Ready To Go, Ambitious To Win—breitling Racing Flying Team Fights Red Bull Aerobatics Again

Known as the world’s fastest mechanical sports tour-the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship will kick off the 2016 season in Abu Dhabi on March 11. The curtain, a total of eight rounds of competition, visited seven countries on three continents. As in previous years, Breitling, a technical watch expert, has once again become a partner and official designated timekeeper for this global event. The two members of the Breitling Racing Flying Team, Nigel Lamb and François Le Vot, are also ready to go. Junior Mikael has also changed from The Challenger tournament advances to the Masters only to be surprised by four.

2015 Ascot Station

2015 Hungary Station

2015 Austria

2015 Las Vegas Station

   The Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship is a pure flying sport competition sponsored by the world’s top pilots. It perfectly combines speed, precision, courage and superb flying technology. The track is an obstacle course composed of inflatable air piles. Pilots will fly the fastest and most agile light aircraft, race around the piles at ultra-low altitudes, and fly up to 230 miles (370 kilometers) per hour. At sharp turns, the pilots must be overloaded up to 10G.

Breitling Athlete Nigel Lamb wins the 2014 Red Bull Aerobatic Championship

   During this competition, Nigel Lamb, who is already a veteran of the year, the 2014 Red Bull Aerobatic Championship, and the world’s top pilot from Breitling Racing Team will undoubtedly become the focus of attention. Recently, Nigel has officially announced that this year will be his ninth and last time to participate in this event. After reaching the end of the season at the Las Vegas station in October this year, he will take off his shirt. Before bidding farewell to the Red Bull field that has been soaring for many years, this seasoned British veteran pilot will be fully engaged to launch the final impact of regaining the title.

Breitling Atelier Nigel Lamb

Breitling Athlete Mikael Brageot

Breitling Atelier Nigel and Mikael

   In addition to participating in the competition, Nigel, always willing to accept and try new ideas and ideas, will fully support a newly launched ‘Red Bull aerobatic master tutoring project’ this year. This project is organized by the competition committee to further strengthen the guidance and preparation for the new pilots of the Masters. After the launch of the new project, the Red Bull Aerobatic Championship and Nigel took the lead in inviting Mikael Brageot, the 2015 Challenger champion of the Breitling Speed ​​Flying Team, to drive the high-performance MXS-R single-seater aircraft at the Masters track. All participants in this event can provide their own opinions and opinions on Mikael’s flying style and skills, and also provide valuable suggestions. Nigel said, ‘There are many reasons for setting up this new project, but the main purpose is to help pilots adapt to the pace of the race faster and better. We will do our best to help Mikael to ensure that he reaches his best when he debuts at the Masters. Perfect condition. ‘

Breitling Athletic Flight Team Francois le vot

   Breitling’s other masters challenger, the talented former French national aerobatic champion François Le Vot, is also working on a team plan. In the short offseason, François’ team has made technical improvements to his car, and fully supports his breakthrough self in the second Masters competition and achieved impressive results.
   Breitling, as an expert in the field of precision timing, and the world-renowned ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’, has always supported the event wholeheartedly, allowing more people to experience the speed and passion of flying and challenges. Breitling’s top pilots will also show their true colors and driving skills, taking the lead in this aerial competition. Because they know that the championship battle for the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship is only between seconds.