2013 Sihh New Product Collection-vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle High Jewellery Wrist

If Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary achievements in watchmaking skills need to be proven once again, then Patrimony’s heritage line of new fine jewelry ladies watches is the best representative. The 35-mm-diameter case radiates brilliance. The dial is set with 16.2 carats of rectangular lathe diamonds with claw setting technology. The flashing light makes time eternal into eternity like never ending. A 40 mm dial is also available in the same style.

Case, dial and buckle: The white gold case is studded with sparkling diamonds everywhere, brilliant-cut diamonds bloom from the inside out, making people feel that the entire watch has been enlarged, How can such bright and charming people not be captivated.
Not only is the brand’s gem setting technique superb, the watchmaking process is also superior. The well-known 1400 manual winding mechanical movement is located in the center of this glorious palace. The transparent bottom cover of sapphire crystal glass is the soul window to observe the movement of the movement. The movement is completely hand-decorated according to the tradition from 1755, and fully meets the stringent requirements of the top clocks for craftsmanship. The surface of all movement parts is decorated with traditional Geneva ripples. Each acute angle must be chamfered and polished. Even the tiny screw caps and screw slots are no exception. This is the ultimate expression of the essence of watchmaking art.
Patrimony Traditionnelle High Jewellery Watch, such an extraordinary masterpiece, deserves the supreme Geneva mark of quality certification. The Geneva Seal was first co-founded by the Grand Legislative Assembly of Geneva and the Swiss Federal Government in 1886. It is a guarantee of origin, quality craftsmanship, durability and watch expertise. The independent seal was completely updated in 2011. It is no longer limited to the requirements of the movement. The newly added provisions require that the overall quality of the watch must be studied, setting a new milestone in the history of the Geneva mark. Vacheron Constantin has always been adhering to the spirit of this imprint, and fully catered to the expectations of increasingly demanding customers.
Source: Vacheron Constantin

The Elegance Of Life The Charm Of A Watch

Oriental Double Lion-Traditional Series SER1U001W0 Men’s Mechanical Watch
Oriental Double Lion ORIENT was founded in 1950. After more than half a century, it has been committed to developing craftsmanship and creating different styles of watches to meet customers’ pursuit of perfect quality in life. Because its LOGO is two lions, it was commonly known in China as the ‘double lion’ brand, known as ‘the king of wear-resistance’ and ‘the king of the price of sex’! Its luster can’t be wiped away by the vicissitudes of the ups and downs.
Japan’s Oriental Double Lion brand watch is a world-renowned watch brand with Seiko and Citizen, with advanced design and quality assurance! As one of the earliest Japanese brand watches entering the Chinese market, the Oriental set up a snap sale in the 70s and 80s Upsurge. Entering the new millennium is the launch of fashionable new watches! Genuine oriental watches are native to Japan and have a good reputation among consumers. Oriental watches are Japanese ‘Western-style’ watches. It pays more attention to internationalization in design and emphasizes European traditional style. From the perspective of different brands, you can feel the difference between Oriental Watch and other manufacturers. ORIENT believes that what customers want is a ‘high-quality’ watch product that is ‘never out of date’ and ‘has its valuable value in different times.’ For many years, ORIENT has been adhering to the above items as its leading principle of watchmaking.
Oriental Double Lion Watch is an old Japanese brand watch that entered the Chinese market very early, because its trademark LOGO is two lions, formerly commonly known as ‘Double Lion’ brand in China. It was the mainstream watch brand in China in the 1980s.
The double lion logo is an integral part of the ORIENT trademark. The two left and right sides of the trademark share two lions. Due to the fact that the early Chinese consumers mostly recognized the Shuangshi trademark or failed to read the ORIENT pronunciation, the Shuangshi logo has long been popular. For this reason, there have been different aliases of the Double Lion, Double Lion, Oriental Double Lion and so on to replace the correct name of the Oriental Watch (ORIENT). In order to keep the ORIENT brand in line with the world market, in the next few years, aliases such as the Double Lion, Double Lion, and Oriental Double Lion will gradually fade until they are no longer used.
前 Its predecessor can be traced back to the Yoshida Timepiece Store established in Ueno, Tokyo in 1901 (Showa 34) and the Toyo Timepiece Factory, which was established in 1920 to manufacture clocks. The Toyo Timepiece Factory also began to manufacture watches in a division of labor in 1934. In 1936, the Tokyo Hino Factory was established to focus on watch production. In July 1950, Toyo Timepieces established ‘Tama Meter Co., Ltd.’ in Hino, Tokyo, and changed its company name to Orient Watch Co., Ltd. in 1951. It officially started selling watches under the name Orient.

