, Hermès has its own jewelry department, and diamond technology has long been in contact, so the relatively simple diamond setting in the field of watches is not difficult for Hermès.

Diamond watch inspired by Japanese ‘handball’ (including snowflake setting and hard stone setting)

    At present, Hermès’ diamond inlaying technique is mostly used in snowflake inlays and hard stone inlays. In addition, in order to meet the regular pattern, it is also an indispensable link for diamond selection, processing and cutting. Hard stone inlays are derived from the early Italian Pietra Dura process. This process is actually the general term for all precious and delicate stone processing. Hard stone inlays often require diamonds to be slightly larger and regularly shaped to inlay the complete Shape, so the requirements for diamonds are very high, and there is a clear difference from mosaic. Snowflake inlay is a mosaic of many small diamonds, showing a crystal clear and beautiful effect like snowflakes falling. It does not require high diamond shape, but it will control the size and not be too large.

Quality strap

Strap for Parmigiani

    If it comes to leather goods, Hermès is undoubtedly the leader in the industry. It is the best leather goods manufacturer in the watchmaking industry and the best watchmaker in the leather goods industry. In order to provide the best strap for Hermès fine watchmaking, Hermès relocated the Brugg workshop from Paris to La Montre Hermes in Biel, Switzerland. At the same time, Hermes also provides straps for the famous watchmaking brand Parmigiani and the smart watch brother Apple Watch.

Two stitches and one thread ‘Saddle stitch footwork’ handmade belt watch

    Hermes’ leather products are very popular. In addition to the high-quality leather flooring it chooses, it also has the outstanding workmanship that can stand the test of time. Hermes has applied its early techniques in the production of horse gear and cleverly used them In production, it is the legendary ‘saddle footwork’, and the hand-refined Hermès leather strap gives the watch a more noble quality and becomes a new ‘watch symbol.’

Silk braided strap

    In addition, Hermès silk scarves are another major advantage in addition to leather goods. The innovative Hermès has applied silk to the production of straps, and has launched a silk-woven band with a herringbone pattern. .

Millefiori craft

Hermes ‘Thousand Flowers’ Art Watch

    Millefiori is a process of making many patterns on glassware. The Chinese name is ‘Qianhua’, and Millefiori itself is composed of two Italians. Mille means one thousand, and Fiori means flower. The name first appeared as In 1849, ‘Curious about Glass Making’ by Apsley Pellatt. Qianhua glass was once a well-known glass style in Venice. The method of making it is to incorporate patterned glass pieces into the glass. Of course, the process is also more sophisticated, but it is undoubtedly simpler than enamel.

Hermes ‘Thousand Flowers’ Watch

   Hermès applies this traditional process to the dial. When the glass is melted at high temperature, the flower pieces are incorporated into it. The key is that the flower pieces remain intact during the fusion process. This is an elegant process. The pattern is permanently stored on the glass. Because the conditions are different each time, each dial is actually unique.

Hermes 12 themed red painted discs explain Japan’s long-established Koma Kurabe festival

    In addition, Hermes also has gold sculptures and special models with the Japanese Koma Kurabe celebration in cooperation with Japanese red painting master Buzan Fukushima. Each fine watch brand has its own Metier d’art. In recent years, classic luxury brands such as Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, LV, etc., which have frequently appeared in the fine watchmaking halls, are also constantly and veteran in this regard. Watchmaking giants are close, and even surpassed in women’s art watches, which greatly enriched the development of watch art. Although Hermès’s independent watchmaking path is young, the vitality it shows is worthy of attention, and the artistic watch is even more impressive.