Style men
Movement Automatic Watch
Movement model-
Case Gold-plated steel, PVD coating
Size 33mm in diameter
Thickness 11mm
Crown stainless steel-PVD gold-plated
Bottom of the table
Table glass Sapphire crystal
Dial silver white
Strap Gold
Strap Color Silver
Clasp Double Push Folding Buckle
Water resistant to 50 meters
Packaging Exquisite packaging box, instruction manual, warranty card, etc.
Function Calendar
Launch Year 2010

Extraordinary Fusion Hublot Watches Together With Ferrari To Present A New Cooperation Watch

Unique, technology, passion and fashion are the values ​​of Hublot and Ferrari, the legendary Italian car manufacturer, which are at the core of the partnership. Adhering to the common brand concept, the two parties have entered into the seventh year of cooperation since 2011, and have achieved great success in all-round and multi-angle cross-border cooperation. Combining Hublot, known for ‘the art of fusion’, with Ferrari’s outstanding design, the new Big Bang Ferrari carbon fiber red ceramic watch and Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold watch are launched again.
Red power
   Red is the soul of Ferrari, blood, vitality, speed is the spirit of Ferrari. The Big Bang Ferrari carbon fiber red ceramic watch integrates Hublot’s innovative technology, putting the brand’s flagship model in a red coat to pay tribute to Ferrari. Like a tachometer minute hand timer, a sports car shifter-style calendar pane, located at 6 o’clock on the dial with the classic Ferrari Prancing Horse engraved, and an exhaust fan-shaped second hand timer at 9 o’clock. The contrast of the black carbon fiber case makes the red bezel stand out.

   The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari is an industry benchmark in the field of racing craftsmanship and watchmaking. It extends Ferrari’s ‘red soul’ to the Big Bang Ferrari carbon fiber red ceramic watch, combining extraordinary power, luxury quality, and ingenuity. The spirit also brings the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari to an unprecedented height. The watch is limited to 500 pieces.
Time to become gold

   The Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold Watch is a collaboration between Hublot and the Ferrari design team. With a diameter of 45 mm, the case and bezel are made of magic gold. This unique 18K synthetic gold has unprecedented super wear resistance, effectively solving the metal surface of high-end watches in the process of manufacturing, processing and wearing. Problems with scratches and scratches. In addition, the watch strap is made of Alcantara, lined with black natural rubber, and red stitching is very Ferrari-style interior. Hublot’s independently developed UNICO HUB1241 movement has a 72-hour power reserve and a vibration frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, providing powerful power for the watch. The watch is limited to 250 pieces.
UNICO movement

   The UNICO movement is independently designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by Hublot micro-mechanics, engineers and watchmakers. The practical flyback timing function (which can be reset to zero at any time) is unique in the watchmaking industry. The movement has dual buttons, a date display, a dual clutch mechanism visible on the dial side, and a ‘pillar wheel’. The hour hand is directly driven by the barrel, and the timing device has no spring to enhance the stability and durability of the movement. At the same time, the pallet fork and wheel are placed on a detachable platform, and the lightweight characteristics of silicon make its performance even better. The movement consists of 330 parts. Vibration frequency is 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and has a 72-hour power reserve.
   Innovation never stops. Hublot and Ferrari, this pair of golden combinations will continue to work together to ignite the passion of the track. The 2018 Formula One World Championship (F1) has begun, the Ferrari team has won, and the driver Sebastian Vettel has won two championships! The F1 Shanghai Grand Prix is ​​about to be unveiled.

The Hublot Big Bang Series King Gold Times 411.Ox.1180.Rx Watch Recommendation

Hublot was founded in 1980 and has gone through numerous innovations and R & D in just a few decades. It has now become the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Among them, the classic fusion, the supreme king, big bang, and handed down are all Hublot’s classic series.
 In April 2013, Hublot released four new Big Bang UNICO watches, all of which are independently produced by the new flyback chronograph movement UNICO, using titanium and king gold two case materials, the bezel is divided into ceramic and metal two Species. Take Wang Jin version as an example to review this chronograph with serial number 411.OX.1180.RX. Its official guide price is 306,400 yuan.

 With a 45.5 mm diameter King Gold case, King Gold is a Hublot patented material, which is 95% gold and 5% platinum, and has a slightly lighter color than ordinary rose gold. The bezel is also made of king gold and satin-finished. Naturally, there are six Hublot H-shaped rivets. The entire case is still a ‘sandwich’ structure commonly used by Hublot. The case, the diameter, the bezel, the dial, the bottom cover and the back lens are all tightly combined. The design of the crown is screw-in, wrapped with rubber, and the H-shaped logo at the end represents the brand logo.
 The timing buttons are simple and flexible, and the dial design is quite distinctive, basically hollowed out, but the cleverness of the display is cleverly ensured by several ring designs and the size of the time scale and hands. The outer ring of the dial is black lacquered. The outer ring of the chronograph dial, hour markers and hands are gold-plated. The chronograph hands are decorated with bright red tips, and the scales around the bezel are also red.
 All hands and hour markers on the dial are covered with SuperLuminova luminous paint. On the dial, you can see the full picture of the calendar circle, but a small part of the black lacquer is used to display the date at the three o’clock position. The hollow movement can be seen in the center of the dial. The strap is paired with a black rubber strap.

 In addition to the calendar window introduced above, the flyback timing function is very functional, and it is also a popular configuration currently selling high-end chronographs. That is, after pressing the timing start / pause button above the crown, the chronograph hand starts to work. In this process, simply press the timing flyback / zero button below the crown to restart the timing. Other uses are similar to the normal timing function.
Hublot’s new factory is currently able to independently produce the self-winding UNICO chronograph movement released in 2009. With flyback function, driven by the column wheel mechanism, it can be regarded as the leading level of contemporary mechanical timing technology. With 330 parts, a 72-hour power reserve can be achieved.
 Since the first gold + rubber watch in the early 1980s, Hublot has been focusing on the research and application of new materials. The king gold case, lugs, bezel, black rubber strap, and case used in this watch The black resin on the side, the contrast between gold and black is the most classic combination of Hublot. At the same time, the new independent timing movement also naturally adds a lot to the entire watch. Hublot is an important watchmaker in the field of sports, leisure and fashion styles. This 13-year Big Bang UNICO is a prominent representative of Hublot in the models it sells.
 Watch details: hublot / 30206 /

Tissot’s Fourth New York Store Opens At The World Trade Center, And Nba Legend Superstar ‘little Elf’ Nate Archibald Debuts To Help Out

Tissot joined hands with the 911 Incident Memorial Center and the 911 Treatment and Emergency Assistance Response Team, and won the support of the 9/11 National Memorial Museum in the United States. The new store opened on a special ‘family day’ at the Xitian World Trade Center Shopping Plaza.

   Tissot, as the official NBA timer, has prepared a special experience for families and New York citizens, that is, a meeting with NBA legend ‘Little Elf’ Nate Archibald in the new store, the participants even more Get an autograph of Knight.

   Born and raised in New York, Nate spent 14 years in the NBA, won a championship, was selected to the All-Star team seven times, and his name was finally imprinted in the Hall of Fame in 1991.

Introduction Of Iwc Flight Watch Series

Born more than 140 years ago, IWC watches enjoyed the title of ‘Watch Industry Engineers’ in the watch industry. Their flight models have been well received by the Air Forces of various countries since the 1930s because of their excellent and accurate characteristics Favored, it has always been a collector’s high-profile watch.
Continuing the brand’s long history of flying watches, today IWC has the most complete and excellent flying watch series in the Swiss watch industry, including Big Pilot pilot watches, Mark XXVI pilot watches, Spitfire Universal Time watches , Spitfire Chrono Spitfire Chrono Chasing Chronograph Watches and so on, all watch enthusiasts who love flying can find a flight watch that suits their style at IWC.

Big Pilot: the world’s largest automatic movement designed for pilots
的 The large pilot watches created by IWC can go on for decades without losing their popularity, because watchmakers are careful about the internal structure design of pilot watches. The Pilot Big Pilot, which was re-introduced in 2002, is the masterpiece of IWC’s many high-altitude flying watches. It is equipped with the 51110 exclusive production movement. This movement embodies the proven and proven mechanical watch history of IWC. The exquisite craftsmanship is currently the largest automatic movement in the world. The 51110 caliber equipped with the Pellaton automatic winding system, its ratcheting mechanism uses the pawl to interact with the gear technology, allowing the watch to achieve the best performance of two-way winding through a slight reciprocating action. 8 days and a half of power reserve accumulated in the shortest time; the delicate mechanism can stop the movement before the power reserve device is suspended after 168 hours of precise operation (7 days), so that the mainspring can be prevented from being inappropriate The possibility that the ground torque affects the amplitude of the oscillating weight will have a negative effect on the accuracy of the escapement system. In 2006, IWC introduced a variety of new versions of this exquisite watch with minor changes. The design of the hour and minute hands and dial has also been changed accordingly with the new pilot watch series in 2006, which is more elegant and harmonious.

Mark 16 Pilot’s Watch: A fusion of tradition and modernity
It has been more than 70 years since IWC launched the first pilot watch in 1936. Its performance was designed for the special environment in the cockpit at that time, so that the watch was not disturbed by the instruments in the cockpit and remained accurate. The dial design makes it easy for the driver to read the time at any time. The classic Mark XVI watch design has more flight watch features. The dial is enlarged in diameter and mimics the design of the cockpit instruments to make it more concise and legible. At the same time, SuperLumiNova patented fluorescent coating is applied to the dial and hands. Make the time display clear. The style of the watch is elegant and retro, and its superior antimagnetic protection performance makes the watch excellent and precise.
The diameter of the Mark XVI watch is 39 mm, which is 1 mm larger than the diameter of the Mark XV watch, making its proportions more harmonious. The Mark XVI watch is equipped with a 30110 self-winding movement, which operates convincingly and has a 42-hour power reserve that accurately displays the date and time.

Spifire UTC Spitfire Universal Time Watch: Powerful Pilot
Aviator watch represents the traditional essence of Schaffhausen IWC. In 1936, the IWC watch factory introduced the ‘watch dedicated to pilots’ for the first time. Spitfire, as a well-known fighter in the history of aviation, attracts attention for its elegant appearance and superb technical characteristics.
Universal Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is very important for pilots. It is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which makes the time difference around the world consistent. To this end, IWC launched the 24-hour Universal Time Pilot’s Watch since 1998. This is important not only for pilots, but also for travelers who frequently travel to and from continents, as well as business people who need to communicate with the world. The local time and date displayed on the Spitfire Global Time dial can be adjusted up or down in one-hour increments by adjusting the crown. The wearer’s time is displayed in a window on the dial in 24-hour mode. The curved window of the new Spitfire Global Time watch has moved from the upper half to the lower half of the dial. The overall visual appearance of the dial is more coordinated, like a blooming innocent smile.

Spitfire Chrono Spitfire Chrono Watch: Designed for people who do not need a co-pilot
In a deafening roar, two fighter formations passed. They flickered left and right, climbing at a nearly vertical angle, and drawing an arc in the air that made people take sharp turns. When the performance reached its climax, the fighter aircraft made an action called semi-external somersault, and the audience responded with warm applause. There are no other models that are as beautiful and flexible as Spitfires, which make aircraft enthusiasts obsessed with. A total of 20,351 aircraft left the production line, the largest number of aircraft manufactured in the UK. In 1936, chief designer Reginal Mitchell created a masterpiece combining technology and aerodynamics. The wide wing area allows this single-seat aircraft to fly with sharp arcs, giving it excellent flexibility. . A Rolls-Royce engine with 1030 horsepower is used. From the first generation to the second generation with more than 2,000 horsepower. Spitfires continued to serve until the 1950s, and a small number of them still exist today. This excellent aircraft is enviable as a living legend, and has become an expensive collectible item: a fully restored aircraft in its original state is worth about 3 million US dollars Yuan, if you can find it.
Schaffhausen IWC watch designer, transplanted the elegant lines of this streamlined interceptor fighter to the Spitfire chronograph watch. In almost the same way that the metal skin is fixed to the bracket with rivets, the numbers and hands of this watch are ‘riveted’ on the dial. Makes the watch look distinctly three-dimensional. In addition to the red double chronograph seconds hand used to calculate the intermediate time, the mechanical chronograph movement drives the other five hands to make its shape reminiscent of the propeller blades of legendary fighters and reconnaissance aircraft.

TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Watch: Designed for people who do n’t believe in gravity
Allow to take off! The jet engine made a deafening roar. The auxiliary ejection device was activated, pulling the jet to a speed of 300 kilometers per hour in two seconds: an amazing pulling force for both humans and fighters. In the cockpit are graduates of the legendary U.S. Navy Fighter Defense School with Top Gun to defend the warrior class. This title is given only to the most responsive and heroic fighter pilots. Flying in the most extreme narrow arcs, they must withstand a centrifugal force that is 10 times the gravity, pushing them to the limit of their physical fitness.
The pilot watch chronograph series TOP GUN navy air combat watch is designed for such extreme conditions. It brings together all the know-how accumulated by Schaffhausen IWC to design watches for professional pilots. The case is made of high-tech black ceramic, and the buttons, crown and case back are machine-made dull gray titanium. The inner case uses soft iron to resist the magnetic field, and the time measurement measures the time in the middle. Watches from IWC are the model of the most exquisite haute horology and the foundation of the company’s reputation in the international haute horlogerie market as an important brand. Long before IWC Schaffhausen officially announced the release of the pilot’s watch, the prototype watch was subjected to 30 relentless tests, just like the Nevada-trained Top Gun defenders. Climate tests simulate a variety of climates from the Arctic, Shahara, and rainforest. The watch was immersed in sea water for two weeks to test the resistance of the watch to harsh salt water. The impact test exposed the watch to a very small number of timers that can maintain a non-destructive acceleration rate: vibrations and percussions in millisecond intervals for several hours, accelerating 5000 times the gravity. Only watches that can continue to operate accurately can win the Top Gun defender logo. This respect for top drivers is no coincidence. For IWC watch designers, the two have one thing in common: only the best is good enough.

Thinking About Warmth, Melting Ice And Snow Glashütte’s Original Reveals The Magic Of Winter With Extraordinary Timepieces

It’s snowy and lonely-winter is here. In this season of thoughtfulness, those beautiful dreams deeply imprinted inside are once again moving: Where is the beauty? Who warms his heart? What’s a good time? In the cold, lonely and magical winter, there are original Glashütte ideas for you-two new works, extraordinary and pleasing to the eye.

The shiny stainless steel parliamentary world time watch and the dazzling eccentric moon phase women’s watch are admired by its refreshing and elegant temperament and traditional German watchmaking art heritage.

Multi-faceted and exquisite, the walker knows no boundaries: the watch in the world of MPs
The ice-cream-like, multifaceted MP World Time Watch is an ideal companion for traveling around the world. Regardless of the flames or the sun like a waterfall-it is a reliable timepiece in difficult times and dangerous conditions, it is a trusted partner who will never give up. Complex and sophisticated machinery that can display two time zones at the same time-both standard time and daylight saving time are taken into account-as long as it is any time zone in the world currently in use. Its core is equipped with the 89-02 automatic winding movement created by the brand watch factory. More than 400 components are assembled by hand, 4 Hz frequency, eccentric automatic rotor, 72-hour power reserve-a truly original work.

新 This new stainless steel model launched this year uses a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap, which is the latest model of the MP Timepiece series; this series was first launched in 2015. Its personality is in the same vein as Glashütte’s original brand style, and the refreshing design is streamlined to the basic elements. The overall design of the dial and the layout of the various displays make reading time a treat-even if it is snowy outside.

Dark blue and white, embellished with black details-colors that belong to winter, set the overall visual tone of the watch. The silver frame dial at 12 o’clock indicates the home time, and it also integrates the power reserve display. Glashütte’s original and representative large calendar is set at 4 o’clock; at 8 o’clock, two arrow-shaped windows are designed to blend in harmony with the overall contours of the dial. They use the International Airport Code developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which indicates traveler destinations in three different colors. Each of the 24 time zones (one hour difference between adjacent time zones) divided according to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is represented by a black IATA code; another eight are half-time zones, represented by blue codes; There are also three time zones that differ by three quarters of an hour from GMT time, indicated by a red IATA code. The 9 o’clock position is a newly designed day / night display, which represents day and night with a small sun and starry night sky, respectively.

Frozen Jade Lake in the warm winter sun: dazzling light, dazzling-a vivid portrait of the eccentric moon phase ladies watch
的 The fascinating magic of the eccentric moon phase ladies’ watch also comes from the fresh and pure details. The delicate mother-of-pearl dial is like a frozen lake in the winter landscape-it reflects the clear and clear sky. Such glamorous beauty is the crystallization of the superb craftsmanship of Glashütte’s original dial factory in Pforzheim, Germany. In addition, the large calendar at 4 o’clock and the moon phase display at 2 o’clock are also masterpieces of watchmakers’ craftsmanship-the diamond-cut silver moon, the beautiful starry night sky, and the lifelike portrayal fascinating. . Although the large calendar display is the representative feature of Glashütte’s original furnace fire, it is rarely used in ladies’ mechanical watches, which shows its rarity.

8383 diamonds with a total weight of 1.09 carats give the eccentric moon phase ladies watch a bright ice crystal-like glow in the warm winter sun. 64 brilliant-cut diamonds decorate the finely polished 39.4 mm stainless steel case. In addition, the 18 brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid with bar-shaped hour markers on the dial will continue the light and exude elegance. Finally, a bright cut diamond with a size of 3 mm was wound on the winding crown to command the stars in the style of a ‘crown’, reaching the peak of light. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement 90-12 built by the brand watchmaker. The light blue Louisiana crocodile leather strap with pin buckle and the holy blue tone on the dial complement each other perfectly, making the watch complement each other. The whole is done in one go-elegant and natural.

Omega Valentine’s Romance Zhenpin

It is often said that love is not a sweet talk, but a sincere affection revealed in every move. On this Valentine’s Day, Omega carefully prepares holiday gifts for the people you love, and expresses your deep love.

   For your beloved lady, present a watch that symbolizes true love: the Ladymatic series of two-tone watches, the disco elegant 18K red gold watch or the hippocampus Aqua Terra 150 meter watch. The Ladymatic two-tone watch is exquisite in appearance. The 34mm case is equipped with a dazzling bezel set with snowflakes and diamonds. The hollow ripples on the side edges of the case are surrounded by white ceramic rings. The mother-of-pearl dial is adorned with a sun-ray pattern and has hour markers set with 11 diamonds. Through the wear-resistant sapphire back, the Omega 8520 coaxial movement at the heart of the watch is clearly visible.
Omega Ladymatic Two-Tone Watch
Omega Flying Elegant 18K Red Gold Watch
Omega Seamaster 150 Meter Aqua Terra

   The disco elegant watch series is elegant and timeless. The silver dial is striking and unique. The diamond-set hour markers are distributed between four gold Roman numerals. The Omega 2500 coaxial movement is equipped inside. The 38.5mm Aqua Terra 150m watch with a diamond-set bezel and a mother-of-pearl dial is equipped with the revolutionary Omega 8501 ‘Coaxial Movement’. For women who also appreciate the beauty and technological innovation It is an ideal gift.
Pleasing choice
   For the most important men in your life, Omega recommends the 18K Sedna gold watch from the Duffy Collection, the stainless steel version from the Duffy Elegant Collection, and the Speedmaster ‘Moon Moon Grey’. The two disco series timepieces have a classic and stable design, which perfectly matches any clothing and shape. Both watches are paired with black leather straps and are driven by advanced mechanical movements, perfectly interpreting top watchmaking techniques. Among them, the disco series classic watch is equipped with a unique hand-wound movement-the fully anti-magnetic Omega 8511 ‘Zhenzhen coaxial movement’. The Speedmaster “Haoyue Grey” watch inherits the classic design of the Speedmaster professional watch.
Omega Fly Elegant stainless steel watch

Omega Saucer Classic Watch 18K Sedna Gold
Omega Speedmaster ‘Moon Moon Grey’ Watch

   As one of the most innovative models in the Omega watch series, this Speedmaster series ‘Haoyue Grey’ watch uses a sandblasted 950 platinum dial, the case is carefully crafted from solid and reliable ceramic material, white The ceramics are silver grey with metallic luster after special treatment. Choose one of the three timepieces for him, and when he glanced at his wrist, his mind and the beautiful moments recorded by this watch will appear in his mind.
Bright love
   Maybe this Valentine’s Day is a great time to start a more intimate relationship, with a gift to permanently carry the happiest and sweetest memories of your life with your loved one. The Omega Dewdrop engagement ring in 18K white gold is set with a bright and elegant pear-shaped diamond. It weighs 0.53 carats and is set on three simple claws. This feminine feminine jewellery with a smart ‘droplet’ design will be an excellent choice for expressing your love.

Jacques Droux Subtle Fusion Of Elegance And Aesthetics

Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel Jaquet Droz in the series of Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel fully integrated the wonderful imagination into the traditional watchmaking process and made it a brand Perpetuity of characteristics, a milestone in the watchmaking industry. The Grande Seconde watch is one of the historical models of the Jaquet Droz watchmaking workshop: two chronograph dials, one displaying the hours and minutes, and the other displaying the large second hand, overlapping the auspicious numbers depicting Jaquet Droz ‘ 8’. The size of the second hand and its ingenious appearance are good luck sleeping in every minute, causing people to think about the infinite opportunities lurking in it.
A subtle fusion of elegance and avant-garde aesthetics, the pattern of the watch also implies endless opportunities: the positions of the two dials and the mainspring have been changed, giving this watch a new visual effect. The pattern resembling mechanical gears is full of poetry, and the lines of the watch make the color of the ivory white Grande Feu and the luster of the red gold case even more dazzling. It gives a perfect interpretation of artistry, which fascinates the viewers.
Fortunate wearers can touch the Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel, and at the same time, they can better understand Jacques Dero’s philosophical meaning-the human experience of time passing is so outstanding, wonderful and strange …
Technical Parameters
Model: J006033200
Movement: Jaquet Droz 2663A, automatic movement
Double barrel, 22K white gold gravity pendulum 铊
Hour scale: Off-centre hour and minute display, large seconds dial
Number of gems: 30
Power reserve: 68 hours
Vibration frequency: 28,000v.p.h
Case: 18K red gold, diameter 43 mm
冠 Crown at 4 o’clock
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Dial: ivory white ‘Grande Feu’
Bright Fire Enamel
Pointer: 18K red gold
Strap: Black alligator leather
Clasp: 18K red gold
Suggested retail price: RMB 171,000

More Durable Diving Watches You Deserve!

At the 2019 Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in Geneva, Panerai presented us with a variety of design concepts, which means that watch friends can enjoy multiple experiences by wearing their new design watches. The new diving watch field launched two new SUBMERSIBLE CARBOTECH professional diving watches, a total of two. The two new Submersible Carbotech watches are available in 42mm and 47mm diameter cases, made of extraordinary carbon-based materials that are lighter than stainless steel and titanium, and combine excellent performance with a distinctive sporting personality , Materials are innovative development design. Let’s enjoy this diving watch together. (Watch model: PAM01616 \\ PAM00960)

High quality: durable

  The materials used for these two watches are ‘Carbotech carbon fiber composite materials’. The main component is carbon fiber, which is lighter than stainless steel and titanium. It has excellent corrosion resistance under deep diving conditions, and the same shock resistance during sports. Outstanding performance and materials with all kinds of outstanding performance. This is also the first introduction of the high-end watchmaking world by Panerai. The matte black texture is changeable, creating a unique personality for each watch, and turning Panerai into your wrist. Exclusive watch.

  The two new Panerai SUBMERSIBLE CARBOTECH stealth series carbon fiber watches are exactly the same in shape. The case is made of this innovative composite material. This Carbotech sheet is made of carbon fiber flakes and added to the high-tech polymer PEEK (polyether ether). Ketone), which is made by high-pressure compression at a specific temperature, making the fused composite material stronger and more reliable. It stands out among many advanced watchmaking materials such as ceramics and titanium, and is lighter and more able to withstand external pressure. With anti-corrosive properties. There are differences in the diameter design of the two watches: the first watch (PAM01616) follows the classic 47mm case, while the other model (PAM00960) uses a 42mm case, which can adapt to various types of people.

  The side crowns are made of this extraordinary material, and the brand’s unique bridge design protects the crown from accidental impact and damage.

  The dial is also designed in black, and the hour scale is coated with Super-LumiNova, which ensures that it is clearly readable in sufficient light or even completely dark environments or underwater. The minute, hour and 12 o’clock scales of the watch emit a dazzling green luminous luminosity, while the luminous lights of the other hour scales are blue. A small seconds dial is set at the position, and a practical date display window is set at the corresponding 3 o’clock position on the right.

  A rubber strap is sturdy and durable to meet the needs of diving. The black background is decorated with the brand’s blue ‘OP’ logo, showing a sharp contrast. It is also equipped with a Panerai-made trapezoidal titanium buckle. Coating processing.

  The sealed design of the case greatly enhances the watch’s water resistance. In addition to the differences in diameter design, the two new Panerai SUBMERSIBLE CARBOTECH stealth series carbon fiber watches also have different movements. The 47mm case diameter PAM01616 is equipped with the P.9010 movement; and the other The PAM00960 model has a 42mm case and is equipped with a compact OP XXXIV movement. Both models are equipped with a 3-day power reserve.

  Summary: This year, the Panerai brand presented to everyone the design concept of diversified development of watches, showing excellent technical performance, and also showing the firm style of Panerai. di Idee) Unremitting research and development results, I believe that in the future, a more colorful watch world will be displayed, let us look forward to it together!